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Being trusted has always been a goal of news media publishers. In 2021, it is vital. Advertisers rely on a trusted brand to share their trusted brands. Audiences rely on a trusted brand to be educated on their community and their world, perhaps in 2020 more than ever before. As reader revenue grows in its role as the business model for news media companies, trust becomes inextricably tied to the industry's digital subscriptions goals. What did former president U.S. Donald Trump and his peers worldwide do to tear this trust down? What did the pandemic do to raise it up? Sally Lehrman, founder of The Trust Project, sums up the importance of trust in news: “The global pandemic has awakened more people to the value of accurate news and their own role in choosing it. The news industry must connect even more deeply to the principles of social responsibility at journalism’s heart and become the people’s trusted, responsible, and responsive ally. We must do so not just for philosophical reasons, but for our very survival.” Case studies and research from INMA members shed light on how the industry can do better toward the somewhat vague, absolutely necessary idea of trust.


Dawn McMullan

— Dawn McMullan, INMA

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New INMA report delves into how news media can rebuild trust

Trust and subscription revenue are inextricably connected — and trust is headed in the wrong direction for news media companies around the world. Sally Lehrman, founder of The Trust Project, is the author of INMA's latest report, which shares research and case studies focused on restoring that trust.

21 January 2021

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SCMP fights fake news, misformation with trust

SCMP joined The Trust Project to ensure the journalism ethics it had practiced for years were transparent to readers.

01 February 2021

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The Truth Is Local

“The Truth Is Local” underscored The New York Times’s commitment to New York and local reporting, showing New Yorkers that Times journalism in the city is valuable to them and worth supporting. The campaign looked to drive buzz, increase brand perceptions across several attributes as well as purchase ...

01 March 2020

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Research shows added value of advertising in trusted news media

New research from DVJ Insights for Dutch publisher NRC Media finds a reliable news brand creates more positive associations for the advertising brand.

02 November 2020

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Breonna Taylor newsletter is one facet of Courier Journal’s response to racial justice protests

Louisville’s local news media has created specific landing pages, a special newsletter, and ongoing coverage so people can follow news about the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

05 October 2020

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MediaNews Group increases trust through editorial transparency

After joining The Trust Project, MediaNews Group looked at how to show readers that its newspapers provided trustworthy information.

08 February 2021

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Lockdown 4.0 and the fight against fake news in India

India has been on lockdown since March 24. Most of the country’s news media companies and their audiences were enmeshed in print pre-pandemic. The quick pivot to digital brought with it the downside of fake news sharing. On the fourth extension of the lockdown, here’s how the media and social media industries are tackling the problem.

02 June 2020

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5 ways to add trust to content while covering COVID-19

While covering COVID-19, use these research-proven trust techniques — from transparent reporting to solutions journalism.

23 March 2020

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El Comercio tackles false news with focus on trust

At a recent INMA members-only Webinar, Jaime Bedoya, head of qualified content at El Comercio, outlined how his company strengthened trust among readers and made the content generation processes visible.

31 January 2021

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Research: Two-thirds of UK appreciate journalism more since pandemic

Trust and quality underpin news content’s importance, according to recent research by Newsworks. The study found, among other things, that 70% of people younger than 35 check trusted news sources all day long.

08 February 2021

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ViaPaís applies fact-checking tactics to the breaking news model

ViaPaís uses training learned through Chequeado to identify misinformation. This is how the publisher incorporated fact-checking into its breaking news systems.

01 December 2020

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Research demonstrates power of trust in context with advertising

Supported by an AdTrust study, NewsMediaWorks has shaped its ad sales efforts around the correlation between trust in editorial content and trust in advertising — highlighting that purchase intent increases when ads appear in a trusted context.

22 July 2019

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Times of India vaccinates employees to earn trust during pandemic

When readers began cancelling subscriptions because of concerns about COVID-19, The Times of India launched a campaign to vaccinate its delivery personnel.

20 September 2022

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5-point checklist can help readers trust your advertiser’s brand

Branded content — when done well and when trusted — is important for media revenue. Here is a five-part checklist to help that happen.

18 September 2022

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Putting the audience, data first can help media overcome news avoidance

Media companies should foster an audience-first, data-informed growth strategy to overcome news avoidance and build thriving communities.

08 September 2022

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Trusted branded content is a revenue win for media companies, advertisers

Branded content — when done well and when trusted — is important for media revenue. Here is a five-part checklist to help that happen.

07 September 2022

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Is there a trust crisis outside of U.S. media?

Trust is critical, but maybe the crisis is overblown outside of the United States. News of such a crisis in other parts of the world seems to be exaggerated, according to Stuff Editor-in-Chief Patrick Crewdson.

22 August 2022

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Nielsen data shows Indian media consumer trust print, are digitally connected

The managing director of Nielsen Media in India shares data about the Indian media consumer: Every second resident is on the Internet, young readers get their news from social media, and many of those age 36 and up get their news from a newspaper.

