6-8 March 2023

Winning and keeping subscribers is both art and science. Here is how we curate this summit to deliver unbeatable value for your time and money:

  • With lessons from the media subscription pioneers, we help accelerate your growth and avoid costly mistakes.
  • We scout the world for innovations, so we can inform leaders about what works, what is new and what is next.
  • We sift through the latest research and data, so we can distill insights, benchmarks, and evidence-based advice.
  • We invite world-class experts and partners to offer guidance on subscription strategy, tactics, data, technology, and operations.

The biggest benefit of this summit though is networking, and we can’t wait to meet you again in person. Let’s chat during extended breaks. Let’s have lunch together. Let’s do Q&As. Let’s debate during workshops. Let’s mingle at cocktails. You know what? Let’s sneak out and talk in private …

Here’s the magic of the INMA Readers First community meeting together for the first time since the New York summit in 2020. See you in Stockholm!

Expect INMA-inspired keynotes covering the key areas of reader revenue:

  • Strategies and tactics of the fastest-growing news brands from across the world
  • Best practices in subscriber acquisition: new channels, new promotions, dynamic paywalls, new check-outs
  • Best practices in subscriber retention: predictive models, new onboarding ideas, win-back plans
  • Best practices in subscriber engagement: habit-forming features and experiences, new content areas, and formats
  • Best practices in subscription analytics: new metrics, use cases of advanced analytics — predictive and prescriptive
  • Best practices in subscription pricing: best-performing pricing configurations, pricing for acquisition and for retention
  • Advances in subscription technology stacks: data platforms, dynamic paywalls, content, and offer personalisation

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