130 participants from 25 countries as of 7 December 2022

Australia (Top)

Austria (Top)

  • Desiree Hribernik, Digital Subscription Marketing Manager, Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG
  • Stefan Korner, Chief Operating Officer, Die Presse Verlags-GmbH & Co KG

Bangladesh (Top)

  • Md Aminul Islam, Advertisement Manager, Ittefaq Group of Publications Limited

Belgium (Top)

Bulgaria (Top)

Canada (Top)

  • Cindy Gu, President and Publisher, The Epoch Times (Canada)
  • Michael Oneill, CEO and Founder, The Globe and Mail
  • Sonali Verma, Director, Business Development, Globe And Mail

Denmark (Top)

Finland (Top)

France (Top)

Germany (Top)

Hungary (Top)

India (Top)

Iran (Top)

Japan (Top)

Lithuania (Top)

Netherlands (Top)

New Zealand (Top)

Norway (Top)

Poland (Top)

Slovakia (Top)

Sweden (Top)

Switzerland (Top)

Ukraine (Top)

  • Oksana Brovko, Chief Executive Officer, Association of Independent Regional Publishers

United Kingdom (Top)

United States (Top)


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