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Advance Local increases digital subscriptions with collaborative newsroom incubator
Should TikTok be an end destination?
NTM captures sports fanatics with live TV to strengthen subscriber loyalty
Gen Z media innovation specialist offers 5 ways to appeal to her generation
Growth mindset, real benefits among Gen Z workplace expectations
The new digital ad ecosystem relies on these 5 components
5 cross-team collaboration blind spots can hold publishers back
Research: Person-centered language in news builds trust, connects with stigmatised groups
El Comercio covered the death of Abimael Guzmán by focusing on his victims
How media companies can get into predictive analytics
Schibsted’s lab attracts younger news outsiders by listening
Spokesman-Review increased retention by bringing back the past
Here are 5 ways for media publishers to prepare for Web 3.0
Axios publisher shares importance of culture, CMS, local
Axios publisher shares lesson learned for media companies, journalists
Should we rethink other platforms as an end destination?
Customer changes drive CMS, cultural changes at Mediahuis
Times of India vaccinates employees to earn trust during pandemic
The Economist moved from a legacy newsroom to a data-influenced one
Multichannel travel, tourism ad campaigns highlight local destinations at Jersey's Best
Content, sales, tech must co-exist in today’s media company
Amedia turns the smart use of data into financial success
In a time of crisis, research shows readers will pay for news
12 years in, The Times’ controversial paywall yields 445,000 subscribers
5-point checklist can help readers trust your advertiser’s brand
Upcoming Webinar: Learn how to prepare for, embrace Web3
Media should study these consumer trends to prepare for future
Público puts people first in its quest for innovation
Chartbeat’s Abhishek Marla finds adventure in the data
INMA supports Ukrainian media with scholarship initiative
Crikey creates an editorial series with a marketing campaign in mind
Gannett Media’s digital subscription strategy is based in data
Danish media continue to battle Big Tech for a fair playing field
Trusted branded content is a revenue win
Many pandemic changes were helpful to the media industry, INMA
Axios publisher shares importance of CMS, culture, local
E-commerce initiative pays off with SHOP by SPH Media
Newsroom structures must adjust to digitisation
André Kittelberger loves turning data into action for Südwest Media Network
How MVP became the most subscribed-to sports media in Latvia
3 media companies share 3 paths to building data teams
Recognising “outsiders” begins to break the news avoidance cycle
Putting the audience, data first can help media overcome news avoidance
Post-pandemic realities require a new approach to advertising
INMA reveals 60 Global Media Awards first-place winners, Miami Herald takes top prize
Arab News brings history to life for Saudi National Day coverage
Trusted branded content is a revenue win for media companies, advertisers
Google tools, programming help advance local news
Product teams need these 5 priorities to succeed
You’re thinking about product all wrong
Newsday used graphics, video, and a 6-foot dog to gain digital subscribers
Irish Times Group puts innovation at the heart of its breaking news app relaunch
INMA Elevate Scholar: Muhammad Hussain of Media24
All product thinking must start with the user
Benefits of controversial Finnish broadcasting act for publishers are far from clear
The “metawork” media environment is more connected, accessible
Stuff investigation uncovered connections to the persecution of Uyghurs in China
New York Times points to combined subscriptions-ad strategy in public statement
Upcoming Webinar: The Economist shares how audio fits in media’s digital strategy
Nexstar Media creates a home-built mobile platform
Is every company a media company?
Culture at media companies changes with awareness, care
It’s come home: UK news brands, advertisers celebrate England women’s football triumph
Axios has many lessons for media companies, journalists
Styria Media Group’s Niksa Gopcevic studies industry champions to plan his course
Is Apple News an option for local news publishers?
Latest INMA report details research, fundamentals of Gen Z engagement
INMA Elevate Scholar: Dhruti Shah, freelance journalist
InfoGlobo shares its 3 business pillars of transformation
Kleine Zeitung Next works closely with Gen Z to deliver content young readers want
3 media ad executives share how they are controlling first-party ad data
3 publishers share how they are controlling first-party ad data
Media company’s data organisation chart should reflect their data mission
VG produces a 3D map of a burnt-out apartment in Ukraine with an iPhone
3 data science use cases demonstrate news publisher monetisation options
El Comercio built its data culture on 3 pillars
50% of revenue at Exame now comes from educational offering
Data shows post-pandemic path forward for Latin American media subscriptions
Data team placement depends on whether a media company is product- or engineering-led
Gannett increases subscribers by 35% in 1 year
Post-pandemic Web 3.0 ushers in new growth path for media
4-step process keeps readers engaged, increasing ad revenue
Accenture emphasises using data to guide audience strategy
Understanding the role of print advertising in a digital world
Branded content can improve ad reach and boost revenue
Great user experience is non-negotiable for digital products from step one
Organización Editorial Mexicana plans for post-COVID sustainability
Where should data live within your media company?
