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The Publisher’s Role in a Modern Digital Ad Ecosystem with Berlingske Media

Presented by Casper Andersen, Head of Programmatic Advertising, Berlingske Media

About this Webinar

Lessons from Denmark's Berlingske Media’s advertising strategy is the focus of an INMA Webinar featuring Casper Andersen, head of programmatic advertising.

How do we understand the market trends and our role as publisher herein?

How do we imagine our advertising client‘s journey, and why do we not think it’s properly reflected in the current state of the digital ad ecosystem?

And what about the distancing of the direct relationship between publisher and our advertisement partners? How do we get closer?

Is it also possible to design different sales channels to motivate a stronger relationship?

All the above and more will be covered by Casper who will share what Berlingske Media have done so far with advertisers and share the results of their findings.

Not to be missed by anyone connected to or interested in media advertising and getting closer to our advertising clients.

About Berlingske Media

Berlingske Media is a Copenhagen-based media company that owns many newspapers, Web sites, and radio stations. The main newspaper in the company, Berlingske Tidende, now Berlingske, is one of the world's oldest newspapers, having published its first issue on January 3, 1749.

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