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From mobile content to branding campaigns, INMA members are investing more and more in video as engagement numbers continue to rise. Video content is important on both the audience and advertising sides. While some news media companies create their own video content, others are partnering with video content creators to ease investment costs. Here is a compilation of how INMA members are using video to engage audiences, especially younger ones, on a variety of digital platforms. 

Dawn McMullan

— Dawn McMullan, INMA

Exclusive INMA material on “Video”

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VGTV reaches 200,000 young viewers with innovative platform

VGTV introduced its innovative youth-oriented platform, VG News, before COVID-19 was even a concern. When demand for news increased, VG News was ready and available on platforms like Snapchat and Google Home.

23 June 2020

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How South China Morning Post’s video team stays agile, covers COVID-19 working from home

The South China Morning Post’s video team has met the challenges of COVID-19 head on. Here's how (plus a highly amusing video to brighten your day).

06 April 2020

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How COVID-19 turned a youth media start-up into a live broadcasting programme

When Danish schools went into lockdown, start-up Koncentrat went into action, creating a daily TV programme called Sofanews for seventh- to 10th-grade students.

14 June 2020

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Stuff’s celebrity Zoom interviews entertain audiences during pandemic lockdown

Three days after the idea was hatched, Stuff had a produced video via Zoom — of course — as the first installment of its “Inside My Bubble” video series. The interviews give viewers a look at how actors, athletes, scientists, and other celebrities are experiencing the pandemic. Here is how the feature came about.

13 April 2020

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Partnership with star basketball player helps Bay Area News Group lift retention, subscriptions

Klay Thompson’s pre-game newspaper reading ritual is the inspiration behind a multi-year campaign that has effectively engaged audiences, boosted Bay Area News Group’s education programming, and given subscriptions and retention a lift.

13 January 2020

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Yahoo’s “Inspiring Stories” content finds silver linings in surreal times

At a time when most of the news being reported was bleak, Yahoo Life rolled out an initiative to tell positive, uplifting stories.

25 June 2020

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How Amedia live-streamed 830 Norway Cup matches from a shipping container

Despite not having a background in broadcasting, Amedia took on the immense challenge of streaming 830 football matches in six days during the Norway Cup, the world’s biggest youth football tournament. Here’s how it went.

24 June 2020

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Dagbladet TV triples daily streams

As the popularity of Web TV has increased, Dagbladet TV changed its content strategy to increase its number of daily streams by focusing on breaking news, personalisation, and thinking in new ways.

14 June 2020

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Hearst rolls out 30-day brand awareness campaign during lockdown

In five Hearst Newspaper markets, a rebranding campaign that started in 2019 morphed into an expanded campaign after the United States went into lockdown. Here's how the campaign rolled out, including TV branding spots and a digital acquisition focus.

24 June 2020

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Vijay Karnataka’s VK Corona Guide creates COVID-19 awareness

The special tabloid addition covered a variety of coronavirus-related topics and was distributed to influential community members in advance. A total of 246 applicable advertisers were also involved.

31 May 2020

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Aftonbladet Swedish Heroes campaign inspires audiences, attracts ad sponsors

Aftonbladet's Swedish Heroes campaign celebrates everyday heroes and culminates in a gala that honours the winners on stage. Each commercial partner gets to choose a hero category of their own.

10 February 2020

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COVID-19 shutdown can’t stop coverage of annual Swedish celebration

Valborg in Uppsala in 2019 compared to 2020 shows a totally different city. Upsala Nya Tidning found a way to bring the annual event to life via video.

22 June 2020

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Vorarlberg LIVE found spontaneous success

While careful planning has its place, Vorarlberg LIVE was created without a plan during the pandemic and quickly became a success.

26 March 2023

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News24 documentary captures intensity of devastating Cape Town wildfires

News24’s documentary, titled Cape of Flames, looks back at the runaway mountain fires that ravaged cultural landmarks and artifacts in Cape Town in April 2021.

