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Key topics

  • Boosting mobile advertising sales
  • Programmatic trading
  • Creative print advertising drives revenue
  • Sales team organisation
  • Synergies between print and digital
  • Native advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Generating new advertising revenue

Ideas Day concept: 4 days, 4 cities, 4 topics

The time-friendly (and fun) Ideas Day concept by INMA involves:

IDEAS DAY Advertising Paris, FranceApril 24th, 2015 IDEAS DAY Marketing Brussels, BelgiumMay 22nd, 2015 IDEAS DAY Digital Berlin, GermanyNovember 20, 2015 IDEAS DAY Editorial + NewsroomInnovations Helsinki, FinlandJune 12, 2015
  • 1 day
  • 20+ “Brainsnacks”
  • 7-minute presentations
  • No nonsense
  • To the point
  • Cover a lot in a little time
  • Grab and go
  • Great value for time (and money)
  • Practical
  • Fly in with 1, fly out with 20 ideas

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Friday, 24 April

Conference Moderator

Beatrice de Mahieu Béatrice de Mahieu
Marketing and Digital Director, Elle Magazine, Belgium

10:00 a.m.

Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:30 a.m.

Welcome by Moderator

Theme: Native Advertising and Branded Content.

10:40 a.m.

Native Advertising Innovations at ELLE Magazine

Some would say ELLE Magazine in Berlgium is a ‘native ad’-born magazine having experience with Native Advertising for many years. So you will learn from the best in the industry during this brainsnack. Learn from real-world examples done by the folks at ELLE Magazine in recent years. Online and offline.

Beatrice de Mahieu Béatrice de Mahieu
Marketing and Digital Director, Elle Magazine, Belgium@beademahieu

10:50 a.m.

Native Advertising Innovations at Blick am Abend

The focus on doing Native Advertising successfully lies on finding the best and most trending, inspirational and entertaining content on the internet. Social Media is a central element of the online platform of Blick am Abend suitable to the young, mobile and urban audience featuring a high advertising relevance.

As a form of content, native advertising does not interrupt flow and is equal with user interaction. It adapts the look of the page or other content, in which it is contained. So each material is a “little masterpiece�, more details during the brainsnack presentation.

Simone Häberli Simone Häberli
Product Manager, Blickamabend.ch, Switzerland @s_haeberli

11:00 a.m.

The Print-Supplement: An Extra Revenue Stream

To promote the launch of a new vehicle, the 508 Peugeot, Ouest-France dedicated a brand content print supplement.

The stakes: The car is produced in Rennes, the hometown of the newspaper Ouest-France, a city with an old tradition of car-manufacturing and the PSA Peugeot Citroen Groupe is the largest employer of the area. The workers and employees are readers of Ouest France. The context is an employment crisis, especially in the industry throughout France. This communication had many different goals: bring pride back, generate motivation… and of course sell cars!

David Moizan David Moizan
Directeur Marketing, Precom, Ouest-France, France @DavidMoizanlinkedIn

11:10 a.m.

ZIMOAKTYWNI: Helping Drivers Prepare for the Upcoming Winter Season – A Multimedia Branded Content Case Study

The project’s key objective was to present winter safety precautions in an attractive way (unfortunately very often safety topics are present in rather formal, sometimes even dull way). The advantages of Continental tyres were highlighted in the context of car preparation for the upcoming winter season and all the “winter challenges� – consequences of icy and snowy weather.

Mariusz Wąsiński Mariusz Wąsiński
Vice-President, Sales Director, Media Impact Polska, Poland linkedIn

Theme: Programmatic and Premium Advertising

11:20 a.m.

Turning Programmatic Advertising from Threat to Friend: Ekstra Bladet’s Perfection of the Art

The advertising department from Ekstra Bladet has successfully inplemented “programmatic advertising� over the last 24 months. Signe Skarequist will show how to increase your revenue through programmatic sales and get a good share of new budgets.

