INMA Webinar: Google Initiatives to Support Better Advertising Standards

Event description

Google has announced several initiatives in support of the Better Ads Standard's efforts to improve online ads.

In early 2018, Chrome will filter ads on a publisher's site if the publisher has "significant violations" in displaying ads that do not meet ad quality standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads. Google is helping sites evaluate compliance of their ads with an Ad Experience Report.

Google also launched "Funding Choices," a messaging framework to publishers with compliant sites to offer users the option of turning off third-party ad blocking or paying a fee (revenues split between Google and the publisher) to have an ad-free experience.

In this INMA webinar publishers will learn:

  • How ad blocking is growing among desktop and mobile users.
  • Research that has identified egregious ad units that are driving consumers to implement ad blocking.
  • How publishers can clean up the digital ad experience by adhering to standards established by the Coalition for Better Ads.
  • How to assess your own sites, through Google's "ad experience" report, to see where your site stands and minimize the impact of Chrome filtering.
  • About Google's Funding Choices program to communicate with users to encourage them to turn off ad blockers or pay a fee for a high-quality content experience without ads.

Webinar highlights:

  • Date: Wednesday, January 24
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. New York time
  • Cost: Free for you as an INMA member
  • How: Send an e-mail to Krista Avedikian at

The Webinar is only available to INMA members.

Presentation by Jeff Buchan, global industry relations & strategic partnerships, and Kelsey LeBeau, product partnerships, Google

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24 January 2018


Mountain View, United States


This Webinar is only available to INMA members: