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About the Study Tour

In a time-efficient, three-day tour du force of Scandinavia, INMA will take you behind the scenes of the news media companies leading the world in digital subscriptions in Oslo and Stockholm.

Why are the Scandinavian publishers seemingly ahead of everyone?

In this study tour, learn how the early efforts at culture change have positioned newsrooms as subscriber acquisition, retention, and engagement leaders. Learn how Scandinavian publishers pushed the subscription culture deep into company strategy. Learn how they applied new KPIs and plugged the churn gap to augment success in acquisition. See first-hand how newsrooms are organised and get a taste of what national and regional news brands are focused on in 2019.

Why did Scandinavian publishers abandon the meter and embrace a freemium-meter hybrid? What are the pros and cons of the hybrid model? What are the nuances behind models adopted by publishers in Norway, Sweden, and Finland? And why have competitors settled on similar formulas in each country?

This study tour is not for the faint of heart: three days, two cities, a lot of bus and airport time.

Yet you will conclude the INMA Media Subscriptions Study Tour of Scandinavia with a snapshot of the cutting edge — and first-hand inspiration to build subscription models that work for your culture and business goals.

Sunday, 17 March


Study Tour Kick-Off Night: Briefing and Reception

Scandic St Olavs Plass Hotel, St. Olavs plass 1, 0165 Oslo

Arrive early in the Norwegian capital (Oslo) and join us for a drink on Sunday night and get a deep-dive briefing and overview on the 3-day Media Subscriptions Study Tour of Scandinavia by INMA's CEO, Earl Wilkinson.
This reception is proudly sponsored by

Earl J. Wilkinson Earl J. Wilkinson
Executive Director and CEO, INMA @earljwilkinsonEarl J. Wilkinson LinkedIn

Christian Printzell Halvorsen Christian Printzell Halvorsen
CEO, cXense @earljwilkinsonChristian Printzell Halvorsen LinkedIn

Monday, 18 March

09:00-13:00 VG

Visit to Schibsted: VG & Aftenposten

Akersgata 55, 0180 Oslo

For many news media organisations, subscription conversion strategies are now entering the realms of emerging technology: machine learning, random forest methodology, pattern recognition, data visualisation, and Artificial Intelligence. Schibsted in Norway is one of the early adopters of these technologies. They have implemented new systems and technologies to drive their growth and influencing their subscription sales and retention strategies. Each company has enjoyed its successes thus far, and they’re learning a lot along the way.

Learn how this applies to both the popular news brand VG as well as the quality news brand Aftenposten.

Espen Egil Hansen Espen Egil Hansen
Editor-in-Chief, Aftenposten Espen Egil Hansen LinkedIn@eghan

Gard Steiro Gard Steiro
Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, VG @gsteiroGard Steiro LinkedIn

Jane Throndsen Jane Throndsen
Editor/Head of Paid Content, VG @ThrondsenJaneJane Throndsen LinkedIn

Hilde Øier Hilde Øier
Director Consumer Business, VG Hilde Øier LinkedIn

Bård Skaar Viken Bård Skaar Viken
Director Consumer Business, Aftenposten@bsvikenBård Skaar Viken LinkedIn

Anne Julie Saue Anne Julie Saue
Head of Innovation and Growth, VG @_AnneJulie_Anne Julie Saue LinkedIn

Eirik Winsnes Eirik Winsnes
Development Editor, Aftenposten @eirikwinsnesEirik Winsnes LinkedIn

Mussa Dagnew Mussa Dagnew
Performance Marketing Manager, VG @MussaDagnewMussa Dagnew

Tone Tveøy Strøm-Gundersen Tone Tveøy Strøm-Gundersen
Managing News Editor, Aftenposten Tone Tveøy Strøm-Gundersen LinkedIn



14:00-16:00 Amedia

Visit to Amedia

Akersgata 34, 0160 Oslo

While the global and national news brands lead in the quest for digital subscriptions; Amedia — the largest local media group in Norway, comprising 62 local newspapers — has seemingly cracked the code for local media digital subscriptions: experiencing the strongest customer growth of all Norwegian newspapers.

Pål Nedregotten Pål Nedregotten
Executive Vice President, Amedia @nedregotten Pål Nedregotten

16:30-18:00 Amedia Amedia

Visit to NHST Media Group

Chr. Krohgs gate 16, 0186 Oslo

NHST publishes both global and Norwegian titles with the leading national daily business paper Dagens Næringsliv (the "Norwegian Financial Times" so to speak) as their flagship news brand. Although advertising sales have continued to decline, NHST have been able to effectively offset this with strong growth in digital and print subscriptions, new digital products and by cost reductions made possible by a more efficient channel neutral workflow. The management team of NHST will share insights into their digital subscription strategy DN++.

Hege Yli Melhus Ask Hege Yli Melhus Ask
Group CEO, NHST Media Group @hegeymLinkedIn

Julie Lundgren Julie Lundgren
Editor Product and Innovation, NHST Media Group @JulesLundgrenJulie Lundgren

Ingeborg Volan Ingeborg Volan
Editor Reader Engagement, NHST Media Group @ingeborgvIngeborg Volan LinkedIn

Fredrik Loennecken Fredrik Loennecken
Director for Consumer Business, NHST Media Group Fredrik Loennecken

Fredrik NØring Fredrik Nøring
CEO Norkon, NHST Media Group


Day 1 of Study Tour Concludes

Tuesday, 19 March


Study Tour participants meet in lobby of Scandic St Olavs Plass

Check out of hotel and load bags onto bus.


