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Immersive Reality Storytelling

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Immersive reality — also known as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality — is here, INMA Product Initiative Lead Jodie Hopperton keeps telling us. What was once an interesting dog-and-pony tech show is now content news media readers are starting to expect. 

The metaverses (yes, there will be more than one!) are upon us and, as soon as next year, Hopperton predicts news media CEOs will be asking for a strategy to work within them.

INMA has been building a body of content on the topic for some time — the newest content, perhaps more than in most subjects, the more relevant. Jang Real of India created an AR cricket app back in 2019, while USA Today gamified social distancing with a similar app during the pandemic. 

This body of industry case studies will no doubt grow — quickly. We hope they are helpful as media companies develop new products in this fascianting and hopefully profitable space.

Dawn McMullan

— Dawn McMullan, INMA

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Tagesspiegel collaboration brings months-long investigation together in one scrolly

Inspired by a tweet by a U.S. journalist, Tagesspiegel began investigating the role of European gun manufacturers in U.S. school shootings. Then it turned to scrollytelling to share the massive amount of data.

08 July 2024

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SCMP provides data-based visual explanation of the Gaza-Israel conflict

SCMP provided a thorough, visual explanation of the Gaza-Israel conflict, beginning with an illustration depicting daily life in Gaza and providing data about everything from energy sources to Internet connectivity.

02 June 2024

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La Nación goes behind the scenes of a high-profile assassination attempt

After the attempted assassination of Argentina’s vice president, La Nación used evidence collected for the trial to go behind the scenes of the failed attack and tell the story using the WhatsApp messages of the assailants and footage from security cameras.

07 March 2024

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The Australian grows its audience with hit podcast

After its podcast The Teacher’s Pet brought attention to the cold case of a missing wife and mother, The Australian followed up with a second hit podcast, The Teacher’s Trial, which was downloaded more than 8 million times.

15 January 2024

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Newsrooms need to get with the programme: Here’s how

INMA Presentation File

07 November 2023

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Bergens Tidende invited readers to travel the world

To take readers on a journey around the world, Bergens Tidende created a detailed 3D visualisation of the Statsraad Lehmkuhl and used a 360-degree mast camera that was updated almost continuously during the expedition. The initiative won INMA’s highest award, “Best in Show,” at its Global Media Awards last week.

29 May 2023

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News publishers should expand revenue strategy beyond subscribers to casual readers

Churned and churning readers may be a news media company’s best way to grow. News publishers need to look beyond subscriptions to other reader revenue approaches that address the needs of more of the audience and a wider range of publications.

02 April 2023

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Stuff reconstructs 20,000 years of Earth’s changing temperature

Using data from climate models, estimates reconstructed from ice cores, and recorded observations, Stuff tracked Earth’s temperature back 22,000 years to visually display the rapid effects of man-made carbon emissions.

03 January 2023

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Straits Times sheds light on “invisibles” with comprehensive and powerful series

A tried-and-tested teaching strategy of providing information in many different styles became the basis of The Straits Times’ Invisible Asia series to catch its audience’s attention.

21 December 2022

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Media publishers can use Virtual Reality to more deeply engage audiences

Virtual Reality offers publishers new opportunities to engage audiences in a news story. A recent Extended Reality (XR) INMA master class in Taiwan, sponsored by Meta, shares how.

04 July 2022

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Successful Augmented Reality projects put journalism first

Henry Keyser, director of XR editorial at Yahoo, and Chao-Chen Lin, professor at National Taiwan University, discussed best practices in using AR in the newsroom during the recent INMA XR Master Class series sponsored by Meta.

19 June 2022

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It’s time for media companies to do more with immersive reality

INMA Product Initiative Lead Jodie Hopperton explains why news media companies need to do more with immersive reality.

14 June 2022

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As audiences create new tech habits, are media companies ready?

INMA Product Initiative Lead Jodie Hopperton continues her quest to stay ahead of the metaverse, this week looking at how audiences move between devices.

05 April 2022

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New INMA report explains why media must prepare for XR as mass adoption approaches

INMA’s latest strategic report, “The Opportunities and Blueprint of XR for Media,” sets the scene for what is coming while offering specific tools and technologies to get started.

24 March 2022

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An early look at what news may look like in the Metaverse

INMA Presentation File

23 March 2022

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Seven Days of 1961: A Dangerous Ride on the Road to Freedom

Our goal was to invite our readers to experience Hank Thomas’ journey as a freedom rider, as the bus he rode was attacked and set on fire by an angry mob in 1961. We created a timeline of events by leveraging historical photographs, maps and reporting as references to build an immersive story guided ...

