Creating new formats, features and products for news consumers

Audio and voice

Reaching Gen Z

Evaluating and prioritising opportunities

Personalisation products

Using innovative content formats to meet diverse audience needs

Product has a role in supporting newsrooms to create different content formats that will attract and engage multiple audience segments. oming out of Covid many of our readers are more aware, and critical of, the amount of time they are spending on screens. This awareness combined with progress in headphone and smart device technology means that audio formats are becoming increasingly important to news organizations. Many publishers are also focused on how to attract a Gen Z audience, a generation that is the first digital and social native generation who seems more comfortable on Tiktok than using news products. How should media companies approach this? Which formats should they be focusing on? Who should lead the charge internally? And how do we evaluate success?


Ramin Beheshti

Ramin Beheshti

President & Co-founder
The News Movement
United States

Nicole Dingess

Nicole Dingess

Head of Product Design & UX
Advance Local
United States

Jaron Harambam

Jaron Harambam

Assistant Professor of Participatory AI
Athena Institute

Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton

Co-author, Team Topologies
United Kingdom

Nadia Tolich

Nadia Tolich

Chief Audio Officer
New Zealand

Kamran Ullah

Kamran Ullah

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

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Jodie Hopperton

Jodie Hopperton

Lead, Product Initiative
International News Media Association (INMA)


Post covid consumers are decreasing screen time and wanting to go out, what are the new opportunities?

What are the audio opportunities beside podcasts?

Do we need to embrace Tiktok or should we apply the same principles to our content?

How do we evaluate and prioritise brand new opportunities?

In which areas can we use existing resources to create new products and features?

How do we create internal frameworks to allow for cross platform innovation?

What do we need to do and where do we need to be to reach Gen Z?

How do we rethink exsiting products to be more innovative?

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Thursday, May 4

Module 1: How do we start thinking about new products and formats?

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Tuesday, May 9

Module 2: The audio opportunity

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Thursday, May 11

Module 3: Reaching Gen Z

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Thursday, May 16

Module 4: Personalisation, where do we go from here?

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