Signe Skarequist Signe Skarequist
Backoffice- & Programmatic Salgschef, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark linkedIn

11:27 a.m.
Lineup Advertising Solutions logo

Beware First Impressions - Pricing for Programmatic

Programmatic trading promises targeted messaging optimised on real-time, cross-platform insights into consumer digital interactions. The market suggests riches will be delivered to publishers who collect and offer quality, first party data. What could possibly go wrong?

Sven Ernst Steve Bottomley
Business Services Director, News UK, United Kingdom linkedIn

11:34 a.m.

The 6 E’s from Axel Springer. Premium Advertising Sales: having the edge over others!

How Axel Springer supported the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6edge by an integrated cross-media marketing campaign. A short-notice-campaign developed and delivered within less than 10 days with showing different formats, structured in the story line.

Sven Ernst Sven Ernst
Head of Creative Unit, Axel Springer Media Impact, Germany

11:41 a.m.

Repositioning the quality aspect of news media: attention!

De Persgroep Nederland wanted to change the negative association related to newspapers and make a shift to the power of news brands. In the Dutch market the advertising share for news brands is slowly decreasing. De Persgroep Nederland managed to buck the trend with a well-organised marketing campaign around their news brands towards advertisers.

Sven Ernst Stefanie van Rootselaar
Team leader B2B Corporate Marketing, de Persgroep Nederland linkedIn

11:50 a.m.

Q&A with previous 4 speakers

Sven Ernst Steve Bottomley
Business Services Director, News UK, United Kingdom linkedIn

Signe Skarequist Signe Skarequist
Backoffice- & Programmatic Salgschef, Ekstra Bladet, Denmark linkedIn

Sven Ernst Sven Ernst
Head of Creative Unit, Axel Springer Media Impact, Germany

Sven Ernst Stefanie van Rootselaar
Team leader B2B Corporate Marketing, de Persgroep Nederland linkedIn

12:00 p.m.

Caffeinated brain-break

Theme: Organising Your Sales Team

12:20 a.m.

How Amar Ujala Merged Sales Skill Sets and Behavioural Science to Service Target Audience

In the Indian Hindi language market of 1.3 billion (population) consisting of 70% rural area and a literacy rate of 70% and very high income disparity, though highly aspirational rural youth. It’s about assessing the potential, challenge of connecting diverse & complex audiences.

Rajic Kental Rajiv Kental
President Marketing, Amar Ujala Publications, India linkedIn

12:30 p.m.

From “Sales People� to “Idea Folk�: How Hürriyet Went from Selling Media Space to Designing Marketing Solutions

As technology fundamentally changed everything in the media landscape and brought too many innovative communication tools (e.g. native, programatic...); The advertising team of Hurriyet, the leading newspaper brand in Turkey, totally transformed their way of working from 'creating advertising projects' to 'designing integrated marketing ideas that are digitally powered'. By doing so, clients understand that Hurriyet is capable of providing them with long-term marketing solutions that connect their brands with consumers through our (offline / online) publications.

Emre Faks Emre Faks
Digital Engagement & Marketing Services Lead, Hurriyet, Turkey @emrefakslinkedIn

12:40 p.m.

Tailored Marketing Communications: How Our Advertising Sales have Changed and Positively Affected our Revenue Stream

Learn how Agora has seen dramatic revenue increases by simply offering tailored marketing communication solutions, often multi-channel. Presentation based on a digital-only case study.

Katarzyna Kolanowska Katarzyna Kolanowska
Publishing Director Magazines & Free Press, Agora, Poland linkedIn

Maciej Nowak Maciej Nowak
Digital Director, Agora, Poland @maciek341linkedIn


Brain lunch

Theme: Measuring Advertising Effectiveness


1 + 1 Really Is 3: The Effectiveness from Cross-Media Advertising

Dianne Newman from RAM will present, with very clear infographics, data from over 100 case studies across Europe, the effectiveness of cross-media advertising (print + digital).

