Creating reasons to log in to news
2023 Finalist

Creating reasons to log in to news


London, United Kingdom

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

We have over 12.5m registered customers - but to drive logged-in, we needed to understand more about those who are most active with us. So we zoomed in on those active every month.

We then segmented them into three cohorts: 

  1. Newly acquired

  2. Old customers who had been recovered

  3. Customers retained from previous month

This was important as it helped us focus the various teams in our business on the elements of the customer base that they had the most influence over

It also focused our minds on the fact we had a major problem with user retention

As a result, our product, CRM and editorial teams came together to look at tactics and enhancements to improve customer retention


Results for this campaign

  1. Monthly active logged-in customers grew by 110% 

  2. Logged-in page views increased by 73%

  3. Comments grew by 1m


Crucially, we've established a new journey for readers to go from unknown to known, and super loyal as a result


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