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    Audience marketing
    Data journalism

Key topics

  • Gathering, analysing, leveraging consumer insights
  • Leveraging Big Data and mobile content
  • Tools to understand complex data sets
  • Revenue development
  • Staffing + training issues for data
  • Understanding media content usage patterns in real time
  • Data visualisation
  • Delivering targeted content
  • Data journalism
  • Social media analysis: sentiment analysis, trendspotting

Confirmed speakers

Chris Babayode
EMEA Managing Director
Mobile Media Association

Peter Barron
Director of Communications + Public Affairs EMEA

Helena Bengtsson
Editor of Data Projects
The Guardian

Larry Birnbaum
Information Laboratory

James Collier
Managing Director EMEA

Ben Crain
Chief Strategy Officer
Improve Digital

Andy Day
Business Intelligence Director
News UK

Greg Doufas
VP, Data Science & Audience Intelligence
The Globe and Mail

Laura Evans
VP Audience Development & Data Science
Scripps Networks

Alison Holt
Social Affairs

Jodie Hopperton
International Media Consultant
Conference Moderator

Frederic Joseph

Kirk MacDonald

Dirk Milbou
Business Manager
Consumer Relations
De Persgroep

Klaus Miller
Head of Digital Business Development
Research & Analytics
Ringier AG

Shane Murray
Director of Data Analytics
New York Times

Jason Nathan
Global Capability Director

Aly Nurmohamed
VP, Global Publisher Strategy

Paul O’Grady
Senior Communications Planning Manager
Unilever UK

Giles Pavey
Chief Data Scientist

Stephane Pere
Chief Data Officer
The Economist

Jim Roberts
Executive Editor & Chief Content Officer

Simon Rogers
Data Editor

Martha Stone
World Newsmedia Network

Jan Willem Tulp
Data Experience Designer
TULP Interactive

John Walton
Data Specialist

Earl J. Wilkinson
Executive Director & CEO
International News Media Association (INMA)


Pre-Conference Executive Briefing: Limited Seating

speaker Thursday, March 26
9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m

Pre-Conference Executive Briefing: dunnhumby's 25-year Big Data Strategy and Success

Please note: Separate registration from main conference, limited seating for this interactive event

Who should attend briefing: Media executives who are ready to explore details of their Big Data strategies by listening to and querying executives from a Big Data-driven company dunnhumby on how to embrace the power of Big Data across the value chain.

Executive briefing description: Several of dunnhumby's thought leaders (www.dunnhumby.com) will explain how the U.K.-based international company uses customer data to drive customer loyalty for its owner, Tesco, and other major retail clients around the world, by adopting a customer-first approach — putting customer needs and wants at the centre of decision-making for 25 years. Through application of analytics and insight, the data science company helps create better experiences for 770 million customers worldwide, by analysing their buying behaviour, and offering relevant and desired goods and services to customers based on their preferences./p>

Jason Nathan Jason Nathan
Global Multichannel Director, dunnhumby @jasonNathanlinkedIn

Giles Pavey Giles Pavey
Chief Data Scientist, dunnhumby @sphillslinkedIn

The following topics will be explored in the Pre-Conference Executive Briefing:

  • Analytics and customer insights
  • Offer targeting
  • Advertising targeting
  • Data visualisation
  • Customer retention and development
  • Data management
  • Data analytics, scientist, staffing and training
  • Big Data strategies
  • Privacy issues surrounding data collection
  • Multi-channel campaigns

Day 1: Thursday, March 26

12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Conference Registration and Welcome Coffee

Afternoon Theme: Data and Analytics

1:30 p.m.

Introduction: The State of Big Data for Media Companies

No subject touches the essence of the transition of media companies from enterprises based on serendipity and gut-based decisions to ones based on analytics than Big Data. In this opening session, learn about the status of Big Data at media companies based on the findings of an international survey of media executives, trends and opportunities, and more./p>

Martha Stone Martha Stone
CEO, World Newsmedia Network @marthalstonelinkedIn

Earl J. Wilkinson Earl J. Wilkinson
Executive Director and CEO, INMA @earljwilkinsonlinkedIn

Peter Barron Peter Barron
Director of Communications and Public Affairs, EMEA, Google @peterbarron1linkedIn

Jodie Hopperton Jodie Hopperton
International Media Consultant and Conference Moderator @jodiehoplinkedIn

2:30 p.m.

