Making Big Data Smarter for Media Companies

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The emerging Big Data editorial, audience, and advertising road map for news publishers is the focus of the INMA report, “Making Big Data Smarter for Media Companies.” Featuring 17 profiles of how media companies are implementing Big Data, the report explores the cultural, strategic, personnel, and foundational ramifications of how publishers get their arms around data and make it actionable.

Report highlights:

  • What makes up “Big Data” for media companies in the long-term (audience, advertising, editorial) vs. short-term (ad-serving software and CRM)
  • Emerging strategies for leveraging Big Data including oversight, centralisation, data leakage, hiring
  • Practical applications of Big Data: editorial, advertising, new products, subscriptions, mobile, programmatic
  • Profiles of 17 media companies and where they stand today with Big Data

Who should read the report:

Senior managements and corporate boards of news media companies aiming to strategically optimise Big Data, along with leaders of Big Data initiatives.

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Earl J. Wilkinson is executive director and CEO of the International News Media Association (INMA). Jeremy C. Fox is a journalist who writes for the Boston Globe and teaches journalism courses at Harvard Extension School.

Detailed overview:

If Big Data is the art of making complex data sets actionable, Big Data for media companies is about changing the culture, strategy, personnel, and foundations to grow value faster through data-based decision-making.

Featuring 17 profiles of how media companies are implementing Big Data, “Making Big Data Smarter for Media Companies” aims to boil down a complex subject for media companies into digestible pieces:

  • Background on how we got from research to database marketing to CRM to Big Data
  • Why Big Data is different for news publishers
  • How publishers use Big Data: editorial, audience, advertising
  • Meta-issues involving ad-serving software and CRM
  • Strategic foundations and action points
  • Oversight, management, and leadership of Big Data
  • The importance of centralising data
  • Reversing data leakage
  • Hiring a data team
  • Big Data’s growth beyond today: Internet of Things
  • Editorial applications of Big Data
  • Advertising and product development applications of Big Data
  • Subscription applications of Big Data
  • Big Data as a foundation for mobile
  • Big Data as a foundation for programmatic buying
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