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Which companies Should Attend: national and regional newsmedia companies.

Who Should Attend: CEO's, Advertising, Digital and Online Directors.

Where: The seminar will take place at the Guinness Storehouse.

When: 18 April 2013

Revolution Calling... we're in this together!

In this transition from traditional to digital, the pace of change has never been greater. We need new business models, culture change, integration of new media skill sets and a reinvention of the industry for publishers and advertisers alike. Such change can only truly come about by bringing the best minds in and around traditional publishing businesses together and discussing the future.

But looking into once own best cases is not enough. At this INMA seminar we will show innovative cases from inside and outside the news media industry. Media owners and clients will show they embrace social media and share strategies for changing their business model and culture.

The new trends in the use of mobile divices and the global booming of social media are worth a closer look and will be discussed thoroughly.

Subjects include:

  • social media for marketing
  • digital sales and its analytics
  • search
  • creativity
  • mobile possibilities
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This seminar is organised with the support of NNI.

Guinness Storehouse

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