Truth Matters

Truth Matters

The Irish Times

Dublin 2 , Ireland

Category Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand

Overview of this campaign

The event objective was to educate, inform and reinforce the importance of advertising within trusted environments, on trusted platforms, and with trusted audiences. The target group was our client base (both brands and agencies).

Through a series of presentations we provided a behind the scenes glimpse at The Irish Times. Guests got a sense of the organisation from a commercial, technological and editorial prespective, we focused our audience on one key message TRUTH MATTERS and TRUSTED newsbrands deliver. Throughout we emphasised our values and our capabilities in understanding our audience and delivering the right content to them on the most appropriate traditional or technically advanced channels. We brought them on a journey of innovation, relevance and consideration.

In a Q&A session, recently returned Washington Correspondent Simon Carswell joined respected Political Correspondent Harry Mc Gee and Head of Analytics Cliona Mooney to discuss the changing role of the journalist in today’s connected world, the power of The Irish Times brand in gaining important access to content, and the role analytics plays in understanding our audience, who and where they are, and how we best reach them.

To underpin the message the B2B event conicided with our nationwide marketing campaign  “Real News has Value” & "Truth Matters". Each attendee received a bespoke copy of that days newspaper with an impactful wrap and key commercial messages within.

It also included a full page article written by Simon Carswell on his time as The Irish Times Washington Correspondent.

The core aim, to emphasise the power of advertising on a trusted platforms with trusted and excellent journalism is a fundamental consideration in deciding one's brand activations.


Results for this campaign

For the event alone, we reached over 100 influencers across brands and agencies.

A further 200 clients were reached with bespoke copies of The Irish Times and key commercial messages on the day.

The event was covered by the industries "go to" publication IMJ.

The video content for the event was used at a trade roadshow (presenting to a further 30 companies across brands and agencies).

Industry feedback and sentiment was particularly strong and we received several unsolicited invitations to present directly to brand managers

The event stimulated conversations and further feedback showed  that we also needed to consider relevance of Newsbrands to the next generation of buyers and planners. As a direct result we created, The Irish Times behind the scenes days, bringing those new to the advertising world close to the inner workings of a trusted newsbrand.

Our objective throughout was to educate and inform thus changing the draw of media buyers from cheap programmatic advertising with little or no consideration for the environment that advertising appeared in, towards a realisation of the importance of advertising within trusted environments, on trusted platforms, and with trusted audiences.

 Our numbers reflect the success of this event.

In Q2 & Q3 (the 6 months following the Trust event) our market share went from 21.6% in 2016 to 23.4% in 2017. We also demonstrated an 8.7% YOY increase in digital agency revenue share.

In the Marketing Sentiment Survey 2018 (partnered by The Irish Times, with irish agency Mediacom and the Irish Marketing Institute) which surveyed marketing decision-makers for feedback on the marketing-related issues which concern them most and their challenges / priorities for the year ahead, The Irish Times in online or print came out on top as the most trusted news publisher and also on top as the most read publisher by marketing decision makers.


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