The Power of Big Data at the Guardian, Twitter and Google

How three of the top media companies use data to understand sentiment about news topics, spot emerging stories before they go viral, and use data to develop better journalism and business acumen about its users will be the topic of this presentation. The presentation will show how trending stories are spotted on maps and how success can be used to understand complex topics and trends using sophisticated data tools.

Simon Rogers Simon Rogers
Data Editor, Google @smfrogerslinkedIn

3:15 p.m.


3:45 p.m.

Mashable's Crucial IT and Editorial Cooperation with Big Data

Hugely popular online journalism site Mashable.com leverages the data gleaned from their audience usage to identify trends in content consumption, which impacts their internal processes at Mashable. Executive Editor and Chief Content Officer Jim Roberts, and former veteran of the New York Times, works collegially with Mashable’s IT staff, including their leader and their data scientist, to leverage actionable data. Roberts will discuss the crucial internal processes needed to marry technical aptitude of the IT staff to create more compelling content from the editorial operation.

Jim Roberts Jim Roberts
Executive Editor and Chief Content Officer, Mashable @nycjimlinkedIn

4:15 p.m.

Data Analytics for Digital Subscriptions

The New York Times launched its digital pay model in 2011 and in September 2014 reached approximately 875,000 digital-only subscribers. As we move into the fifth year of the digital subscription model, the Times’ data and analytics needs have evolved to support strategy, measurement and optimization. This presentation will look at the data collected to analyse reader behaviour and measure success, analytical methods used to identify potential opportunities, and how a combination of research and analytics can be used to inform and test hypotheses aimed at optimising the digital subscription model.

Shane Murray Shane Murray
Executive Director of Analytics, The New York Times linkedIn

4:45 p.m.

Open Forum: Big Data Strategies at Media Companies, Now and In the Future

The afternoon's speakers — Jim Roberts, Shane Murray, and Simon Rogers — talk with moderator Jodie Hopperton and conference participants.

5:45 p.m.

Conclusions of the Day

6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Cocktail Reception

Day 2: Friday, March 27

8:00 a.m.-8:45 a.m.

Registration and Coffee

8:45 a.m.

Welcome and Overview

Jodie Hopperton Jodie Hopperton
Moderator @jodiehoplinkedIn

Theme: Targeting Content and Advertising with Data Insights

9:00 a.m.

Putting Data and Customers at Heart of Decision-Making

Changing the mindsets of business-side and journalism-side employees to focus on customers is a challenge that is paying off at News UK. The mechanism by which culture change has happened at News UK is through the power of data. Andrew Day will show how data in its broadest sense is being used to empower the editorial workforce to think more about customers and potential and existing products, by displaying usage patterns in the newsroom that show numbers of articles written, subscriptions, dwell time, number of applications in use, and more; and by using data to better understand and predict consumer behaviour.

Andy Day Andy Day
Business Intelligence Director, News UK @andyddaylinkedIn

9:45 a.m.

Using Big Data to Drive Content Engagement, Revenues

Ringier, an international media company based in Zurich, has been growing its Big Data strategy since 2011. Among the Big Data tactics Ringier is pursuing is to drive more user engagement with content. About 40% of Ringier's flagship Web site traffic is driven by social media. Once readers arrive at Blick or other Ringier Web sites, the challenge is to keep them there by engaging them with related and compelling content. Big Data allows the identification of readers, their preferences and related content recommendations based on their behaviours. Dr. Miller will use case studies to explain how these tactics are being implemented across Ringier's digital titles. Understanding the audience and retaining the audience means the ability to target with content and advertising, resulting in higher priced ad units. Dr. Miller will also discuss how the importance of Ringier's new has new data privacy policy for its users, which gives users a way to opt out of these targeting schemes.

Klaus Miller Klaus Miller
Head of Digital Research & Analytics, Ringier AG @klausmillerlinkedIn

10:15 a.m.