14 August 2022

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Is news of a crisis of trust in media exaggerated?

Yes, it seems there is a trust crisis in the United States. But news of such a crisis in other parts of the world seems to be exaggerated. Plus, a look at lessons in the Axios acquisition.

11 August 2022

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Encourage users to give up their data by improving trust, value exchange

Giving users opportunities to interact on your Web site site in return for their data encourages them to become registered, known users. It starts with trust.

24 July 2022

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Decoding Gen Z: Axel Springer shares changes needed to reach young readers

Bente Zerrahn, innovation catalyst at Axel Springer, explained what Gen Z wants (and how it thinks) during an INMA Webinar on Wednesday. Bottom line: They want news they can trust, delivered to them via Instagram or TikTok, and explained in a way they can understand it.

13 July 2022

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Maharashtra Times asks readers what they really want

During COVID-19, newspaper delivery in India was severely impacted, which affected Maharashtra Times’ circulation. The company launched a simple but effective campaign to rebuild reader confidence and boost retention.

11 July 2022

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Research shows younger users create a shift in news consumption

During Wednesday’s INMA members-only Webinar, Kirsten Eddy, co-author of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2022, presented some of the findings from the annual report.

06 July 2022

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Reuters Institute report shares hard truths about reader trust

The 2022 Digital News report from the Reuters Institute at Oxford shares quite a few sobering facts, including: The median number of subscriptions per reader is one and trust in media is back to pre-pandemic levels.

26 June 2022

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Research shows trust in media is falling

INMA Newsroom Initiative Lead Peter Bale discusses new research in New Zealand and worldwide that shows trust in news is dropping.

14 April 2022

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Lessons from the front lines of newsroom change

INMA Newsroom Initiative Lead Peter Bale discusses mistakes made by newsroom leaders — and advice on what they would’ve done differently — and new research that shows trust in news is dropping.

13 April 2022

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Disruption requires media companies rethink engagement strategies

Disruptions to the news media industry are opportunities to reexamine and reframe strategies, executives from Axate, Scroll, Substack, The Trust Project, and said during the recent INMA Putting Newsrooms into the News Business master class.

06 April 2022

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Media companies must put facts into perspective for well-rounded war coverage

When using video from external sources, newsrooms must prioritise relevant and truthful reporting. South China Morning Post clearly identifies the source in all video it shares with audiences, keeping transparency a top priority.

04 April 2022

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War in Ukraine is déjà vu with block list advertising issues

INMA Advertising Initiative Lead Mark Challinor details how the block list issues COVID brought about are being mirrored by the invasion of Ukraine, removing important revenue from news media companies in the name of brand safety.

15 March 2022

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Creating high-value journalism readers trust is key to reader revenue model

INMA Newsroom Initiative Lead Peter Bale details how trusted journalism is centre to the news media business model of reader revenue.

07 March 2022

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News UK COO shares thoughts on role of news media during the pandemic

David Dinsmore, COO of News UK, spoke to INMA members in a Webinar about the role his company’s journalism played during the pandemic and what the changes mean for the future of the news industry.

26 January 2022

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New Zealand Herald increases engagement with trust campaign

The New Zealand Herald’s Headspace campaign yielded good results: Among users ages 18-29, readership increased by 51%, and engagement went up eight minutes over the previous year.

18 January 2022

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WSJ puts trust at the forefront of new brand platform

The Wall Street Journal’s strategic inception point for the campaign was looking at how it could maximise relevancy where the three Cs — communities, context, and content — overlapped.

04 October 2021

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Research: Politically conservative U.S. readers feel stereotypically portrayed in the news

Newsrooms should include a variety of voices, hire people with a variety of political beliefs, and focus on story facts over interpretation to bridge the gap with right-leaning Americans.

23 September 2021

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Media companies need to better educate advertisers and agencies on the power of print

Ulbe Jelluma, managing director in Europe for Print Power, shared his thoughts during an INMA-members only Webinar about what advertisers and marketers need to know about print advertising.

25 August 2021

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SCMP campaign reinforces brand integrity with a journalism-focused campaign

The “Your Hong Kong, Your SCMP” helped South China Morning Post remind local audiences of the value of quality journalism.

16 August 2021

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VíaPaís focuses on reader trust as national election approaches

Partnering with other media, ongoing training, and learning from the experiences of other newsrooms are the keys for facing the main political event of the year and strengthening reader commitment.

04 August 2021

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INMA gets a deep look at the 2021 Digital News Report from Reuters Institute

An exclusive Webinar for INMA members with Nic Newman of Reuters Institute took a deep look into the 2021 Digital News Report and analysed what those trends mean for news publishers.

21 July 2021

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Editorial and product teams must work together to acquire, retain subscribers

News teams that drive content have the closest relationship with subscribers and the biggest impact on their day-to-day experience. Their partnership with product teams is crucial to reader revenue models.