Bus departs from Scandic St Olavs Plass

Scandic St Olavs Plass Hotel, St. Olavs plass 1, 0165 Oslo

08:30-10:15 aller

Visit to Aller Media

Allerhuset, Karvesvingen 1, 0579 Oslo, Norway

Aller Media, active in all Nordic countries, owns the national paper Dagbladet in Norway as well as a host of magazines. Learn how they've found extraordinary synergies between the national news brand and their magazines, with a focus on digital subscriptions.

Alexandra Beverfjord Alexandra Beverfjord
Chief Editor and CEO, Dagbladet, Aller Media @Beverfjord Alexandra Beverfjord

Bjørn Bore Bjørn Bore
Editor, Dagbladet Plus, Aller Media @bjorn_bore Bjørn Bore

Christoph Schmitz Christoph Schmitz
Product Development Manager, Dagbladet Plus, Aller Media Christoph Schmitz LinkedIn

Frode Hansen Frode Hansen
News Editor, Dagbladet, Aller Media @frodehansen2LinkedIn

Stephan Granhaug Stephan Granhaug
EVP Digital Development and Innovation, Aller Media @stephangranhaugLinkedIn

Frank Bratland Frank Bratland
Head of Marketing, Dagbladet Plus, Aller Media LinkedIn


Bus departure to Oslo Airport


Travel from Oslo to Stockholm

14:45-15:45 NTM

NTM: Publishing ethics in a digital ecosystem

Stadsporten Citygate, Drottninggatan 25, Stockholm

NTM is Sweden's second largest local media group; owning papers such as Norrköping Tidningar, Östgöta Correspondent, Folkbladet, Västerviks-Tidningen, Vimmerby Tidning and Motala & Vadstena Tidning. By 2017, the NTM Group had approximately 1,300 employees and sales of SEK 1.8 billion.
Strategies for digital subscriptions all depend on the loyalty and engagement of the audience – but also on the newsroom’s ability to actually deliver the truth. Credibility is the most important asset when it comes to building strong relationships with the local audience. At ÖM, one of Sweden’s largest integrated newsrooms, they have worked strategically with the ethical and journalistic qualities of reporters. In a time when forces in public life try to undermine the core value of journalism – credibility – media businesses must face the challenge of raising the level of quality in reporting.

Anna Lindberg Anna Lindberg
CEO and Publisher, Öst Media, NTM Anna Lindberg

16:00-17:00 NTM

MittMedia: The Revenue Balancing Act: The formula for Mittmedia’s digital ad and reader revenue

Stadsporten Citygate, Drottninggatan 25, Stockholm

Mittmedia is Sweden's largest local media group. Having set an aggressive budget for its digital revenues for 2018 (both in digital advertising and digital subscriptions), these focus is starting to pay off. Learn how they did it during the MittMedia stop on this study tour.

Robin Govik Robin Govik
Chief Digital Officer, MittMedia Robin Govik LinkedIn@rgovik

Thomas Sundgren Thomas Sundgren
Head of Platforms and Partnerships, Mittmedia @thomassundgrenThomas Sundgren LinkedIn


End of Day 2 of the Media Subscription Study Tour of Scandinavia. Check-in to hotel.

Wednesday, 20 March

09:00-13:00 Expressen Dagens Nyheter

Visit to Bonnier News: Expressen & Dagens Nyheter

Gjörwellsgatan 30, Stockholm

Dagens Nyheter has faced a moment of realisation that their company culture was not a subscription culture — and that realisation led to complete transformation. Now the editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter is in charge of subscription growth.
Expressen is laser focused on becoming the market leader in digital news in Sweden. Based on the most ambitious news coverage, mobile distribution and a large tv news operation the media house has grown rapidly. Hear the story of how Expressen now adds a new editorial focus on premium content and with that a new source of revenue.
Hear the fascinating story of Bonnier News.

Peter Wolodarski Peter Wolodarski
Editor-in-chief, Dagens Nyheter @pwolodarski Peter Wolodarski LinkedIn

Martin Jönsson Martin Jönsson
Head of Editorial Development, Dagens Nyheter, Bonnier News @dagensnyhetermj



14:00-16:00 Aftonbladet SvD

Visit to Aftonbladet & Svenska Dagbladet

Västra Järnvägsgatan 21, Stockholm

Aftonbladet were among the first media outlets in the world to charge the users and readers for digital content.

The subscription service "Aftonbladet Plus" was launched in 2003. 16 years have passed and during that time brick by brick has been laid for Aftonbladet to build a sustainable business model for digital subscriptions, without negative influence on earnings that stem from digital reach and mass appeal. With a stable customer base of 250 000 digital subscribers Aftonbladet has taken a unique position in Europe. As part of Schibsted, Aftonbladet – together with Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), VG and Aftenposten – has developed close cooperation in the field of analysis, editorial, CRM and product to strengthen the relationship with subscribers, secure growth in revenue per user and be at the forefront in digital media subscriptions.

Lena K Samuelsson Lena K Samuelsson
Publisher, Aftonbladet @LKlenak Lena K Samuelsson LinkedIn

Ted Kudinoff Ted Kudinoff
Head of Plus, Aftonbladet @TedKudinoff

Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) will give its view on how the paid content strategy was revised by combining editorial craftsmanship with analytics in tightly integrated processes and methods. SvD will also share their experience of the balancing act between the need for volume and a sustainable price point, and why data buzzwords might not do the trick.

Anna Careborg Anna Careborg
Acting CEO, Editor in Chief, Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) @LKlenak

16:00-17:00 Schibsted

Closing session of the Subscription Study Tour of Scandinavia

Västra Järnvägsgatan 21, Stockholm

Enjoy some closing remarks and discussion of the study tour with fellow participants over a well-deserved glass of wine.