What news media companies need to know now about the post-pandemic tech outlook



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About the Silicon Valley Study Tour

Get a front-row seat to the latest in technology and work culture innovation when INMA returns its popular Silicon Valley Study Tour after a pandemic hiatus. Learn what a post-pandemic world of tech has to offer through visits to 15+ companies in this timely, in-depth study tour of the technology companies and cultural influencers impacting news media today — including where generative AI might fit. Get an intimate peek behind the doors of the heaviest hitters in the tech space — including one-of-a-kind INMA insights.

  • How the world's largest innovation ecosystem has changed
  • How technology is evolving to handle the post pandemic consumer habits/expectations
  • What the change of work schedules and daily habit means for media consumption
  • What do the advancements in AI really mean for news media?
  • Storytelling within new technology

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Jodie Hopperton

A British native and Silicon Beach resident, Jodie Hopperton is an innovation expert with deep links into some of the largest startup ecosystems in the world. Understanding cultural values and differences, combined with business acumen has led to helping numerous businesses innovate on their terms. Jodie's career spans more than 20 years, and her experience includes working with technology startups in addition to roles such at the New York Times, Global Editors Network, and INMA.


The INMA Silicon Valley Study Tour is organised around these key themes and activities:

The latest in AI and where AI fits in news media

Building audience via enriched content and social networks

Leveraging third-party platforms (like Google) to build scale

Creating, sharing and monetising video, the fastest-growing format

Monetisation via traditional and native ads

A first look at emerging technology that will shape the future

Group roundtables to network, discuss observations, and share ideas

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