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The INMA Audience Summit October 4-5 in Chicago will focus on providing tools you need in order to survive, thrive and succeed in today's environment.

Under the theme "Innovation to Grow Audience," you will hear how organizations outside our industry innovate and foster creativity. As well as learn first-hand how successful news organizations have overcome the cultural divide to win the battles while attempting to win the war. You will also discover how the importance of loyalty can grow brand image along with the bottom-line.

Key topics INMA will cover:

  • Innovation from outside and within the industry.
  • Overcoming the cultural divide.
  • Using loyalty to enhance brand image and bottom-line.
  • Gamification and how it can impact your organization.
  • Are metered models or pay walls the answer to our future survival?
The INMA Audience Summit promises to be a high-value and time-efficient event.

This seminar is presented as a package, yet day rates also are available.

Join us in Chicago!
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