2023 Finalist

This is how the attack against Cristina Kirchner was planned and carried out

La Nación

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Newsroom Development

Overview of this campaign

Our objective was to reflect the sequence of the attempted attack, from the planning to its execution. To show the complete sequence so that the audience could gauge the magnitude of the event. In addition, we considered that it was the best way to report it without bias: all the published content was extracted from the judicial case. It was also the result of a meticulous work of visualizing video material, since the cameras of different TV channels captured various moments and shots of what happened at the door of the vice president's building, when an intruder put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

Our objective was also to tell the event in such a way that the experience is vivid through various visual resources. The recreation of the WhatsApp conversations of the attackers or the exact route they took before and after the attack are examples of that impact that we seeked to achieve with development. Each instance of the story was narrated using data from the official investigation and with the most appropriate devices to reproduce each situation or scene.

Another purpose in the face of such a shocking episode was to generate an innovative proposal that would position LA NACION as the most prominent media in Argentina, which captured public attention for weeks. Although we have been publishing visual content since the first day of the attack, we made the decision to build a superior development to surprise the audience with a complete story, which gathers all the information that is still scattered through an attractive narrative and with the maximum rigor.


Results for this campaign

The results were highly satisfactory. The development was positioned as the most read content on the day of its publication and was reused in subsequent sessions, whenever it was necessary to review the case.

In addition to the almost 40,000 page views that it registered only on the first day, it had, on average, 5 minutes of browsing time. This measures audience satisfaction and the number was one of the bests for stories published on La Nacion.

The special was highlighted and recommended on radio programs, while it was reproduced by TV channels.

Due to the characteristics of the work, it continues to be reference material for our readers.



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