16 March 2023

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VG focuses on women’s health, launches vagina in 3D, reaches +1 million readers

The virtual journey inside the female reproductive system is accessible in six languages, and the feature on women’s health hit more than 1 million users

27 February 2023

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Newsday investigation of police misconduct brings deep engagement

Despite resistance from police departments, Newsday has been able to report in greater detail stories of neglect, assault, and abuse of power amongst police forces. The package had more than 24,000 unique visitors, with close to 50% of that traffic coming from the individual case studies.

12 February 2023

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Newsday finds an audience for its TV studio through push alerts, newsletters

Newsday’s state-of-the-art TV studio was producing fantastic content, but wasn’t getting the traffic it needed until the company made a shift in strategy. Now, videos have gone from getting under 1,000 views to regularly reaching 4,000 and occasionally 10,000.

29 January 2023

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Philadelphia Inquirer scores big with Gameday Central

Football is everything in Philadelphia. So the Inquirer created an engaging second-screen experience for its audience called Gameday Central.

15 January 2023

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To maximise its presence on TikTok, VG asks young users about their platform perceptions

VG is not trying to act the role of a youth on TikTok, but its insights about how young people view the publication and use the platform inform its strategy to reach youth with relevant content.

04 January 2023

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YouTube surfaces, supports new voices in news

YouTube provides many tools and information for news organisations and journalists creating content for the platform.

04 January 2023

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Jagran New Media, LinkedIn partnership endorses flexible work for women

The flexible work campaign inspired many organic stories across social media as women shared their experiences, fears, and inspiring anecdotes.

03 January 2023

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Ekstra Bladet Brand Stories shows life on the “good side” of the prison bars

To encourage interest in becoming a prison guard, Ekstra Bladet Brand Stories worked with Signifly to create a game that included six different realistic challenges characterising life in Danish prisons.

29 December 2022

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Straits Times sheds light on “invisibles” with comprehensive and powerful series

A tried-and-tested teaching strategy of providing information in many different styles became the basis of The Straits Times’ Invisible Asia series to catch its audience’s attention.

21 December 2022

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Reader acceptance of ad-supported video opens door for personalised content

Creating dynamic video ad content for local markets is becoming easier and faster every day.

13 December 2022

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Are Meta and the news industry done for good?

As Meta announces it’s ending its Instant Articles platform in April 2023, news publishers are wondering what their relationship with the Big Tech company will look like in the future. Here’s what happened in the past year — and why.

12 December 2022

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Step Up Your Business celebrates altruistic South African entrepreneurs

The Step Up Your Business campaign showcased five South African businesses that were not only doing well financially but were taking on a specific social or environmental issue.

27 November 2022

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Traditional media still lags behind in video content creation

According to the 2022 Reuters Digital News Report, many users prefer text over video. This may be because traditional media has not perfected video delivery.

21 November 2022

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Sydney Morning Herald, Age see 2500% increase in followers with TikTok strategy

To evolve, news organisations need to be where younger audiences are. Here is how journalists at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are embracing Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to reach this audience.

14 November 2022

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Show, don’t tell: Straits Times brings news to life with animation

The Straits Times leveraged the talent and experience of its art department to create popular, award-winning animations to help tell important stories.

30 October 2022

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Stuff documentary introduces New Zealand’s at-risk native plants and animals

The seven-part documentary series, This Is How It Ends, highlights the diverse nature and life that is under threat in New Zealand.

23 October 2022

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Graham Media Group engages audience through comments and community

Graham Media Group changed the traditional approach of broadcast television and began listening to its audience to nurture a one-on-one relationship. Now, it is engaging users and enjoying more growth and participation.

19 October 2022

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South China Morning Post attracts younger generations with cultural documentaries

Goldthread, a four-year-old video publication, tells meaningful human-centric stories to a global audience on social media platforms in the form of short documentaries like a series about China’s candy-making culture.

17 October 2022

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Today reaches youths with live Webinars on Instagram and TikTok

Today held four live Webinars toward the end of 2021. Panelists and journalists discussed findings from the Today Youth Survey on racism, attitudes on LGBTQ issues, COVID-19 and mental health, and redefining success and priorities.

10 October 2022

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Mediahuis finds a unique way to tell readers they matter

The video for the Mediahuis campaign used humour to drive home the importance of staying informed.