Data Visualisation: The Key to Bringing Big Data to Life

Data visualisation is becoming increasingly important to understand and communicate abstract data in an increasingly data-driven world. In this session, learn about Netherlands-based Tulp Interactive's beautifully designed data-visualised charts and schematics from the journalism and business sides of the media world. The presentation will explain the importance, techniques and technologies needed to accomplish compelling and engaging data visualisation.

Jan Willem Tulp Jan Willem Tulp
Data Experience Designer, Tulp Interactive @janwillemtulplinkedIn

10:45 a.m.

Coffee and tea break

11:15 a.m.

The Economist: Driving Engagement with Data-Driven Personalisation

The Economist's data strategy is the focus of this presentation: how the company uses data to first achieve a single view of the customer and derive insights to drive engagement, and how they drive more personalisation in everything they do. The Economist leverages their audience in their own platforms and platforms outside of the company's family of sites: not only with display but social media, mobile, video and search campaigns. How do they think about engagement, acquisition, advertising? How can they construct a smart paywall? How do they bring together media + data?

Stéphane Pere Stéphane Pere
Chief Data Officer, The Economist Group @stephaneperelinkedIn

11:45 a.m.

Creating a Stellar Big Data Team Through Hiring, Training and Development

Data science is a broad term which encompasses business understanding, analytical capabilities, including statistical expertise, data architecture, coding and development skills. As the media companies are learning as they develop their Big Data staffing, all of the above skills are hard to find in one person. This presentation will cover what Scripps Network Interactive is doing to overcome this difficulty, including organisation, hiring, and product development through an example of creating a data product and the process it entailed.

Laura Evans Laura Evans
Vice President of Audience Development and Data Science, Scripps Networks @evanslaurablinkedIn

12:15 p.m.


Breakout sessions

1:30 p.m. Choose one

Data Strategy: Building a Big Data Roadmap for a Big Data Capability

This session will lay the groundwork for a media company's Big Data potential with the “Big Data Development Roadmap.” The presentation is geared toward helping stakeholders and practitioners develop a clear, concise and balanced plan to drive an effective, advanced analytics capability within their organisation. The session will cover a high-level overview of how to develop a plan but also deep-dive into each element of the roadmap — exploring important factors to consider (technology, processes and analytical methods) as well as risks and pitfalls to avoid, and some best practices to embrace as the Big Data strategy evolves.

Greg Doufas Greg Doufas
Vice President, Data Science and Audience Intelligence, The Globe and Mail @gregdo73linkedIn

Data Journalism: The Care Calculator: Public Service Data Journalism

Two of the lead journalists on “The Care Calculator” data journalism project in 2014 will describe the impact of the story, and how it was constructed using reams of data from public sources.

Alison Holt Alison Holt
Social Affairs Correspondent, BBC Interactive @alisonholt1linkedIn

John Walton John Walton
Data Specialist, BBC Interactive @walt_jwlinkedIn

2:05 p.m. Choose one

Data Strategy: 5 Easy Steps to a Successful Data Strategy

The relationship between better customer data management and doing better business is the focus of this presentation that looks at the rollout of the long-term data strategy at De Persgroep. Keys for publishers: collect the right consumer data, store the data, have procedures in place to control and check the quality of the data, analyse the data to derive insights, and act upon the data and insight in real time.

Dirk Milbou Dirk Milbou
Business Manager Consumer Relations, De Persgroep @dirkmilboulinkedIn

Data Journalism: Automating Journalism With Data

The astounding growth in data gathering, processing, storage, and networking capabilities over the past decade has opened the prospect of revolutionary advances in everything from medicine to media — if the data can actually be exploited properly. A key bottleneck is providing insight and understanding around what is important about the data, and what it means, to people who need to make decisions and take action based on those data. This talk will outline work in finding important and interesting patterns in data (especially social media) and in automatically generating stories based on those data to convey insights to people. The focus will be on applications to media and journalism, and on the technology, originally developed at Northwestern, that has led to our start-up Narrative Science.