La Nacion creates unique observance of 100,000 lives lost
Digital subscription growth continues despite news fatigue, world events
Frode Buanes looks to solve the puzzle of media business models
Google, Meta respond to Canada’s Online News Act
So you think your media company knows Gen Z?
Axios acquisition has big lessons for newsroom focus
So you think you know Gen Z?
Is there a trust crisis outside of U.S. media?
Economist reaches new audiences with Instagram
DN finds wine searches pair well with business news readers
Cecilia Campbell’s journey has always been on the cutting edge
INMA Elevate Scholar: Ely Ilkania Alcantara Reyes of Multimedios del Caribe
SPH Media Trust’s Eugene Wee thrives on environment of cooperation, experimentation
6 things media companies should know about ad tech companies
Content recommendation supports subscriber growth for 3 conversion segments
Torstar helps industry association celebrate its centenary
Push notifications reduce churn if used strategically
New platforms help Prothom Alo extend its reach
These 5 ad tech trends are important to watch
Winnipeg Free Press shares its strategy for building an Instagram following
Hiring of first data scientist signals pivot in data organisation for publishers
Reuters Institute report sheds light on younger reader preferences
Stampen Media increased e-paper retention rates with step-up offer
Which of 3 stages of data organisation is your media company in?
India could build a digital subscriptions market larger than its Western peers
Nielsen data shows Indian media consumer trust print, are digitally connected
Meta speeds its exit from news media partnerships
Is news of a crisis of trust in media exaggerated?
These 5 tech trends are impacting the advertising industry
3 data drivers are key to understanding news audiences
Local advertising offers opportunity in times of falling programmatic campaigns
News media should understand framework of content-based recommendations
4 news media companies in India share their stories of digital transformation
3 stages of data organisation at news media companies
Aimie Rigas of Nine Publishing fights professional, personal challenges with help of her team
Media companies should ask these 4 questions about personalisation
Sponsored content offers opportunity for media to grow revenue
INMA Elevate Scholar: Fabíola Mousinho of Público
INMA Global Media Award winners celebrate around the world
Dynamic pricing application opens up print advertising opportunities for Times of India
Personalisation must expand beyond Web sites and apps
It’s time for the “I’d be mad not to buy it” approach with advertisers
Non-profit start-up FactorDaily focuses on the why of journalism
Personalisation is not just about Web sites and apps
Economist embeds product, digital transformation in its culture
Gannett uses contests, social media to reengage “zombies”
Local media have these 4 advantages over Big Tech for SMB ad needs
SCMP’s hand-drawn infographic highlights Hong Kong’s embattled opposition camp
Winnipeg Free Press realigns newsletter strategy based on reader feedback
Press and Journal uses storytelling for successful digital-first campaign
Media24 learns what readers want from ads using online survey
Optimising subscriber checkout flow is essential to maximise conversions
For the legacy Economist and start-up FactorDaily, product is key to newsroom culture
Zeit Online changes onboarding to leverage subscriptions from day one
Pulse expands engagement with social media growth, products
Media companies must help brands add something extra
Nation Media Group expands audience, influence with annual event
Economic uncertainty points to 3 ways ad sales team can help clients
Vía País changes its Google Web Stories strategy
Media companies should consider a self-hosted analytics solution
City Press, Independent Media share partnership, product success stories
Consortium of South African publishers negotiates with Big Tech
It’s time for the “I’d be mad not to buy it” sales approach
Global digital subscription trends suggest viability of pay-per-unit option
Vox Media, Le Monde have cookie best practices to learn from
HT Media uses WhatsApp, personalisation to increase subscriptions for financial product
New Times triples digital subscriptions with e-paper
No, the kids are not all right (and why publishers should care)
Vox Media, Le Monde have cookie best practices you should know about
Reorganising media product analytics teams reveals new decision-making opportunities
IC Publications exemplifies African media’s changing business models
Deutsche Welle found new ways to present climate journalism to new audience
Stears begins its multi-disciplinary storytelling approach with data
Monitor, Business Day focus on newsroom talent, digital culture
Wall Street Journal drives subscription growth with student programme
4 ways news media companies are using personalisation
UK’s best ads of the year (so far) recognise healthcare heroes, journalists in Ukraine
Local advertisers need easy, specialised solutions for digital packages
CommonWealth Magazine Group boosts digital magazine subscriptions with 4 steps