03 October 2022

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Today leverages TikTok to boost news consumption

While TikTok is widely known for its light-hearted content, Singapore’s Today has been able to use it to boost interest in news content and has seen massive growth in just one year.

26 September 2022

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Multichannel travel, tourism ad campaigns highlight local destinations at Jersey's Best

This is New Jersey is a multichannel advertising initiative that captures the beautiful essence of broader regions in New Jersey in partnership with travel and tourism clients.

19 September 2022

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How a simple idea turned into successful video platform

INMA Presentation File

13 September 2022

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Newsday used graphics, video, and a 6-foot dog to gain digital subscribers

In a bid to increase subscribers, monetise video, and reach younger, diverse audiences, Newsday is using its digital platforms in new ways.

06 September 2022

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Irish Times Group puts innovation at the heart of its breaking news app relaunch

The app relaunch became a test environment for new products and opportunities for The Irish Times Group.

06 September 2022

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Stuff investigation uncovered connections to the persecution of Uyghurs in China

Stuff went inside the genocide of the Uyghurs population in Xinjiang, China, and discovered disturbing connections between New Zealand businesses and a Chinese company that played a leading role in the human rights violations.

05 September 2022

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VG produces a 3D map of a burnt-out apartment in Ukraine with an iPhone

Using a lidar, an on-site VG reporter was able to document the extensive damage caused by Russia in Bucha, Ukraine.

29 August 2022

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4 news media companies in India share their stories of digital transformation

Top executives from India’s HT Media, The Morning Context, APB Network, and TV Today explain how their companies are growing digitally and why video content is important.

11 August 2022

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Vía País changes its Google Web Stories strategy

Initial results from the Google Web Stories initiative indicates users are visiting both new and evergreen content, and they often consume content that is less than eight slides long.

02 August 2022

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Deutsche Welle found new ways to present climate journalism to new audience

Deutsche Welle discovered it had to change its approach to climate journalism when it wanted to appeal to a Southeast Asian target market.

21 July 2022

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Today grows young audience with TikTok strategy

Today of Singapore is growing its younger reader base by sharing journalism via TikTok. Here are five reasons media companies should invest in the platform.

17 July 2022

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Funke’s TikTok channel attracts Gen Z audience with political news

Funke’s TikTok channel has allowed it to build a following with Gen Z by creating video content about their political interests.

11 July 2022

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SCMP’s character-driven video narratives showcase Asian voices

Video is both an important supplement and a standalone vehicle for the South China Morning Post’s journalism.

11 July 2022

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Amar Ujala adds filmmaking competition to celebrate love for the Hindi language

Amar Ujala added a Short Film competition to its Hindi Hain Hum campaign.

04 July 2022

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Kleine Zeitung taps TV market to reach young audiences

Was geht?, created by Kleine Zeitung’s youth-focused brand, Futter, features two hosts discussing and explaining a topic that is making headlines. The 15-minute episodes air weekly.

28 June 2022

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To leverage XR benefits, news publishers must be ready to adopt new tech

Media publishers can leverage many tools to create immersive content experiments, but the first step is just to get going. Experts shared advice on using XR in the newsroom during the XR Master Class in Taiwan.

26 June 2022

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Bloomberg Línea shares creative, cost-effective ways to tell stories on TikTok

The technological platform evolved from being a simple entertainment tool for young people to a valuable ally for media outlets to reach a broader audience. And media companies in Latin America are taking full advantage of its opportunities.

16 June 2022

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4 ways Winnipeg Free Press makes Instagram easier

For those companies without dedicated social media teams, Instagram can feel overwhelming. Here are four things The Winnipeg Free Press does that can help.

30 May 2022

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La Nación uses social media to go viral with elections

With the pandemic making it impossible to cover elections the way it had done in the past, La Nación turned to social media for coverage.

23 May 2022

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USA Today brand highlights value of simple, personality-focused videos

These short, practical videos are hosted by engaging people and part of USA Today’s Reviewed brand.

16 May 2022

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Creating value with bundling at Globo

INMA Presentation File

12 May 2022

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Società Athesis launches innovative sustainability initiative

Società Athesis’ Agenda Sostenibilità (Agenda Sustainability) is a multi-year initiative aimed at raising awareness of sustainability issues among readers in Verona, Vicenza, and Brescia.

