An executive-level re-evaluation of the strategies and business model options for legacy media companies

    Corporate Leaders

Key topics

  • Innovating for growth
  • Creating an innovation strategy
  • Organizing for growth
  • Sales organizations of the future
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Utilizing existing assets better
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Business model innovation

Confirmed Speakers

Kevin Curnock

Kevin Curnock
General Manager
Brunswick News, Inc.
@KevinCurnockKevin Curnock LinkedIn

Matthew I. Ipsan

Matthew I. Ipsan
Executive Vice President
CNHI (Community News Holdings Inc.)
Matthew I. Ipsan LinkedIn

Steve Kump

Steve Kump
President & CTO
Speedshift Media
Steve Kump LinkedIn

Lyndsi Lane

Lyndsi Lane
Vice President
Gatehouse Events
Lyndsi Lane LinkedIn

Pierre-Elliott Levasseur

Pierre-Elliott Levasseur
Chief Operating Officer
La Presse
Pierre-Elliott Levasseur LinkedIn

David Mathison

David Mathison
Chief Digital Officer Summit & CDO Club
@BeTheMedia David Mathison LinkedIn

Caryn McGarry

Caryn McGarry
VP-Talent Acquisition
Caryn McGarry LinkedIn

Julie Murtha

Julie Murtha
Director of Audience Development & Innovation
The Toronto Star
@JulieMurtha Julie Murtha LinkedIn

Peter Newton

Peter Newton
CRO, GateHouse Media
CEO, Propel Business Services
@ponewton Peter Newton LinkedIn

Karl Ronn

Karl Ronn
Managing Director
Innovation Portfolio Partners
@kpronn Karl Ronn LinkedIn

Guy Tasaka

Guy Tasaka
Chief Digital Officer
Calkins Media
@TasakaDigital Guy Tasaka LinkedIn

Alice Ting

Alice Ting
VP, Brand Development, Licensing & Syndication
The New York Times
Alice Ting LinkedIn

Bill Toler

Bill Toler
Swift Communications

Robert Whitehead

Robert Whitehead
Disruptionist & Media Entrepreneur
McPherson Media Group
Robert Whitehead LinkedIn

Earl J. Wilkinson

Earl J. Wilkinson
Executive Director and CEO
@earljwilkinson Earl J. Wilkinson LinkedIn


Monday, October 3

7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.

Registration and Coffee

8:00 a.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Matthew I. Ipsan Matthew I. Ipsan
President, INMA North America Division, Executive Vice President, CNHI (Community Holdings Inc.) LinkedIn

Robert Whitehead Conference Moderator: Robert Whitehead
Disruptionist & Media Entrepreneur, McPherson Media Group LinkedIn

8:15 a.m.

Keynote: Innovating for Growth with Legacy Companies

Legacy media companies must innovate now to be ready for the future. Cloud supercomputing, the rise of digital natives, social structuring, and gamification will disrupt and reshape business as we know it. Winning will require sharing undervalued assets and partnering with unlikely groups to accomplish more than what your company could alone. This new competitive advantage is called the reciprocity advantage. Learn what legacy companies like IBM as well as start-ups are doing to build this capability in order to succeed in the next decade.

Karl Ronn Karl Ronn
Managing Director, Innovation Portfolio Partners @kpronnLinkedIn

9:30 a.m.


Theme: Creating an Innovation Strategy and Organizing for Growth

10:00 a.m.

Creating a Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Look outside the news media industry to the process used within Procter & Gamble and Swift Communications to develop a long-term vision and strategy.

Bill Toler Bill Toler
Chairman, Swift Communications LinkedIn

10:45 a.m.

Organizing for Innovation and Sustainable Growth

Legacy organizations cannot innovate without people dedicated to thinking about the future. Hear what the Toronto Star learned as it organized teams to drive innovation and produce revenue growth.

Julie Murtha Julie Murtha
Director of Audience Development & Innovation, The Toronto Star @juliemurthaLinkedIn

11:30 a.m.


Theme: Improve Productivity to Reinvest More Resources for Innovation

12:30 p.m.

Sales Organizations and Operations of the Future

News media companies' selling strategies and organizational design must evolve to meet the needs of customers and business models envisioned for 2020. Peer inside the forward-focused sales strategies that will be essential to survival and success.

Kevin Curnock Kevin Curnock
General Manager, Brunswick News, Inc. @brunswick_newsLinkedIn

1:15 p.m.

The Ultimate Sales Model: Self-Serve is the Best Upsell

Go inside on how to architect and develop a self-serve platform that will provide a simple process for your customers and a significantly greater margin for you. We’ll demonstrate through data the value of self-serve for the customer and for your company.

Steve Kump Steve Kump
President & CTO, Speedshift Media LinkedIn

2:00 p.m.

Elevate Your Talent: Smart Recruiting + Hiring

World-class sales organizations and top employers have rigorous recruiting and interviewing standards and practices. Recruiting and interviewing is a senior-level priority for Gannett and defining the quality of employees hired is seen as a top strategic role. Gannett has implemented a new recruiting, hiring, and onboarding model to identify and train the best qualified sales staffing.

Caryn McGarry Caryn McGarry
VP – Talent Acquisition, Gannett LinkedIn

2:45 p.m.


Theme: Strategic Decision-Making

3:15 p.m.

Driving Digital Transformation and Data-Driven Culture at Your Organization

Is your digital and data strategy and funding commitment robust enough to win in 2020? The founder of the CDO Club/CDO Summit and author of “Be the Media” shows why and how incumbents, startups, and organizations across all sectors are driving digital transformation, innovation, and data-driven culture for long-term success.

David Mathison David Mathison
CEO, Chief Digital Officer Summit & CDO Club; Author,
Be the Media @bethemediaLinkedIn

4:00 p.m.

Expanding Your Brand and Positioning It for Growth

Discover new ways to strategically expand your brand and position it for growth and new streams of revenue. Learn about The New York Times’ strategic choices to drive new revenue streams by expanding brand.

Alice Ting Alice Ting
VP, Brand Development, Licensing & Syndication, The New York Times LinkedIn

4:45 p.m.

Digital Subscriptions – Innovation, Implementation, and Results

A panel discussion focused on the opportunities and challenges, failures and successes of digital subscriptions in a print legacy world. Free? Paid? Registration? Surveys? Dynamic meters? We’ll put it all on the table and answer your questions throughout the discussion.

Guy Tasaka Guy Tasaka
Chief Digital Officer, Calkins Media @calkinsmediaLinkedIn

Matthew I. Ipsan Matthew I. Ipsan
President, INMA North America Division, Executive Vice President, CNHI (Community Holdings Inc.) LinkedIn

5:45 p.m.

Takeaways of the Day

6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Drinks On INMA

A great chance to meet your fellow delegates and exchange ideas about your Day 1 experience.

Tuesday, October 4

8:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Morning Coffee

Theme: Utilising Existing Assets, Resources, and Products to Create New Revenue

8:30 a.m.

Welcome Back

Robert Whitehead Conference Moderator: Robert Whitehead
Disruptionist & Media Entrepreneur, McPherson Media Group LinkedIn

8:45 a.m.

Strategically Expanding Business Portfolios for Today and the Future

Understand how GateHouse uses and leverages existing resources and assets to expand its business portfolio. Discover how they tap IT services to serve small- and medium-sized businesses, provide small business loans, and propel marketing by exporting digital services.

Peter Newton Peter Newton
Chief Revenue Officer, GateHouse, CEO, Propel Business Services @ponewtonLinkedIn

9:45 a.m.

Expanding the Scope of Events Marketing

GateHouse Live leverages existing tools and resources to expand its commercial portfolio and grow revenue through its events management line of business.

Lyndsi Lane Lyndsi Lane
Vice President, Gatehouse Events LinkedIn

10:45 a.m.


11:15 a.m.

La Presse+ The Digital Newspaper

Learn how this Montréal news organization created an innovative and effective digital business model by developing an engaging digital edition for tablets that is as acclaimed for the quality and depth of its content as for the effectiveness of its ground-breaking advertising products.

Pierre-Elliott Levasseur Pierre-Elliott Levasseur
Chief Operating Officer, La Presse LinkedIn



1:00 p.m.

News Media Outlook: The Dimension Behind the Façade

In this INMA-exclusive presentation, look across news media worldwide to distill major trends impacting the strategic decisions of companies looking to grow audience and revenue that will support great journalism in the coming years. The presentation includes a snapshot of where legacy media are today in their transformation, the emerging truths in media, and a report card on culture change, paid content, mobile, distributed content, and Big Data. The presentation concludes with a look at where media is heading next – the perfect capper to two days of discussing business strategies for media companies.

Earl Wilkinson Earl Wilkinson
Executive Director and CEO, INMA @earljwilkinsonLinkedIn

1:45 p.m.

