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When: Thursday 14 March 2013

Where: The seminar will take place at the Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport

Price: from €299

Who Should Attend: Advertising -, Research- and 'General Management' Executives from newsmedia companies looking to grow their advertising revenue in 2013.
Sharing Ideas. Inspiring Change. That's what INMA is all about. And with the 1 day - fly in, fly out - seminars "Ideas Days" we want to put our baseline into practise.

Don't expect 30-minute long Keynote speeches. Expect delegates presenting practical case studies and ideas in the short, renowned INMA Brainsnack Presentations®*.

It's newsmedia executives sharing information with other newsmedia executives.

This first "INMA Ideas Day"® will focus on advertising, in paper and digital. With a focus on 3 key issues: advertising sales, advertising research and creative advertising formats.
  • one-day seminar at easy to get to location: Brussels Airport
  • Fly in and out on the same day and limit your out-of-office time
  • No Hotel accommodation expense
  • really low registration fee
  • Fly in with 1 idea/case and fly out with 20
Want to join this unique INMA event at the Brussels Airport? Submit your registration and case now !
Delegates who present get a special registration rate. Submitted cases will be judged on their business value and - if approved by the organising committee - added to the programme.
Alternatively, you can register for the event without submitting/presenting a case.

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*Brainsnack Presentations (®INMA) are short, to-the-point, 7-minute presentations that force the speaker to focus on the core message she/he wants to bring across towards the audience. They are presented in quick succession and thus give participants lots of ideas in a short time frame.

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