bKash Eid Gathering
2023 Finalist

bKash Eid Gathering

Prothom Alo

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign


With a 40% market share, bKash Limited is the leading provider of mobile financial services in Bangladesh. bKash aspires to broaden the net of financial inclusion by providing simple, inexpensive, and trustworthy financial transactions. In Bangladesh, Eid ul Fitr is celebrated in vibrant fashion, with appropriate zeal, and with considerable zest. Because most Muslims spend a lot of money during this festival, bKash created a campaign to increase the amount of money that is transacted through their app. Customers of bKash could get 5 to 20% instant cashback on bKash payments at about 10,000 retail locations nationwide. Customers can now take advantage of quick rewards on bKash payments at about 50 well-known online marketplaces.

With their offer to increase transaction volume throughout Ramadan and then during Eid, bKash hoped to increase customer awareness. They therefore contacted Prothom Alo to create an integrated digital campaign.

In order for consumers to comprehend how Bkash can be the easiest and safest mode of transaction, Prothom Alo created a campaign for the company. Prothom Alo planned a one-month campaign for bKash. Finding fresh strategies to advertise the Eid offerings and cashless transactions is the central theme of all solutions. Prothom believes that Bkash's full potential is also within reach. For the most impact, Prothom Alo provides four advertising solutions:

  1. Affiliated Content to Commerce
  2. Endorsements by celebrities
  3. Iftar Recipes and Reviews
  4. Banner Advertisement



Utilizing the 12.5 million Prothom Alo readers, the campaign aims to increase brand awareness and lead generation for the partner ecommerce companies of bKash.

Results for this campaign


Prothom Alo published 200 articles about lifestyle subjects throughout Ramadan, including cuisine, exercise, clothing, styling, and travel. Prothom Alo created an AI-based tool that enabled us to compile a list of all the published articles' keywords that were pertinent to the bKash's offer. The deals from several online shops were automatically chosen by the AI-based program, and affiliate links were placed on the articles' keywords. The customer's path from visiting a link to buying any products or services from an online merchant who accepts bKash as payment was monitored.

We have produced a few more contents in order to speed up this campaign. In a very interesting way, we created 30 video contents with celebrity endorsements. The celebs' bKash wallets were topped off so they could go shopping at malls, and we recorded it. Other celebrities and notable professions also used the bKash app to shop at the same time. We captured their purchasing behavior on camera and used it in the video stories. In order to further the campaign, we also created ten video stories with original Ramadan recipes and culinary evaluations. Additionally, banner adverts resulting 20 million impressions were positioned next to the pertinent content on prothomalo.com



In just 20 days, 45 eCommerce websites received +51% more traffic on their affiliated pages, +21% footfall increased on 300 offline stores and the articles doubled engagement. Additionally, the campaign saw a 134% increase in organic leads.

The campaign's credibility was established through digital media amplification on Prothom Alo's website, social media platforms, YouTube, Instagram, influencers, and community platforms, with a unique reach of 47 million, 28 million impressions, 5 million views on all videos, and roughly 55 thousand overall engagements.

For this integrated marketing, Prothom Alo earned a total of 4 million Bangladeshi Taka.


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