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How the BBC Is Reinventing News Stories

Presented By Tristan Ferne, Lead Producer, Internet Research & Future Services Team, BBC Research & Development

About this Webinar

Faced with radically new and evolving news consumption habits, the BBC in the United Kingdom has been working on a project called “Reinventing News Stories” to develop formats that are better than the traditional 800-word inverted pyramid article and the two-minute video. After talking with more than 100 people and testing many alternative storytelling prototypes, the BBC has rolled out several pilots and learned many lessons.

In this INMA Webinar, discover what the BBC learned from listening to audiences, how they approached the problem, core themes that emerged from interviews and testing, and see some examples of these new formats.

Some of the feedback was expected, and others surprising. For example:

  • Younger consumers exhibit a skimming and digging behaviour.
  • They expect both interaction and control over their stories.
  • They want different viewpoints on stories, not just the single perspective of a journalist.
  • And the majority prefer text and images over video, as they find it easier to consume.

From these core principles came the prototypes and pilots, which will be shared on the INMA Webinar.

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