A new dawn for Africa’s media: Culture, connection, and creativity

Surfacing the best practices of the fast-evolving news industry through a uniquely African lens

Creativity + the Newsroom Culture

Connection + Media Consumer

Advertising + New Revenue Models

How African news media companies are navigating the changing landscape and going down the road less travelled

The storylines behind African news media companies run in parallel with the development of African societies: creative courage in overcoming barriers that are uniquely African

This two-day virtual Summit will showcase cutting-edge best practises, strategies, transformations, and stories from the media scene that are shaping the future of news publishing in Africa.

Attendees will hear directly from diverse media voices as we dissect such business challenges as:

  • Changing newsroom culture to one that is in tune with the consumers’ need for information and the myriad of options that exist.
  • Adapting media technology to build competitive revenue models.
  • Responding to advertisers’ demand for a closer connection to consumers as the relationship between advertisers and publishers is being re-defined.
  • Leading team creativity from the purview of a small department to a holistic approach by which publishers now manage and lead dynamic teams.


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Curated by

Doreen Mbaya

Doreen Mbaya

Africa Division Manager
International News Media Association (INMA)


The digital journey of leading African newsrooms

Role of print in building a trusted multiplatform news media organisation

Deepening the connection with readers

Transformation of legacy media into leading content businesses

New revenue strategies for growth in Africa media

Technology and advertising for African news publishers - the threats and opportunities ahead

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