Larry Birnbaum Larry Birnbaum
Professor of Computer Science and of Journalism, Northwestern University

2:40 p.m. Choose one

Data Strategy: The Challenges and Opportunities of Programmatic Advertising and Real-Time Bidding

This presentation will describe what programmatic advertising and real-time bidding data mean to publishers, the bottom line, how they work technically and how publishers can leverage these revenue streams for their own businesses. How publishers can leverage this knowledge for better profitability and targetability.

Kirk MacDonald Kirk MacDonald
President, AdTaxi @kirkmaclinkedIn

Using Data for Journalism

How data has been used in journalism using large and small data sets in stories at The Guardian and worldwide, including a notable example from Japan, will be the focus of this presentation.

Helena Bengtsson Helena Bengtsson
Editor of Data Projects, The Guardian @helenabengtssonlinkedIn

3:15 p.m.

Coffee and tea break

3:30 p.m.

Training and Interacting for Revenue Success Using Big Data

A closing panel will discuss how publishers (especially news media companies) can attract mobile advertising revenue through the understanding and application of Big Data and analytics about their audience. It will give insights from the perspective of an advertiser, an agency, a sales network and a technology enabler.

Chris Babayode Chris Babayode
Managing Director, EMEA, Mobile Marketing Association @MMA_EMEAlinkedIn

James Collier James Collier
Managing Director EMEA, AdTruth @jamescollierlinkedIn

Ben Crain Ben Crain
Chief Strategy Officer, Improve Digital @bencrainlinkedIn

Frederic Joseph Frederic Joseph
CEO, Performics, and Zenith Optimedia Global Mobile Lead @FredJoseph_UKFRlinkedIn

Aly Nurmohamed Aly Nurmohamed
Vice President, Global Publisher Strategy and RTB EMEA, Criteo linkedIn

Paul O'Grady Paul O'Grady
Senior Communications Planning Manager, Unilever UK linkedIn

4:15 p.m.

Conference Conclusions, Summary, Wrap-Up

Jodie Hopperton Jodie Hopperton
Moderator @jodiehoplinkedIn

4:30 p.m.

Conference Concludes



1-13 St Giles High Street
London WC2H 8AG
United Kingdom


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Conference attendees

The Big Data for Media Conference will attract the top business and editorial executives from publishers engaged with making smarter data actionable.

See Who will Be There

As of 27 February 2024



  • Christian Lammerer, Managing Director Styria Marketing Services, Styria Marketing Services GmbH & Co KG, Austria
  • Matija Striga, Styria Media Group, Austria


  • Martijn Bal, Director Media Innovation Center, MiX - iMinds, Belgium
  • Tom Corbett, Head of European Division, INMA, Belgium
  • Philippe Dautrebande, AI & Digital Transformation Consultant, Les Éditions de L'Avenir S.a., Belgium
  • Annick Deseure, Belgium
  • Mathias Haentjens, CRM Analyst, Mediahuis Belgium, Belgium
  • Alberto Rabbachin, Scientific Project Officer, European Commission, Belgium
  • Peter Thiers, Business Architect, Roularta Media Group, Belgium
  • Kathy Willems, Application Specialist Digital Newsmedia, Mediahuis Belgium, Belgium


  • Andre Furlanetto, Digital Strategies Executive Director, O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil



  • Marko Velic, Head of Data Science, Styria Digital Development, Croatia


  • Lars Leonhard Drachmann, Web Analyst, JP/Politikens Hus, Denmark
  • Troels Ellegaard Hansen, olitiken, Denmark
  • Lars Grarup, Editor-in-Chief, JP/Politikens Hus, Denmark
  • Kamilla Ming Hoj, Denmark
  • Daniel Nielsen, Denmark
  • Soren Petersen, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark
  • Anders Refnov, Denmark
  • Bent Steeg Larsen, Research Manager, Politiken, Denmark
  • Frederik Wiedemann, Denmark
  • Kasper Worm-Petersen, Denmark





Hong Kong



  • David Labanyi, Head of Audience, The Irish Times, Ireland
  • Dara Mcmahon, Ireland
  • Cliona Mooney, Group Data Analytics and Insights Director, The Irish Times, Ireland
  • Thomas Russell, Managing Director, Think Evolve Solve, Ireland