01 May 2022

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Content configuration will handicap certain videos into looking like winners

INMA Smart Data Initiative Lead Ariane Bernard explains how tricky it is to measure video engagement with common analytics tools.

26 April 2022

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MediaNews Group's video strategy for publishers

INMA Presentation File

20 April 2022

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Media companies must put facts into perspective for well-rounded war coverage

When using video from external sources, newsrooms must prioritise relevant and truthful reporting. South China Morning Post clearly identifies the source in all video it shares with audiences, keeping transparency a top priority.

04 April 2022

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Media companies need instream and outstream videos for ad monetisation

INMA Advertising Initiative Lead Mark Challinor explains the difference between instream video and outstream video, plus their pros and cons for news media companies.

30 March 2022

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VG pins verified videos in interactive map of Ukraine

News publishers are responsible for sharing facts and filtering out fake news. As such, the VG editorial team has increased its capacity to identify fake videos coming out of the war in Ukraine.

21 March 2022

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Russmedia goes from video idea to profitable daily livestream in 2 months

From an idea at a management retreat in September of 2020 to low-tech election coverage and then a live streaming event, Russmedia birthed a video platform concept that soon reached 70% of the region.

02 March 2022

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How a simple idea turned into a successful video platform

INMA Presentation File

02 March 2022

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What news publishers can learn from video streaming leaders

INMA Presentation File

01 February 2022

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VR expert shares tricks in storytelling for the medium

TARGO executive presents her team’s Extended Reality/VR documentaries and how they are created in a master class for INMA members.

17 January 2022

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VG uses video billboards to keep its content top of mind

VG’s partnership with JcDecaux places the media company’s content on huge screens across Norway.

10 January 2022

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SCMP’s climate coverage drives awareness with authenticity, insight through video

SCMP approaches climate change stories with a focus on video storytelling, showing how people contend with its effects.

03 January 2022

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USA Today Network Ventures Events, Humankind create audience-driven awards show

The partnership was ideal because Ventures could produce a great awards show, and Humankind had a successful content formula and a built-in audience excited to share good news.

20 December 2021

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Joongang Ilbo’s Listen for a Smart Life brand scores with Millennial women

As part of its all-encompassing approach, Listen for a Smart Life shared Action Challenges on social media. In 2020, this and related campaigns reached more than 23 million listeners through audio and had 6.3 million video views.

15 December 2021

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Calgary Herald finds engagement success with photographer-led video initiative

Photographer Mike Drew’s imagery takes readers on weekly outdoor adventures and attracts visitors to Calgary Herald’s digital platforms.

12 December 2021

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Jagran New Media helps advertiser introduce farmers to new technology

The six-month “Aloo Ke Ustaad” campaign intended to position Mahindra XP Plus as superior technology, address farmers’ concerns, and encourage audience members to make buying decisions based on new, learned information.

06 December 2021

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Rheinische Post finds new following with TikTok

When TikTok opened up its #lernenmitTikTok (Learning with TikTok) initiative to media companies, Rheinische Post used the opportunity to dispel fake news while finding a new audience.

15 November 2021

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Stuff takes on climate change with One Hot Minute podcast, video series

The One Hot Minute podcast, paired with a 60-second video series, was created to engage listeners who might not normally be interested in the topic of climate change.

13 September 2021

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Jagran New Media advertiser capitalises on Olympics with campaign video

Hamdard Safi saluted the spirit of athletes who have challenged, shaped, and smashed the status quo with its “sacchai andar to achhai bahar” campaign video.

09 September 2021

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USA Today Ventures successfully moved two profitable events into a virtual space

The High School Sports Awards honours athletes throughout the United States while the American Influencer Awards celebrates social media influencers. They are two of USA Today Network Ventures’ highest-profile events. Here’s how they looked virtually.

23 August 2021

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Deeper storytelling boosts Newsday’s social media engagement

By looking at what was performing best in terms of engagement, Newsday was able to shift its strategy and deepen connections with readers.

09 August 2021

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Schibsted Partnerstudio creates playful video campaign for Nordic retail giant

When Norway went into a lockdown during the pandemic, Schibsted created a fun video campaign to show how to enjoy Biltema products.

