Let’s meet in Europe’s Diamond capital for the 50th anniversary of our European News Media Conference.

New storytelling formats

Navigating the web of privacy regulations

AI and Personalisation

Keeping news media relevant to Gen Z

Media Innovation Week

In the diamond capital (Antwerp) of Europe, we visit media gems such as Mediahuis, DPG Media, News City, Mediafin, Rossel (Le Soir Groupe), and others during a two-day study tour of Antwerp and Brussels.

At the European News Media Conference, get a premier level overview of European news industry best practices in growing audience, revenue and brand; presented by our industry’s future leaders. Learn the art of turning dusty old print brands into shiny digital diamonds.

One Media Gems Study Tour, one European News Media Conference. All in one week in Antwerp, diamond capital of Europe and media capital of Belgium and The Netherlands. Now that is food for thought (all in a city with one of the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita: food for life).

Conference: Absorb unscripted, interactive presentations and discussions on the hottest media subjects in Europe today: subscriptions, product, advertising, smart data, and newsroom innovation. This year's edition will focus on letting the industry’s future leaders share their vision. And last but not least: we will be celebrating this 50th edition of INMA European News Media Conference in various ways!

Study Tour: Visit Belgian media companies and peer into how they are reinventing themselves for the Digital Age. Across two days, we visit DPG Media, Mediahuis, Mediafin, Le Soir, and other brands in Antwerp and Brussels.

Punctuate your INMA Media Innovation Week experience with the flavours of Antwerp — the city of fashion, diamonds, and gastronomy (one of the cities with the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita), culture and architecture. Meet new media colleagues or reconnect with old friends.


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About European News Media Conference

INMA will guide you through news industry best practices and strategies from the leading European news media companies, with a special emphasis on Belgian media this year.

The 2023 Antwerp European News Media Conference marks the 50th time that European colleagues have gathered under the INMA banner. Since 1971, INMA believes there is a distinctive European media conversation that requires spotlighting. This has typically been done with an annual European News Media Conference, and we added a study tour component in 2015 – with great passion as there is an appetite for deep dives into local media scenes. The conference and study tour are practical and down-to-earth.

Why Antwerp

Antwerp, the largest city in Belgium, and home to the headquarters of two of Europe’s media giants: Mediahuis and DPG Media, as well as INMA Europe's office. Centrally located in Europe, Antwerp is easily accessible by flying into Brussels International Airport, then an easy 20-minute train ride (trains every 30 minutes) from the airport to the city-centre of Antwerp.

Join us for a deep dive into the Belgian media scene; how these media companies keep growing, transforming and innovating. And a touch of Antwerp gastronomy while you’re there; with 12 restaurants awarded with one Michelin star.

Antwerp. A city of diversity. Known worldwide for its diamond district. Capital of avant-garde fashion. Rich in deep-rooted cultural and historical institutions. It delivers a vibrant experience full of fashion, gastronomy, culture and architecture. Take a look at the About Antwerp page for more details on the city and the personal Top 5 of restaurants from Antwerp local and INMA's Head of European Division, Tom.

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