Wednesday, November 17

15h00-15h10 (Cape Town)

Welcome and introductions

A quick introduction to the 2nd Annual INMA Africa Media Summit, its themes, and what to expect across the two-day event will kick off the Summit.

Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne Okwara, Summit Moderator, Senior News Anchor, Citizen Television, Royalmedia Services, Kenya

15h10-15h30 (Cape Town)

The global news media outlook for 2022 and beyond

Approaching two years into a global pandemic that has shaken and even enlivened the news business, how have media companies changed? In this opening keynote, learn the developments in media strategy from the perspectives of advertising, subscriptions, data, and product. And learn how INMA is at the heart of the news industry’s transformation.

Earl J. Wilkinson

Earl J. Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA), United States

15h30-16h00 (Cape Town)

Profitable digital transformation of Africa media

The opportunities and threats faced by media organisations in Africa have never been greater. The need to transform business models, organisational structures offerings, processes, capabilities, and culture using digital technologies has never been more urgent. Given the emerging digital-first, post-pandemic landscape, this session will go beyond the hype and clutter and reveal tested and actionable insights that leadership teams in African media organisations can adopt to grow their businesses profitably and sustainably. Walk away with 10 actionable insights to disrupt your media company.

Dr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo

Dr Anderson Uvie-Emegbo, Senior Executive Fellow, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Nigeria

16h00-16h30 (Cape Town)

How Nation Media Group PLC transformed from a legacy publisher to a regional leader in digital content

Nation.Africa is a culmination of a 24-month journey that involved building a community of audiences around a digital brand to develop compelling monetisable content in different formats: text, images, video, audio, and events. By bringing together technology, talent and a younger youthful audience, Nation Media succeeded in driving registrations, which were converted to paying customers, becoming the first-ever Kenyan media house to launch a successful content paywall.

Max Okeyo

Max Okeyo, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Nation Media Group PLC, Kenya

16h30-17h15 (Cape Town)

Where are the new revenue models in Africa?

Africa has moved to an increasingly digital, mobile, and social media environment with increasingly intense competition for consumer attention. This puts increasing pressure on legacy media to develop of new, sustainable business models to support news production. In this rapid-fire final session, learn about The Standard Group’s revenue strategy with subscriptions and paywalls, Independent Media’s reader revenue game, and Business Day Nigeria’s subscription products and paywall.

Jared Kidambi

Jared Kidambi, Head of Reader Revenue, The Standard Group, Kenya

Onyinyechi Eze

Onyinyechi Eze , Head of Digital Services, Business Day, Nigeria

Lance Witten

Lance Witten, Chief Audience Officer, African News Agency, and Editor In Chief, IOL Independent Media, South Africa

17h15-17:30 (Cape Town)

Takeaways of the day

Thursday, November 18

15h00-15h10 (Cape Town)

Welcome back and INMA initiatives

Welcome back to Day 2 of the INMA Africa News Media Summit. After introductions, learn more about how INMA has developed two key initiatives to draw young media professionals into its network while addressing diversity and inclusivity: the Young Professionals Initiative and Elevate Scholarships.

Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne Okwara, Summit Moderator, Senior News Anchor, Citizen Television, Royalmedia Services, Kenya

Saarah Survé

Saarah Survé, Africa Representative, INMA Young Professionals Committee, South Africa

15h10-15h55 (Cape Town)

Big Tech and African news publishers: opportunities and threats ahead

The relationship between media companies and Big Tech platforms such as Facebook and Google is broad in scope and central to the news industry’s future success. In this panel discussion, learn more about what is happening international with regulation, legislation, and settlements with publishing houses, how this might apply to Africa, and the view of top advertisers about what can be done different by publishers to deepen their understanding of the consumer.

Robert Whitehead

Robert Whitehead, Digital Platform Initiative Lead, International News Media Association (INMA), Australia

Katharina Link

Katharina Link, Managing Director West Africa, Pulse, Ghana

Clifford Machoka

Clifford Machoka, Head of External Affairs and Marketing, Nation Media Group, Kenya

15h55-16h15 (Cape Town)

Advertising spend follows ad tech: What can publishers do differently?

With more than 60% of advertising shifting away from legacy publishers, what are the key things that need to change? What are advertisers looking for and not finding in the way media houses are set up?

Elsa Mungiria

Elsa Mungiria, Digital & Data Manager, Saracen PHD Advertising, Kenya

16h15-16h35 (Cape Town)

Fake news and how Standard Media created Fact Checker to assure audiences

Standard Media has developed more signals to the reader about the quality and origin of content from publishers and improved the branding of trusted news sources. In this presentation, learn how Standard Media has taken steps to work with content creators to better label different kinds of content.

Carole Kimutai

Carole Kimutai, Digital Editor, Standard Media, Kenya

16h35-16h55 (Cape Town)

How Media24 Lifestyle chases new audiences with a multi-platform strategy

Media24 Lifestyle has positioned to connect advertisers with their desired audiences in ways that are relevant and engaging. The company’s strategy includes connecting with people on a multitude of platforms beyond the traditional format. It is this vision that gave birth to the South African company’s successful events division: Media24 Live with a combined audience of 17 million users across its platforms. With access to multi-platform storytelling, the division has successfully offered audiences real-life experiences in the form of signature brand events.

Amos Mananyetso

Amos Mananyetso, Acting Editor, Daily Sun and Sun On-Line, Media 24, South Africa

16h55-17h15 (Cape Town)

Plugging the skills gap: talent and transformation in African media

Africa is increasingly turning to digital media for its news, information, and entertainment. Yet the news industry is facing a massive skills gap at the production level – holding back growth for media businesses in many ways. This skills gap is compounded by a lack of training opportunities, patch infrastructure, non-existent cooperation between industry players and the academic world, as well as insufficient resource allocation for talent development.

Peter Burdin

Peter Burdin, BBC Africa Advisor, Africa Partnerships Ambassador, Champion for Africa Business Journalism, United Kingdom

17h15-17h30 (Cape Town)

Summit wrap-up

What did we learn in the INMA Africa Media Summit 2.0? What were the ultimate conclusions? In this closing session, hear more about INMA plans in Africa and how you might get involved.

Doreen Mbaya

Doreen Mbaya, Africa Division Manager, International News Media Association (INMA), Kenya

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