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From Automation to AI: A Progress Report with Tamedia

Presented by Timo Grossenbacher, Head of Newsroom Automation, Tamedia

About this Webinar

What are the opportunities and pitfalls in using generative AI for editorial content? That is the focus of an INMA Smart Data Initiative Webinar featuring Timo Grossenbacher, the head of newsroom automation at Tamedia.

Somewhere in your company, there are many people thinking about the opportunities that generative AI may afford your organisation when it comes to editorial content. There are also people who wonder what the pitfalls of such opportunities may be.

Timo is that person at Tamedia. Coming from a foundation of automatically generated articles built from an in-house CMS, he has been looking into what could be the next wave of innovation coming from his group.

In this Smart Data Initiative Webinar, Timo will share Tamedia’s work-in-progress on moving from automation to AI. He’ll address questions they’ve wrestled with such as:

  • Where is generative AI offering new options where expert system automation may just have been a starting place?
  • What experiments are worthy of attention, and how can we design them to provide learning without putting undue risk on our brands and editorial reputation?
  • How do we think through the organisational doubts and pushback?

While building true fit-for-production generative AI-powered systems may take a little bit longer, the Smart Data Initiative wants to convene the broader community — across data, product, and newsroom — to discuss a question that will affect the news industry across a number of touchpoints.

About Tamedia

With its digital platforms, Swiss media group Tamedia reaches 78% of all people living in Switzerland, and 66% of them read a newspaper or magazine published by the group. Half of profits are already coming from digital activities. The company employs 3,400 staff members in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, and Serbia and has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 2000.

About the Smart Data Initiative

INMA's Smart Data Initiative aspires to provide a blueprint for revolutionising publishers’ value propositions, operating and monetisation models, while maintaining their missions and values. We aim to transform the online news business and make journalism sustainable by helping publishers analyse and act on data in new and creative ways.

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