07 June 2021

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Hearst campaign across 5 metro titles rebuilds trust during pandemic

As concerns about the pandemic escalated, Hearst Newspapers launched a campaign to establish itself as a source of ongoing pandemic information as well as of inspiration, with stories of bravery, compassion, and resilience.

03 May 2021

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Helsingin Sanomat asks readers to “Read Between the Lies”

Helsingin Sanomat used its “Read Between the Lies” campaign to provide a tangible reminder of the value of free press.

11 April 2021

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The trustworthiness of news organisations begins with a Google search

Research shows the description of a news outlet in search results is a powerful signal of that news outlet’s trustworthiness. What does yours say?

07 April 2021

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3 news media companies stand up for truth and journalism

Leaders from Rappler, Financial Times, and Folha de S.Paulo share how they are fighting the battle against facts while standing up for journalism and democracy.

30 March 2021

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LNP|LancasterOnline builds trust, engages new audiences with breaking news reporters

When LNP|LancasterOnline added dedicated breaking news reporters to its staff, it was able to cover breaking news more immediately and often beat out television stations with breaking news coverage.

08 March 2021

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El Comercio reinforces trust to regain reader confidence

El Comercio joined with The Trust Project in 2019 to combat growing challenges with fake news and declining levels of audience confidence.

04 March 2021

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4 strategies news media organisations can use to build audience trust

In an INMA members-only Webinar, The Trust Project presented research on the public's trust levels in news media, as well as strategies news media organisations can employ to build audience trust.

24 February 2021

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WSJ grows reader trust through news literacy programming

The need for trustworthy information is needed more now than ever. The Wall Street Journal delivers with news literacy information for new readers.

22 February 2021

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Il Sole 24 Ore strengthens its platform of trust

Trust has always been one of the strengths of Il Sole 24 Ore, but a partnership with The Trust Project reinforced that to readers.

15 February 2021

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Transparency and accuracy in content are pivotal for reader trust

News media must own up to mistakes. Doing so recognises responsibility and acknowledges the primary importance of credibility.

14 February 2021

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Norwegian media industry’s Mentor Programme supports women

Each year, 16 participants are chosen to participate in the Norwegian Mentorship Programme. News media companies can use the programme to change the culture of their organisations and follow-up statistics show they are.

06 August 2020

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Research: Audience participation, story explanation increase trust in TV news

Recent research suggests viewers appreciate receiving a clear explanation about why a story was reported and information on how to participate with the issue, but trust items like this should be brief.

04 August 2020

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SCMP new edition, campaign build meaningful news media brand in Asia

South China Morning Post's launch of its Asia Edition and “Asia Matters” brand campaign emphasised the need for a global perspective and the ability to view topics from different angles.

27 July 2020

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What 2021 looks like for news publishers

INMA wrapped up its Virtual World Congress on Thursday with a look at the uncertain year ahead. What do publisher moves during the 2020 pandemic look like in the rearview mirror, and what does that look moving forward? What ultimately will change after this disruptive period?

28 May 2020

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Vishvas News: The growing relevance of fact checking, tracking, containing fake news

INMA Presentation File

25 May 2020

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AFP’s verification operations: Global, digital, on the ground

INMA Presentation File

22 May 2020

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Advertisers use print to support communities, thank staff during pandemic

Governments and companies are using printed advertising to communicate essential information during the pandemic and to show appreciation for service.

18 May 2020

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Focus on values is essential for news media in trying times

The media is more important than ever, which is why news organisations need to execute their work with an eye on their core values.

12 May 2020

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3 findings shape how news publishers help readers navigate COVID “infodemic”

Reuters Institute outlines three recent findings about the reading habits, platform preferences, and education/political leanings of audiences reading pandemic news. Using this information, news media companies can remind readers of the value of journalism and help them navigate the pandemic.

06 May 2020

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The role of news in helping people navigate the COVID “infodemic”

INMA Presentation File

06 May 2020

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Research offers snapshot of trust, reading habits, Q2 advertising predictions

Research shows 48% of readers trust media, varying from 61% who trust traditional and 29% who trust social media. And readers in lockdown are spending more time with that media — an average of a full hour more since November 2019.

05 May 2020

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Trust, consumption patterns, time shifts, and 5G: Accelerations and shifts post-coronavirus

INMA Presentation File

05 May 2020

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Only the truth can change the world

Reinforcing an image of the most trustworthy brand. Building an emotional relations with the brand to increase user loyalty Increasing the time spent on the website. According to Reuters Institute, Onet is the first source of online information in Poland and an online medium enjoying the higest ...

01 March 2020

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Trust in media can be addressed with control, transparency, communication

Trust in media is currently faltering. But establishing newsroom controls, offering transparency to readers, and engaging in open communication can help rebuild that trust.

24 June 2019

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Trust, value alignment are key features of successful podcasts

Media companies like The Economist, Politico, and Wondery are adopting podcasts with an eye toward high-quality storytelling while diversifying revenue.

16 May 2019

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Storyful and the battle against disinformation

INMA Presentation File

15 May 2019

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