01 March 2022

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USA TODAY: Augmented Reality Framework Redesign

When analyzing our engagement data, we noticed a significant drop in views between the augmented reality (AR) onboarding sequence and each interactive story. We performed a user testing study to identify the pain points throughout the entire user journey from the app’s front into the AR story. We discovered ...

01 March 2022

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Extended Reality offers media companies new revenue streams

Stephen Shaw, global business development director for Iconic Engine and an Immersive Extended Reality consultant, shared his thoughts on the commercial and editorial pull of XR for news media companies.

07 February 2022

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Gannett shares lessons learned for Augmented Reality success

Raymond Soto of Gannett/USA Today led INMA members through a master class that detailed his team's process and key learnings in creating successful, engaging Augmented Reality experiences.

31 January 2022

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Media leaders should focus on these 3 trends in 2022

The media landscape is changing quickly, but leaders need to keep their eye on burgeoning trends related to audiences and content, networks, and enabling technologies.

31 January 2022

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Newsrooms should prepare for Extended Reality journalism

In a master class for INMA members, an XR expert shares tips for what makes a great XR story and what newsrooms can do to prepare for Extended Reality storytelling.

24 January 2022

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VR expert shares tricks in storytelling for the medium

TARGO executive presents her team’s Extended Reality/VR documentaries and how they are created in a master class for INMA members.

17 January 2022

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Extended Reality expert shares tools, tech for media companies to get started

An INMA Master Class on how newsrooms can use Extended Reality (XR) dove into the tools and technologies journalists can use today to create immersive experiences without a hefty investment. A beginning point? 360-degree video.

10 January 2022

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Extended Reality (XR) offers newsrooms 3 key opportunities

In the first of a six-session Master Class on how newsrooms can use XR, Laura Hertzfeld, a storytelling innovation executive, shared her thoughts on why and how newsrooms should take the XR leap.

13 December 2021

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Are you prepared for media’s changing reality?

INMA Product Initiative Lead Jodie Hopperton tell us what Meta and XR mean for the news media industry.

23 November 2021

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4 ways Gannett uses technology to build immersive user experiences

Gannett shared with INMA members the various ways in which it uses technology such as Artificial Intelligence, voice technology, and Augmented Reality to create immersive user experiences.

29 September 2021

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Wearable mobile tech = revenue diversification opportunities for media

Developments in 3D, Augmented Reality, mobile video, and 5G are coming together to create new revenue opportunities for media companies.

20 April 2021

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New multi-media studio extends Newsday’s reach

Newsday launched its state-of-the-art TV studio on election night in the United States and recently opened a full multi-media facility that provides live and streamed events.

04 April 2021

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USA Today gamifies social distancing with AR app

USA Today created its “Flatten the Curve” Augmented Reality experience to help users learn good social distancing practices.

14 September 2020

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USA TODAY Launches Inaugural Season of The City Podcast

Our objectives: Surface this podcast to a national audience while ensuring that we were considering the integrity of the reporting at the center of the story. Immerse users in the story with innovative forms of storytelling, including audio and augmented reality. Drive listens of podcast episodes. In ...

01 March 2020

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Ledger Dispatch Augmented Reality Newspaper and App

We wanted to bridge the gap between the print and digital world. Allow our story tellers to link video and audio files to their coverage. Have our stories available in multiple languages. Link written stories to websites, phone, email, and even allow users to purchase tickets or shop online from the ...

01 March 2020

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Inside the Istana: An immersive guide to the President''s official residence

The prestigious project is a good branding opportunity for ST to showcase its transformation from a print product to a multimedia brand with the capability to deliver content in new formats, including immersive storytelling/augmented reality (AR). Rare views: Readers get to view rarely seen aspects ...

01 March 2020

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The Blind and the City

The communications objective consists of using journalistic tools and virtual reality to show users what blind people experience, and also to enable them to feel this first-hand as a way to acquire new knowledge about the world of the blind and inspire them to come up with new behavioural models when ...

01 March 2020

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5G, video, AR poised to lead media headlines in 2020

The technology and subscription sides of the media business have grown in tandem — a trend that will continue in 2020 and beyond.

30 December 2019

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Ledger Dispatch uses AR to boost ad revenue, bring print news to life

Ad revenue is up since Ledger Dispatch, a regional newspaper in California, added Augmented Reality to the print newspaper in 2018.

01 May 2019

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Jang Real cricket AR app connects print readers to digital content, brings in revenue

Launched in conjunction with the Pakistan Super League cricket event, the Jang Real app uses Augmented Reality to bridge the gap between print and digital sports content, bringing an interactive experience to readers of the print product.

06 January 2019

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