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The INMA European Conference will be held on 26-28 September in The Hague, The Netherlands and will bring together a European audience to explore the best practices of newsmedia companies as they aim to grow audience, advertising, and brand across platforms in a rebounding and profoundly changed economy.

Resetting Your Portfolio
If you could start a newsmedia company from scratch, what would you do? How would you organise your company? How would you sell your content? How would you organize your resources? Who would you hire? How would you work? What tools would you use? What kind of infrastructure would you create?*

The INMA European Conference 2012 aimes to provide you with a view on what a newsmedia company in 2015 will look like. "Transformation" has been the buzz word at industry conferences for a few years now. Your company is probably in the middle of it right now. Let's raise the bar.

Keynote and Brainsnack Presentations
As with previous editions of the INMA European Conference there will be keynote speakers and Brainsnack Presentations.

A Brainsnack Session exists of several short presentations (each just 7 minutes) immediately after each other with Q&A and debate afterwards. This is a very successful way of presenting cases both for the speakers and the audience. It forces the speaker to be to-the-point and keeps the audience very focused throughout the presentation. INMA has used these sessions at several conferences over the last 2 years, including the 2011 World Congress and it has becomes one of the favorite sessions of delegates at all INMA conferences.

Have an interesting case you'd like to present at the INMA European Conference? We might have an extra slot in one of the «Brainsnack sessions». Contact Inge Van Gaal (be sure to include a brief description of the case).

The INMA European Conference is an interactive experience. Delegates participate in our "INMAec" Twitter feed, SMS questions, interact with speakers during and after sessions, and occasionally group exercises. Our chairman and facilitator will lead the way.

*Interesting read on resetting your company by Thomas Baekdal can be found here.

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