The Unacknowledged Legislators of the world

The Unacknowledged Legislators of the world

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

Category Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand

Overview of this campaign


India is home to more than 300mn of the world's poorest people as well as some of its wealthiest. We’ve commissioned a $19 bn bullet train project, but half of India doesn’t have a toilet at home. Cattle roam the capital's poshest avenues and ragged children beg alongside foreign-made cars and glitzy malls. A decade of rapid growth propelled millions from poverty into a middle class that’s now 300mn strong.


This middle class also bears the greatest burden- of taxes, of rules, and observing social norms. They’re caught in the balancing act between holding on to social norms, and chasing ambition. They’ve become unwitting carriers of values and upholders of culture. The resultant compromise is what manifests in their daily lives. It’s this, that they seek escape from.


Shelley once claimed famously that "poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world".

Almost 60% of Dainik Jagran’s readers belong to this middle class. In these times of social transition, it was important for us to engage with them at a deeper emotional level, and go beyond just decoding the world for them daily. We used Poetry to partner this escape. It allowed us to recapture what’s lost in translation of their daily lives and create a counterpoint to their moral and emotional struggles. It was the bridge between the world of their current realities, and the world of their unfulfilled aspirations – connecting them to their ancient roots – bringing them back to their center.

We organized a poetry festival that spanned 55 districts across 2 states. This was the world’s largest poetry festival. Live poetry has something magical about it, and there’s a palpable impact of its communal enjoyment. Specific objectives of the Poetry Festival were:

-        To empathize and connect with the masses at an emotional level

-        To encourage and revive the poetic subculture that was fast losing relevance in the self-obsessed social media frenzy

Results for this campaign

THE WORLD’S LARGEST POETRY FESTIVAL: We organized a poetry festival across 58 districts spanning 2 states of India. 300 poets recited 1450 poems in a festival that lasted 290 hours spread over 50 days.

MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT:  A cumulative audience of over 3,50,000 – each engaged for about 5 hours each.

REVENUE GENERATION: We generated sponsorship revenues of over INR 4mn for the festival

WINNING FOR THE BRAND: Other than celebrating poets and poetry and help revive this subculture, the Poetry festival did everything it could for the brand:

-        Market Leadership : Dainik Jagran overtook the market leader and became the No.1 newspaper in Patna with a Total Readership of 5,95,000

-        Readership Gains : Across both the states, we recorded our highest ever readership figure of 16.2mn

-        Brand Awareness : Highest Total Awareness in the market

-        Improvement in Brand Perception : Over comparable period last year, our scores improved on the following parameters :

  •  “This newspaper makes me a better citizen” : +2%
  • “This newspaper is modern and trendy” : +1%
  • “This newspaper changes with time” : +1%

Source : Brand Track, Dec 2017, IRS 2017


By using poetry as a device to connect, we dipped into the very essence of our culture. It became the great common denominator that cut across hierarchical caste lines, and enabled us to connect with readers at a level deeper than language.

India is the land where every place has its story and, conversely, every story in the vast storehouse of myth and legend has its place. Little wonder it’s the place where a poet recited a poem directing a blind captive king, Prithviraj Chauhan, to shoot an arrow into the enemy emperor’s head in an open court.

"Char bans, chaubis gaj, angul ashta praman,
Ta upar sultan hai, Chuke mat Chauhan."

(Four measures ahead of you and twenty four yards away as measured with eight finger measurement, is seated the Sultan. Do not miss him now, Chauhan).


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