Bild’s #TogetherAgainstCorona campaign encourages vaccinations
NTM shares its mission to become Sweden’s best advertising sales organisation
Winnipeg Free Press creates fundraising supper event with local chef, food
Research: Digital product acquisition, consumer spending on subscriptions are likely to remain steady
Personalisation can start in 2 places for media companies
2 media companies share subtle ways to align journalism with business goals
The Economist moves decisively digital while staying true to its values
This is where media companies can start with personalisation
Financial Review engages younger audience beginning their investing journey
News media companies must embrace social commerce
News publishers are strongly positioned to grow affiliate e-commerce revenue models
These 3 e-commerce priorities are the base of a successful programme
The Economist shares lessons in digital content success
Encourage users to give up their data by improving trust, value exchange
In digital news operations, editors drive success across the organisation
Breathe new life into newsletters with updated aesthetics, subject lines
Impactful content marketing relies on compelling design
Data shows frequency, content consumption predict churn rates
Financial Times outlines its digital transformation
There is an essential need for media leaders to focus
Philippine Daily Inquirer focuses on 5 priorities to reach goal of 100,000 digital subscribers
Advance Local sees 45% lift in subscription conversions with AI test
ACM sees 64% more story conversions using data insights tool
Google partnerships strengthen fact-checking initiatives in India
European, U.S. media are cautious about Google Analytics strategy
New Zealand publishers band together to end “lose, lose, lose” relationship with digital platforms
What media companies need to know about social commerce
3 East Asian media companies bring the business of news to their newsrooms
NZME, Tempo Digital share digital ad wins among changing expectations
No, Google Analytics didn’t get banned in [insert Euro country]
Relationship between reader, site type dictates push notification strategy
Elusive audience data is a key element in newsroom digital transformation
Research: Clarity in coverage is essential for newsrooms during elections
Research shows younger users create a shift in news consumption
Today grows young audience with TikTok strategy
When APAC media companies reduced churn rates, growth began
KG Media transforms toward subscription sustainability by raising prices 46%
News of Google Analytics and GDPR compliance has been (somewhat) exaggerated
Media companies can learn from Spotify, Substack, Apple about active personalisation
Passive personalisation is the TikTok way to mirror user behaviour
Decoding Gen Z: Axel Springer shares changes needed to reach young readers
FT shares lessons about combining the newsroom + business
FT shares lessons about combining the newsroom and business
HT Labs creates tool for retail investors to bridge gap left by financial news media
Robot revives local business journalism at Bergens Tidende
Understanding the 2 types of personalisation is key to media’s future
SCMP’s character-driven video narratives showcase Asian voices
Maharashtra Times asks readers what they really want
Funke’s TikTok channel attracts Gen Z audience with political news
Primera Llamada podcast goes from personal project to El Comercio product
Stavanger Aftenblad uses technology, local football coverage to increase subscriber loyalty
Research by Borrell Associates sheds light on 4 key advertising takeaways
Successful Augmented Reality projects put journalism first
To leverage XR benefits, news publishers must be ready to adopt new tech
In globalised world, localised payment options reign supreme
How to communicate in a way that makes sense to all media teams
The right mixture of cross-media ad offers will bring in revenue
Amar Ujala adds filmmaking competition to celebrate love for the Hindi language
Right mixture of cross-media ad offers will bring in revenue
Nurturing media subscribers is key to controlling churn
Mid-year forecasts: Digital advertising up, print sales down, subscription curve flattening
Self-driven learning options for the data curious are plentiful
Data curious have many options to ease into deeper understanding
Gamers create VG inside multi-player action game Grand Theft Auto
Media publishers can use Virtual Reality to more deeply engage audiences
In the digital transformation quest, don’t neglect people
Media companies share how they gather, act on, interpret data
Media companies share how they build data culture into their foundations
Winnipeg Free Press brings community together with virtual movie night
The data curious have many options to ease into deeper understanding
Better user relationships depend on improving the journey
Jagran New Media’s education arm celebrates unsung heroes from pandemic
Consider these 3 dependencies as your media company pivots toward personalisation
3 lessons media companies can learn from Barry’s Bootcamp
Creating a plan for newsroom innovation starts with these 6 steps
Is your media company ready to start personalising?