  • Christopher Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, RJRGLEANER Communications Group, The Gleaner Company (Media) Ltd., Jamaica


  • Henry Rivero, Senior Executive Digital Technology & Special Projects, RTL Group, Luxembourg


  • Angelique Brinkman, Netherlands
  • Dirk Milbou, Digital Manager, Kick But, Netherlands
  • Daniel Okma, Data Leader, DPG Media BV, Netherlands
  • Jan Willem Tulp, Data Experience Designer, TULP Interactive, Netherlands





South Africa

  • Andreij Horn, South Africa

South Korea





United Kingdom

  • Carmen Aitken, Director of Data & Analytics, National World Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Nick Banbury, United Kingdom
  • Luke Barnard, Infrastructure Director, NBC Universal, United Kingdom
  • Peter Barron, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Google UK Limited, United Kingdom
  • Helena Bengtsson, Editor, Data Desk, The Guardian, United Kingdom
  • Daniel Buttery, Data Analytics, NBC Universal, United Kingdom
  • Mark Challinor, Media advertising strategist, CEO, News Media UK, United Kingdom
  • James Collier, Managing Director, EMEA, AdTruth, United Kingdom
  • Ben Crain, Chief Strategy Officer, Improve Digital, United Kingdom
  • Gareth Cross, Web Production, Telegraph Media Group, United Kingdom
  • Andy Day, Business Intelligence Director, News UK and Ireland, United Kingdom
  • Jen Gilligan, United Kingdom
  • Alison Holt, Social Affairs Correspondant, BBC Interactive, United Kingdom
  • Frederic Joseph, Chief Executive Officer, Performics EMEA, United Kingdom
  • Caroline Lees, Manager, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • David Levy, Director, Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism, United Kingdom
  • Ken Macpherson, Head of Customer Insight & CRM, United Kingdom
  • Alan Melrose, Head of Energy Voice, DC Thomson & Co. Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Kirsten Morrison, Head of Digital, DC Thomson & Co. Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Dianne Newman, Chief Executive Officer (RAM UK & Ireland), RAM, United Kingdom
  • Aly Nurmhamed, Vice President, Global Publisher Strategy and RTB EMEA, Criteo, United Kingdom
  • Brian Oconnor, United Kingdom
  • Paul Ogrady, Senior Communications Planning Manager, Unilever UK, United Kingdom
  • Magda Piatkowska, Head of Analytics, Telegraph Media Group, United Kingdom
  • Manish Popat, Regional Business Manager, Naviga, United Kingdom
  • Simon Rogers, Data Editor, Google UK Limited, United Kingdom
  • Aynur Simsek, Freelance Journalist, World Newsmedia Network, United Kingdom
  • Brandon Tensley, Manager, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Simon Walker, Sales Director, RAM, United Kingdom
  • John Walton, Data Specialist, BBC Interactive, United Kingdom
  • Ruth Wembridge, Corporate Communications Manager, Dunnhumby, United Kingdom

United States

  • Chris Babayode, Managing Director, EMEA, Mobile Marketing Association, United States
  • Larry Birnbaum, Professor of Computer Science and of Journalism, Northwestern University, United States
  • Amy Jo Coffey, Professor, University of Florida, United States
  • Mark Dekan, Chief Operating Officer, Politico, United States
  • Laura Evans, Senior Vice President, Data and Insights, The E.W. Scripps Company, United States
  • Jodie Hopperton, Product and Tech Initiative Lead, INMA, United States
  • Tom Kelleher, Professor and Chair, University of Florida, United States
  • Kirk Macdonald, United States
  • Shane Murray, Executive Director of Analytics, The New York Times, United States
  • Chuck Peters, President and CEO, The Gazette Company, United States
  • Jim Roberts, Executive Editor & Chief Content Officer, Mashable, United States
  • Lisa Speth, United States
  • Andre Tartar, Data Editor, Bloomberg News, United States
  • Bob Terzotis, Executive Vice President, Mather Economics, United States
  • Earl Wilkinson, Executive Director and CEO, International News Media Association (INMA), United States
  • Martha Williams, Chief Executive Officer, World Newsmedia Network, United States

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