27 July 2021

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JoongAng Ilbo targets young female readers with YouTube channel

South Korean media company JoongAng Ilbo saw a need in its market: YouTube content that targets Millennial and Gen Z female audiences. Its “Listen for a Smart Life” content does just that.

19 July 2021

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Infobae mini-documentaries showcase those hit hardest by the pandemic

Infobae’s documentary showed the need of the region’s poorest populations and how they were affected by the pandemic, resulting in help coming from the state and local residents who wanted to help.

12 July 2021

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TTELA documentary delivers the sights, sounds of local journalism

TTELA Documentary provides its audience with a full multimedia experience, including articles linking to a podcast, videos, and social media.

01 July 2021

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The Quint shares how it uses video storytelling to drive engagement and revenue

The Quint in India has a thriving video content strategy, which drives not only audience viewership and engagement, but also monetisation via branded content.

17 June 2021

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User-generated content supports South China Morning Post’s hard news production

User-generated content offers news media access to video footage they would not otherwise be able to secure.

14 June 2021

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Daily Maverick Webinars generate revenue, boost audience engagement

The Daily Maverick Webinars have enjoyed high levels of engagement during live discussions, audience feedback, and through the views and reads of the post-Webinar recordings and articles.

10 June 2021

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NBC streams holiday shopping event from pandemic-safe sets

“Peacock Presents: Holiday Steals & Deals with Jill Martin” brought Today’s “Steals & Deals” shoppable segments to a streaming environment for the first time during the pandemic.

07 June 2021

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Blick shares 6 ways to reach Gen Z with news (hint: Instagram)

Generation Z prefers content that is presented in a short, simple, and entertaining way — mostly on social media (predominantly Instagram).

06 June 2021

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24sata partners with miss7 brand on #Pinkypromiss native ad campaign

The #Pinkypromiss native advertising campaign enables two girlfriends to support each other in fighting breast cancer by setting up personalised motivational e-mail reminders that encourage each to do a self-check every month.

02 June 2021

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Ekstra Bladet turns its Web site into a home cinema during lockdown

Ekstra Bladet paired with HBO Nordic to provide a unique premiere of the new series, Beartown. The one-week native advertising campaign reached more than two million Danes.

31 May 2021

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Times of India campaign encourages women’s representation in politics

Times of India’s “Aadhe Hum, Aadha Humara” campaign highlighted the need for women to be represented in the state assemblies so issues about women would receive attention and their experiences would balance overall law and policy-making in the state.

26 May 2021

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SCMP campaign promotes post-lockdown domestic tourism in Hong Kong

The Holiday at Home campaign encouraged Hongkongers to become “tourists” in the city after the easing of social-distancing restrictions.

17 May 2021

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Danish Broadcasting Corporation inspired by 1997 video for a 2020 production

The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen is often perceived by young people as a boring, uninteresting place. Danish Broadcasting Corporation set out to prove they were wrong.

17 May 2021

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VGTV’s cabin reality show creates subscription boom

The first attempt to put an entertainment show behind a paywall was one of the greatest successes in VG+ history.

03 May 2021

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Clarín Immersion documentary takes readers inside the journalism process

Clarín took its audience behind the scenes to follow a group of journalists for five days in the production of five different stories with its innovative documentary, Clarín Inmersion.

02 May 2021

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Advance Local’s People of Alabama brand transitions video storytelling series in 2020

Using video reenactments, “All Y’all” shared the backstories of interesting southerners, then expanded to record two strangers talking on a bench. During the pandemic, though, the shows continued virtually.

25 April 2021

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Video production is in every reporter’s toolbox in this small newsroom

Gjesdalbuen, one of Amedia’s smallest newspapers, is at the forefront of the corporation’s push for more news video, led by KPIs, newsroom innovation, and a mobile-only workflow.

01 April 2021

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VOL.AT finds new audience with live TV news show

VOL.AT expanded its audience by adding live TV-style interviews and events coverage during the pandemic. Now, it is also producing shows for customers, growing audiences along the way.