Dianne Newman Dianne Newman
CEO for UK & Ireland, RAM, United Kingdom


One Global: a new measurement combining print, online and mobile audiences from the French regional press.

Multi channels mediaplanning from 366.fr: national advertising trade representative of the regional daily press in France for both the print, web and mobile devices.

Bruno Ricard Bruno Ricard
Chief Marketing Officer, 366.fr @366communitieslinkedIn


Dailymetrie: Measuring Advertising Effectiveness on a Daily Basis

Measuring daily reach of the news brands is a long standing dream for any news media executive to proof news media brands effectiveness towards our advertising clients. Online that is not too hard. Offline, a little tougher. De Persgroep has now developed the solution with “Dailymetrie”. Providing insights on the different touch points and their consumers. Demonstrate the performance of advertisements in a detailed Campaign Report (net, grp, ots)

Sabine De Hauwere Sabine De Hauwere
Sales Arguments Intelligence Manager, De Persgroep Advertising, Belgium linkedIn


One Global: A New Measurement Combining Print, Online and Mobile Audiences from the French Regional Press.

Multi channels mediaplanning from 366.fr: national advertising trade representative of the regional daily press in France for both the print, web and mobile devices.

Bruno Ricard Bruno Ricard
Chief Marketing Officer, 366.fr, FrancelinkedIn

Theme: Creative Advertising Solutions to Drive New Revenue Streams


Doubling “Dwell Time,” Data Infographics and Creative Print Ads Through Hurling Championship

Liberty Insurance gave the following briefing to Irish Independent ad team: “Deliver GAA* fans with more editorial, more content, more analysis in an entertaining way for both Hurling & Camogie and to get Liberty Insurance's sponsorship of the 'Hurling and Camogie Championships' standout, give high reach and be different”.

Declan Fahy Declan Fahy
Account Director, Independent Newspapers, Ireland linkedIn


GoOUT Running: A Zero Budget Project Making €90,000 Profit for Večernji List

The sport division of Večernji list launched “get fit” training courses for its readers. With the help of university experts (you want to serve only the top class training right?), everyday training schedules from Monday to Friday, and a budget of €0.

Petra Ivicevic-Bakulic Petra Ivicevic-Bakulic
Večernji List, Styria Media Croatia, Croatia


Irish Times/AIB Fusion: Leading Irish Start-ups to Fame and Business Success

The idea was essentially born when the agency came to Irish Times with a brief for AIB where they wanted to reinstate themselves as the leading bank for start-up companies. It was important to AIB to help the start-ups and as such introduce coaching and mentoring to help improve the numbers of successful start-ups and invest in the growth of the Irish Economy by doing so. A secondary objective is to create and drive engagement with the business hub and create content which may be used. Irish Times had the perfect starting base in the form of Irish Times Fusion.

Viv Maher Viv Maher
Head of Digital, Irish Times, Ireland @IrishTimesSaleslinkedIn


“Devon Life” Magazine Launches Competition “Cook of the Year”

A competition to find the Devon Life “Home Cook of the Year” is the focus of this presentation. Learn how the competition was publicized, shortlist was drawn up, and how the winner was unveiled. Also learn how this was sponsored.

Tim Thurston Tim Thurston
Managing Director Archant Regional, Archant, UK @ThurstonTimlinkedIn


U.K. News Media Groups Partner for 1-Day Mega-Advertising Campaign

The Guardian, i, The Independent, Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Times, and The Daily Telegraph join together to create “Day of Influence” — a single day of advertising for Expedia and PHD. Digital and print advertising response rates were impressive.

 Vanessa Clifford
Deputy Chief Executive, Newsworks, United Kingdom @ThurstonTimlinkedIn


Brain Break

Theme: Monetising Mobile and Utilising Smart Data for Local Publishers


How to Grow Regional Mobile Revenue from 0.7% to 14% in 12 Months

Revenue from mobile isn’t growing at the pace of mobile usage for most publishers, but not so at Russmedia Digital. Learn how this local publisher in Austria has grown their mobile advertising revenue from 0.7 to 14% of total revenues in 1 year.