Takeaways and Conclusions

Matthew I. Ipsan Matthew I. Ipsan
President, INMA North America Division, Executive Vice President, CNHI (Community Holdings Inc.) LinkedIn

Robert Whitehead Conference Moderator: Robert Whitehead
Disruptionist & Media Entrepreneur, McPherson Media Group LinkedIn


Conference Host Hotel

Westin Chicago River North
Phone: (312) 744-1900
320 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL, 60654, United States
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Special Hotel Room rate of $259 plus tax available until September 9th (3 days pre and post based upon availability).

Conference attendees

The INMA Business Strategies 2020 will attract top top-level business executives from media companies in the United States and Canada.

See Who will Be There

As of right now

  • Jamie Asquith, United States
  • John Barron, United States
  • Jim Burke, President and Publisher, The Gazette, United States
  • Neil Chase, United States
  • Brooke Christofferson, United States
  • Matt Coen, President and Co-Founder, Second Street, United States
  • Kathleen Coleman, Director of Marketing & Business Development, The Spokesman-Review, United States
  • Bob Cox, Canada
  • Kevin Curnock, General Manager, Brunswick News Inc., Canada
  • Emily Dresslar, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Calkins Media, United States
  • Dave Elchoness, Chief Technology Officer, MLR Advisors, United States
  • Markus Feldenkirchen, President, Sales, North America, Lineup Systems, United States
  • Paul Felicissimo, United States
  • Jaroslaw Gora, COO, Deep BI Inc., Poland
  • Mark Gorman, Chief Executive Officer, Matrix Solutions, Inc., United States
  • Susie Gray Biehle, United States
  • James Green, United States
  • Brenda Hetrick, Chief Revenue Officer, Matrix Solutions, Inc., United States
  • Sara Hill, Canada
  • Adel Ibrahim, Senior Vice President Circulation, MediaNews Group, United States
  • Matthew Ipsan, Director of Digital, Lee Enterprises, United States
  • Julia Kamula, SVP, Local Solutions Atlantic Canada & Sask, TC Media, Canada
  • Katy King, Associate Director, Events, Dow Jones & Company, United States
  • Dan Koshowski, Canada
  • Robert Krasne, Chairman, CEO & Publisher, Steinman Communications, United States
  • Steve Kump, President & CTO, Speedshift Media, Canada
  • Lyndsi Lane, Vice President, GateHouse Live Events & Promotions, United States
  • Pierre-Elliott Levasseur, President, La Presse, Canada
  • Mark Lever, President and CEO, The Chronicle Herald, Canada
  • Jerry Lyles, United States
  • Poul Madsen, Columnist, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark
  • William Manfull, Director of Sales, Media, Brightcove, United States
  • David Mathison, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Digital Officer Summit & CDO Club, United States
  • Caryn Mcgarry, United States
  • Jim Mcintosh, Executive Chairman, AdPerfect, Canada
  • Julie Murtha, Canada
  • Bill Nagel, Publisher & CEO, San Francisco Chronicle, United States
  • John Newby, United States
  • Peter Newton, GateHouse Media Ventures, Inc., United States
  • Paula Perim, Brazil
  • Diego Poso, Head Manager of Digital Content & FM, Radio Mitre, Argentina
  • Sharon Prill, VP Marketing & Brand Strategy, The Penny Hoarder, United States
  • Chris Prinos, Vice President, Business Development, Nuglif, United States
  • Nicki Purcell, President, Insite, United States
  • Latha Rao-Cheney, Senior Vice President, Local Sales, MediaNews Group, United States
  • Hieronymus Rodriguez, Peru
  • Karl Ronn, Managing Director, Innovation Portfolio Partners, United States
  • Edwin Ruis, Integrated Revenue Director, Swift Communications, United States
  • Matt Sandberg, United States
  • Joseph Schiltz, United States
  • Edward Seymour, United States
  • Ole Sloth Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer, Folketidende, Denmark
  • Ed Spagnola, President CEO, AMR-SkyBridge Mobile, United States
  • Guy Tasaka, United States
  • Maria Terrell, United States
  • Eddie Thorpe, Sales Manager, Corporate Digital Solutions, The New York Times, United States
  • Alice Ting, General Manager & VP, NYT Licensing, The New York Times Syndicate and News Service, United States
  • Bill Toler, Former Chairman and CEO, Swift Communications, United States
  • Hernan Vilaplana, Head of Digital Business and CFO, Grupo Clarín - Unidad Radios, Argentina
  • Maria Villaggi, Diario Los Andes, Argentina
  • Bill Waters, Chairman and CEO, Questor Corp, United States
  • Robert Whitehead, Lead, Digital Platform Initiative, INMA, Australia
  • Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA), United States
  • Kris Williams, United States
  • Sebastian Zontek, Chief Executive Officer, Deep BI, United States

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