Driving subscriptions, traffic and user engagement through smart use of data visualization
2023 Finalist

Driving subscriptions, traffic and user engagement through smart use of data visualization

Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd.

Noida, India

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

There are mainly 2 broad objectives to the way we have structured the internal dashboards and reporting for Navbharat & EiSamay Gold –

  1. Drive Logins/Subscriptions:
    • User Segmentation Approach basis Time Spent, Active Days, Purchase, Upgrades & Referral – We implemented a full-funnel strategy leveraging the AIDA approach (Awareness, Intent, Desire, Action) and heavily informed by data to optimize our efforts at each stage of the user journey. This journey started with identification of 7 key segments - Anonymous, Free Trial, Fence Sitters, Trial Subscribers, Heavy Users, Lapsers, Subscribers & Repeat Subscribers. Top of the funnel is occupied by anonymous users followed by trial users, and finally are our paid subscribers.
    • We implemented live tracking of the user behavior (Time Spent/Active Days/Content Consumed) across all these segments leveraging visualization tools like Google Data Studio, Marketing Automation Platform - Clevertap and PowerBI. Basis these internal dashboards, we deployed dedicated user journeys across these segments with an intent to push users down the funnel and drive free trials/logins, product subscriptions, upgrades & re-purchases.
    • Data for Product Design – We implemented Google Tag Manager event tracking for around 100 user events and attributes to fine-tune the product and deployed segment specific CTAs to drive free logins & subscriptions. We also concluded 4 sequential experiments with the login and subscription blocker timings and deployed live tracking through custom dashboards on Google Data Studio to maximize logins & conversions.
  2. Drive traffic by supporting editorial content development through data-driven insights:
    • To cater to the interests of the existing users on the platform and to drive organic traffic, we enabled our editorial team with insights around user demographics, content preferences & traffic trends. We deployed dedicated visualization dashboards for the edit staff to provide real-time analytics around content performance, time of the day consumption, traffic acquisition sources, heat maps for our habit forming products like Newscast, Businesscast, Sportscast to drive product stickiness. We also implemented a dedicated dashboard for our audio streaming player – Slike which helps them understand the listenership in greater depth.

Results for this campaign

  • Push Notifications emerged as the top organic contributor in driving logins and helped us achieve around 0.8 Million logins last year
  • Navbharat Gold also achieved around 2.3 Million Push Notification Subscribers in 2022
  • User segmentation and dedicated user journeys alone contributed 55% of the overall subscriptions in 2022
  • Average MOM subscription renewals for Gold stayed almost consistent at 70% in comparison to last year, indicative of a loyal subscriber base which is renewing at non-discounted prices
  • Gold achieved an all-time high of around 8 million Monthly Active Users each in Jan and March 2022 where the organic (non-paid) traffic contribution was close to 65%
  • Gold also attained an all-time high of 0.8 million Daily Active Users, the major contribution being the organic traffic from Google Discover to our podcast series on “India's dependency on Russian arms” by Navbharat Gold. This was a strategic production once data revealed that feature stories/podcasts are the key performers to drive direct traffic to our website via Google Discover


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