14 March 2021

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Reaction TV captures Dagbladet TV’s young viewers

The reaction TV programme “Non Stop” has been a most successful venture for Dagbladet, which has also captured younger viewers by repurposing the content for Snapchat.

07 March 2021

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Mobile video aids news gathering at SCMP but doesn’t replace professional gear

Reporters for the South China Morning Post use mobile video for on-the-ground reporting and breaking news, but the video team still relies on traditional broadcast-standard or DSLR-type cameras for the vast majority of coverage.

02 March 2021

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Q&A: NYT’s director of opinion video speaks about misinformation and social media influence

The New York Time’s Adam Ellick explains how social media has evolved during his career as a documentary filmmaker.

18 January 2021

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SCMP video documentary series explores the evolution, emotional depth of Hong Kong protests

With thousands of hours of footage, the South China Morning Post was in a prime position to create a full-length documentary about Hong Kong’s recent protests.

21 December 2020

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Advance Local reinvents town hall meetings during pandemic via Facebook Live

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented face-to-face town hall meetings, created live social media events in a series called Reopening Alabama.

07 December 2020

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Punch grows video promotion 42% in 1 year, increases Millennial audience

In Nigeria’s competitive media environment, legacy news companies must dominate to keep their audiences as they work toward their digital transformation. Growing a younger audience — with content like video — is key.

19 November 2020

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HLN’s live video stream attracts 60 million starts in 6 months, the largest news platform of Belgium, launched HLN LIVE, a 24/7 video Web stream, six months ago. Both the site and app have grown quickly.

16 November 2020

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Irish Times video + print campaign drives success for Land Rover

The Irish Times’ campaign for Land Rover helped the premium automaker reposition its messaging and drive prospects into the showroom.

12 November 2020

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Le Devoir invites readers to pause for print

Le Devoir’s Pause Papier campaign directed readers’ interest back to printed versions of the newspaper.

03 November 2020

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SCMP reaches 1 million YouTube subscribers 6 months ahead of goal

Investing in its video team has paid off for the South China Morning Post, which achieved its goal of 1 million YouTube subscribers six months early.

02 November 2020

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Grupo RBS video series makes investment approachable, engaging

The Grupo RBS campaign took an innovative approach to teaching viewers about Warren, a digital investment platform that delivers portfolios in a new, transparent way.

19 October 2020

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Times of India increases audience with a female-focused campaign for change

The Times of India struck a chord with its campaign focused on women during Durga Puja, one of the country's largest festivals, by creating an emotional video about how women had been excluded in years past. In addition, TOI saw an astounding jump of 22% in female readership.

12 October 2020

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Newsday showcases power of video with housing discrimination investigation

Newsday’s Long Island Divided investigative piece included 240 hours of undercover video recorded by 25 testers of various races to show how they were treated by 93 local real estate agents. Understanding that readers learn differently, the team gave audience as many options as possible to engage with the project.

06 October 2020

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Times of India celebrates the power of #NewspaperMornings

The Times of India #NewspaperMornings campaign was created to remind readers of the unique relationship they share with their morning newspaper.

28 September 2020

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Amedia closes the gap on live graphic production despite 1,550-kilometre distance

Amedia’s live graphic production requires a cross-country team, but viewers reap the benefits to enjoy coverage of Norway’s women’s premiere league football.

21 September 2020

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Sunday Mid-day’s feel-good campaign helps Mumbai wind down

Embracing the essential idea of a Sunday — the day you’re allowed to do what you wish — Sunday Mid-day addresses a variety of people and their interests through its articles.

14 September 2020

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How Evening Standard grew its YouTube audience to 100,000 subscribers in 10 months

The Evening Standard built thematic playlists, worked with the YouTube algorithm, and focused on subscribers to reach its YouTube audience goals for 2020.

07 September 2020

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Times of India’s Out & Proud classified campaign inspires LGBTQ inclusion

Despite recent legal acceptance, the LGBTQ community is still marginalised in India. The Times Out & Proud classified campaign sought to foster acceptance, inclusion, and understanding by honouring the milestones of everyone’s life.

07 September 2020

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VG reaches young, female audience with news explainer videos on Snapchat

VG Rampelys is intended to inform, educate, and entertain a young audience, particularly teenaged girls. Here are five lessons learned since its May launch.