Georg Burtscher Georg Burtscher
CEO Marketing & Sales, Russmedia Digital, Austria @GeorgBurtscherlinkedIn


How Local CRM Turns to Big Data and Valuable Targeting Variables

Media houses of today offer advertisement in paper, TV, radio, and of course important and growing digital strategies. But who is taking lead in offering CRM solutions? NTM has decided to invest in an infrastructure to supply local CRM to stores and in sales portfolio include SMS, e-mail, and postcards.

Sofia ASdjornsson Sofia Åbjörnsson
Founder & Managing Director of FILLit, NTM (Norröpings Tidningars Media), Sweden linkedIn

Ingrid Lidgren Ingrid Lidgren
Sales Manager at FILLit, NTM (Norröpings Tidningars Media), Sweden linkedIn


Brilliant Wrap-Up by Moderator


Well Deserved Post-Ideas Day Drinks


Weekend in Paris Is Yours!


Conference + hotel venue

Radison Blu

Radisson Blu Charles de Gaulle Airport
Rue de la Chapelle
77990 Le Mesnil Amelot


Radisson Blu shuttle

Pick-up and drop-off: RER/TGV train station - Terminal 2 Charles de Gaulle Airport


INMA's Ideas Day on Advertising will attract advertising and research managers from publishers engaged with growing revenue.

See Who will Be There

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  • Nathalie Coppens, Customer Development Manager, DPG Media NV
  • Tom Corbett, Head of European Division, INMA
  • Sabine De Hauwere, Sales Arguments Intelligence Manager, DPG Media NV
  • Beatrice De Mahieu, Marketing and Digital Director, ELLE Magazine Belgium
  • Guy De Nyn, Group Manager Zone/Magazines, DPG Media NV
  • Liza Hauwaert, Project Manager, INMA Europe
  • Benny Kerkhofs
  • Anne-Sophie Libbrecht
  • Gunther Ponnet
  • Geert Spapen, Advertising Business Partner Finance, Mediafin
  • Stefanie Van Rootselaar, De Persgroep Nederland BV
  • Vanessa Vanloo, Senior Marketer, Editions de L'Avenir
  • Martine Vleeschouwers, Business Development Manager Regio, Morfeus NV


  • Steve Chapman, VP, Content Partnerships, PressReader
  • Andre Munro, Premier Chef, Exploitation et Authentification des Données des Membres, Radio-Canada




  • Herve Barbot, Research and Development Director, Intrasipa
  • Pierre-Yves Etlin, President & Chief Executive Officer, NR Communication
  • Laura Ferran, Head of Studies, Amaury Medias
  • Matthieu Fuchs, President and Publisher, Ouest-France & Additi
  • Marylene Guerard, Director of Development & Transformation, La Montagne
  • Natacha Manuel, Brand Manager, 20 Minutes
  • David Moizan, Marketing & Communication Manager, Groupe Précom
  • Nolwenn Pasquier, Digital Marketing Manager, Groupe Précom
  • Bruno Ricard, Deputy General Manager- Marketing, Research & Communication, 366
  • Jaime Rodrigo, International Director, Protecmedia
  • Matthieu Stefani


  • Miriam Donnert, Deputy Manager, Verlag Dierichs GmbH & Co KG
  • Sven Ernst, Head of Creative Unit, Axel Springer Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG // KST 8653
  • Matthias Fischer, Sales Director, PPI Media GmbH
  • Andrea Schaller-Oller



  • Declan Fahy, Account Director, Independent News & Media
  • Linda Healy, Media Solutions Account Executive, The Irish Times
  • Vivienne Maher, Director of Digital, Mediabrands Ireland




  • Alejandro Lorenzo Edreida, Director Advertising & Circulation Business Unit, Research & Development, Protecmedia




  • Emre Faks, Digital Experience & Advertising Solutions Lead, Hürriyet Publishing and Printing Co.

United Kingdom

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