Kleine Zeitung taps TV market to reach young audiences
AFP launches free and open digital skills training tool kit for journalists
Are you ready to start personalising?
Media companies need to start thinking about their place in the metaverse
Miami Herald goes inside condo collapse with interactive “House of Cards” narrative
SCMP’s first Climate Change Hong Kong Summit is carbon neutral
Research on news deserts: Readers favour Facebook if local newspaper is weak
Reuters Institute report shares hard truths about reader trust
Disappearing text campaign highlights press freedom at NTM
The News Movement reaches young readers on their platforms
Proactive, data-driven approach reduces churn for news media
The metaverse will offer these 6 practical opportunities for advertisers
Algorithms might change, but good storytelling never goes out of style
New Reuters report shares hard truths about reader trust
The metaverse will change advertiser focus in these 10 ways
A holistic digital advertising strategy can be print ad-centric
What can the metaverse offer media advertising clients?
New Reuters Institute report dives into “selective news avoidance,” personalisation
Former Nine executives will lead Big Tech negotiations in New Zealand
Netflix’s subscriber losses are a cautionary tale for media companies everywhere
Dagbladet sees growth in all areas as it commits to content investment
New Reuters Institute report sheds light on logged-in users, e-mail
New Reuters Institute report sheds light on logged-in users, e-mail, selective news avoidance
Bloomberg Línea shares creative, cost-effective ways to tell stories on TikTok
Research: Quizzes added to media content engage digital audiences
Where does data governance fit in your media company?
Community engagement, digital experiences help media companies boost ad performance
3 case studies show how offer optimisation can grow readers, revenue
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Immersive Reality Storytelling” curation category
Globe and Mail uses AI to drive revenue strategies
Gannett, NZZ, Mediahuis share their personalisation journeys
It’s time for media companies to do more with immersive reality
UK advertising alliance drives media publisher revenue
VG billboards helped spread the news about a killer on the run
It’s time to do more with immersive reality
In-house team shapes coverage for younger readers at Sydney Morning Herald, Age
SCMP converts readers with prediction models that enhance personalisation
Aftenposten refines the science and art of building a better front page
Could mobile apps be the key to increasing digital subscription retention?
Advertisers want to be adjacent to sustainability, climate change coverage
Village Media uses “brand lover” as its North Star metric
INMA announces 4 new members for its Young Professionals Committee
Mediahuis uses data to become more customer-focused
INMA members reconnect in person during New York Board activities, study tour
Newsgeist yields 4.5 takeaways for media industry
Why media planners like social for their ad brands
The News Movement offers journalism to young readers on their trusted platforms
Winners of INMA Global Media Awards will be announced live on June 9
Should data governance have a stand-alone team in your company?
Dagbladet’s investigative piece on oligarchs designed with 30 entry points
Why media planners like social media for ad messages
Dow Jones finds experimentation leads to subscription success
News brands, advertisers celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Election coverage is social friendly for younger readers at Sydney Morning Herald, Age
Targeted newsletter list yields higher ROI for VíaPaís
INMA elects 15 to new terms on governing board of directors
Who is responsible for media innovation?
Personalisation and filter bubbles: Should the news industry worry?
INMA reveals finalists for 2022 Global Media Awards
Logistically, where does data governance fit in your media company?
Data can grow readership in a post-crisis environment
Bloomberg launches niche UK site to challenge FT, Reuters
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger creates print magazine, Web site to help Ukrainian refugees
4 newsroom executives shared key lessons at INMA World Congress
Media companies should act as community hubs in times of crisis
What did we learn from key newsroom executives at World Congress?
Ekstra Bladet prepares for a privacy-centric advertising ecosystem
Arab News, CNN, Reuters share how they are building international brands
What “brand lover” as a North Star metric looks like at one media company
4 ways Winnipeg Free Press makes Instagram easier
Signs from advertising in the UK show signs of cautionary hope
Where do global negotiations between media and Big Tech stand right now?
