INMA Ideas Day on Digital 2014

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Ideas Day® is INMA's 1-day seminar format, bringing you a multitude of Brainsnack Presentations® on 1 topic.
This second Ideas Day® will focus on digital-publishing: smarter data & data analytics, content automatisation and e-commerce.
  • A one-day seminar at Google's European headquarters in London.
    Fly in and out on the same day and limit your out-of-office time.

  • Share 1 and fly out with 20 ideas.

  • Contributors pay less.

Join us at this INMA Ideas Day® on Digital! Submit your case now and be a real contributing part of this first "Digital Ideas Day"!

Cases are approved for presentation by the organising committee. Approved cases will be added to the online programme.
Alternatively, you can register for the event without submitting/presenting a case. Just listen to 20 cases from industry peers from around Europe.

*Cases must be presented in the format of INMA Brainsnack Presentations®.
These are short, to-the-point, 7-minute presentations that force the speaker to focus
on the core message she/he wants to bring across to the audience.

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