INMA Webinar: What We Learned About Media in Silicon Valley

Event description

INMA recently concluded a five-day study tour of Silicon Valley, visiting 20 companies across 16 stops. In this Webinar, hear directly from study tour leader Alan Mutter on key lessons learned, what Google and Facebook had to say about partnerships and fake news, and the latest in AI, video, personalisation, VR and AR, and other big trends from the Valley.

Webinar highlights:

  • Date: Wednesday, December 6
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. New York time
  • Cost: Free for you as an INMA member
  • How: Send an e-mail to Krista Avedikian

The Webinar is only available to INMA members.

Interview with Alan Mutter by INMA CEO Earl J. Wilkinson

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06 December 2017


San Francisco, United States


This Webinar is only available to INMA members: