What is the attire?

Dress for the INMA World Congress is business casual except the Friday evening Global Media Awards Dinner which is business attire (black-tie optional).

What does my registration fee include?

The main World Congress registration includes the Wednesday workshops, the Wednesday welcome reception at Tavern On the Green, and the Thursday-Friday Media Conference. The registration fee does not include the study tour or the Global Media Awards Dinner – each of which require a separate registration. Note that some or all of these optional activities are likely to sell out, so please reserve early.

What are the COVID protocols for World Congress Week?

There are currently no COVID-19 restrictions traveling to the United States or New York. There are no mandates about masks or showing proof of vaccination in the country, state, or city nor with The TimesCenter or study tour stops. Yet INMA encourages attendees to bring masks and proof of vaccination – erring on the side of caution. INMA will provide a safe environment and follow the science as recommended by local authorities.

What hotel should I book during my New York stay?

Because of the large numbers of hotels near The TimesCenter and the wide range of prices (and attendee budgets), there is no official INMA hotel for the New York World Congress. INMA has researched hotels in the immediate vicinity and put together a list of recommended hotels, which you can access by clicking here. Recommended hotels range in price from as low as US$150 and as high as US$600 – with a median of about US$350.

How do I get to The TimesCenter?

The World Congress venue for Thursday and Friday sessions is The TimesCenter, located at 242 West 41st Street in New York. Depending on the location of your hotel you may walk, taxi/Uber, or use public transportation..

What will New York weather be like during World Congress Week?

Springtime in New York is the best time to be in the city. Look for morning lows in the 51°F-60°F (11°C -16°C) range and afternoon highs in the 67°F -75°F (19°C-24°C) range. View the real-time New York forecast.

Where can I get Congress photos? Do I have permission to use or share?

INMA will be taking photographs throughout the week-long World Congress. Download, use, or share photos which are archived at Flickr. Enjoy!

Will there be simultaneous interpretation?

he World Congress will be presented in English and will not be simultaneously interpreted.

Am I going to get the presentations?

If you are registered for the World Congress, you will get access to presentations provided by speakers for all workshops (whether you attended or not) as well as the Thursday and Friday Media Conference sessions. Only study tour registrants will get study tour presentations. Be aware that not all speakers provide their presentations. Participants will get an e-mail when the presentation download page is ready.

Is there a report or coverage of World Congress that I can “borrow”?

INMA provides robust coverage of the World Congress of News Media at www.inma.org/wc. Enjoy!

How can I contact a speaker, attendee, or supplier?

The full World Congress attendee list will be made live after January 1.

Can I bring my spouse or guest to the World Congress?

Share your business trip to New York with a spouse or guest by registering them for the Welcome Reception and the Global Media Awards Dinner. Tickets may be purchased online. Due to limited space only full Congress attendees can attend workshops.

What documentation do I need to visit New York?

If you are traveling from outside of the United States, you will require a passport for travel to New York. Whether you also will require a visa depends on your country of residence.

Travel to New York

Some World Congress attendees may need documentation to travel to the United States of America.

You must have a valid passport to travel to the United States of America. Many nationalities do not require a visa to enter the country, while others do require a visa.

Do you need a visa? Depending on your country, your visa requirements may vary. Contact your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate to determine if you need a visa or a visa support letter to visit the United States. To locate your closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate please click here.

Support letter: If you need a visa support letter, you must submit payment for the World Congress and then contact INMA with your request. We will need the following information to send your invitation letter back to you to submit for your visa:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your passport number
  • Your company name
  • Your job title

You may fax this information to +1 214 373-9112 or e-mail it to Laura Gallagher. We will endeavour to send you a visa letter back to you by e-mail as a PDF attachment within three business days. If you need your letter faster, please telephone +1 214 373-9111, option 2.

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