24 August 2020

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Infobae video series spotlights femicide with focus on boxer Carlos Monzón

Infobae's documentary on Carlos Monzón looked at every aspect of the complicated life of the boxer and convicted murderer in an effort to highlight the greater issue of gender violence.

30 July 2020

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SPH reaches senior audience with livestream learning programmes during lockdown

Chinese Media Group launched a new live streaming programme called Come 'n Live to reach senior citizens who are homebound during COVID-19 and unable to attend in-person classes.

20 July 2020

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How 4 news media companies are using Webinars to create audience habits

Incorporating Webinars into their content offerings is a great way for news media companies to diversify their businesses and help audiences form habits involving content. Here’s how De Standaard, The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Economist are doing that right now.

12 July 2020

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Mumbai Mirror print, video initiative looks back to help city build future

To celebrate where Mumbai has been and look to what it could be in the future, Mumbai Mirror relied upon well-respected octogenarians and an innovative approach to its front page.

28 June 2020

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KMTV creates mobile community with interactive app

The KMTV mobile app allows users to upload digital posts containing videos, photos, audio files, and GPS locations to KMTV’s private cloud dashboard.

04 June 2020

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Video killed the radio star (but could save newspapers)

INMA Presentation File

22 May 2020

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Readers-First: How to use video and audio to drive subscriptions

INMA Presentation File

20 May 2020

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How we help Poles to stay at home and not go crazy

INMA Presentation File

19 May 2020

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GP loves Gothenburg

INMA Presentation File

19 May 2020

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Clarín Brand Studio focuses on data-driven content for advertisers

Clarín launched its brand studio in 2018 to deliver data-driven insights and content for advertisers. Deep analysis of audience interests, behaviours, and purchasing habits lead to highly effective campaigns, as demonstrated a recent partnership with client Farmacity.

16 December 2019

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24sata campaign remembers, searches for 1,922 people missing after the war

Twenty-five years after the Croatian Homeland War, there were still 1,922 people missing. A moving campaign by 24sata shared the forgotten stories of each missing person to spread awareness and reinvigorate efforts to find them.

10 December 2019

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Mobile media: The consumer evolution

INMA Presentation File

22 November 2019

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Build your brand with Facebook Video

INMA Presentation File

18 November 2019

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Live streaming 3,000 matches to 63 local newspapers in 2018

INMA Presentation File

24 September 2019

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How to win with video: Player technology

In choosing a video player, it is key for audience experience and advertiser revenue that it be built with HTML5 and have a responsive design.

26 August 2019

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How to win with video: Content matters

People spend more time on Web pages with videos, and videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images, making video a compelling part of a publishing strategy.

21 July 2019

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Revenue opportunities await with rise of OTT media, second prime time

Though over-the-top video content continues to increase in popularity, it has some drawbacks for advertisers. News brands can help with that.

09 May 2019

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Live streaming, unknown video ad placements threaten brand safety, open door for publishers

Platforms like YouTube don’t have stopgaps in place to ensure brand safety for advertisers, and alternatives are popping up to offer peace of mind. Condé Nast has started its own video content channel, charging a premium for this safe zone.

25 April 2019

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Research: How video increases ad revenue, audience engagement

Research shows visitors spend 2.6 times more time on pages with video. That’s good for news media advertisers and digital subscription prospects.

12 February 2019

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5 video trends to watch in 2019

2018 video trends indicate that, in 2019, brand safety will remain a concern, video advertising will continue to grow, and publishers will increasingly focus on creating content that relies less on tech platforms like Facebook.

27 December 2018

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5 video trends from 2018

In 2018, digital video continued to grow with audiences and advertisers, and mobile capabilities remained essential. But brand safety will be a concern moving into 2019.

20 November 2018

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4 traits of successful digital sports publishers

In an online space where sports coverage can exist in a silo, publishers need to focus on the overall user experience and quality content to attract and engage readers and viewers.

28 October 2018

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How AI can enhance the newsroom

Contrary to common belief, Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom helps streamline workflows and allows staff to focus on more important tasks.

26 July 2018

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