In-banner video ads should be a top priority for news publishers
What does 2023 hold for news media companies?
5 things news media companies should know about NFTs
Personalisation seems an obvious strategy, but it comes with challenges
SPH Media, El Comercio share their data transformation journeys
E-commerce is here, so media companies need to create their strategy
Five months into 2022, where is media advertising?
COVID pandemic changed the way Dagens Nyheter teams work together
Media companies are facing these 6 newsroom challenges
Media advertising 2022: Where are we now and what’s to come?
WSJ tweaks, tests on-site promotional ads for reader engagement
La Nación uses social media to go viral with elections
Data compliance pre-supposes data governance at your media company
Jagran New Media recognises people making India stronger during pandemic
Governance is the hub of the data wheel
Culture, clear goals are essential for a strong product culture
Kleine Zeitung uses “future journalism,” regionality to guide digital repositioning
Governance is central to a media company’s data strategy
These levers, relationships impact the lifetime value North Star
Media product teams should focus on these 10 priorities
Audio, app products are worth the investment to attract audiences
Washington Post, Condé Nast create collaborative teams around product
What can product teams learn from the inventor of the iPhone?
Stuff New Zealand becomes a certified B-Corp
El Tiempo tool helps editors predict content’s success
Ask these 7 questions before delving into home page automation
What might Twitter’s sale mean to the ad industry?
McClatchy, Media24, Jagran pivot ad strategies based on data, audience behaviour
The future of media advertising is being built with the 4 Cs
What can product teams learn from the inventor of the iPod and iPhone?
USA Today brand highlights value of simple, personality-focused videos
Automated editorial content is a community, business asset at McClatchy
BBC News creates the world’s biggest news Instagram account
Newsrooms are so much more than news these days
INMA Elevate Scholar: Jalah Touryalai of SiriusXM
INMA Elevate Scholar: Andreas Kamasah of Pulse Ghana
INMA Elevate Scholar: Laura Curanaj of Dow Jones
INMA Elevate Scholar: Shelley Cook of The Winnipeg Free Press
Homebrewed analytics opportunities are there if you know where to look
La Nación, O Globo create new products to bundle with subscriptions
Bild, Torstar made content, pricing, leadership changes to grow subscriptions
The media industry learned 3 digital subscription lessons since 2020
Collaborative selling to ad agencies builds trust in media companies
The newsroom is so much more than news these days
4 news media companies share how data is becoming their foundation
Data strategies for media come down to first-party data, privacy, and personalisation
Collaborative selling to ad agencies builds trust in news media
Publishers, creators should lean into new revenue streams
NTM refreshes its social media strategy, doesn’t focus on pageviews
Are homebrewed + out-of-the-box analytics the data answer?
Small, mid-sized Indian publishers are rethinking advertising revenue
Bild’s subscription testing drives its reader revenue plan
Media companies that prioritise talent need to forget these 10 things
Media companies aren’t aiming high enough with subscription, pricing goals
Media trends show positive, negative, hopeful future of news media
Homebrewed analytics may be the missing pieces for media companies
Media companies should understand the benefits and limits of analytics tools
3 media companies share strategies for managing cyber attacks
Consider these 3 lessons as the world moves from virtual to live
INMA World Congress starts this week, focuses on media’s growth path
These 5 products can help attract new digital audiences
Is your product team listening to reader signals?
Is your product team listening to user signals?
Print is (still) not dead, but price hikes, mill closures pose additional challenges
El Universal targets at-risk users with most popular content
Kleine Zeitung’s Futter magazine leverages Instagram to attract young readers
Aligning newsroom goals to readers is a relatively easy formula
Società Athesis launches innovative sustainability initiative
Editora Globo develops dashboard to improve newsroom processes
Media should optimise go-to market offers with lifetime value as North Star
Content, ad relevance take on a growing role in digital media
Will Elon Musk will be Loki or Tony Stark?
Print advertising remains central to the advertising mix, INMA report shows
Publisher wonders if Elon Musk will be Loki or Tony Stark
Great Twitter takeover has big implications for news publishers
Newsletters offer commercial opportunities for news media companies
News publishers can borrow 9 lessons from streaming to build subscriptions
Automated layout gives Groupe La Dépêche newsroom more time for journalism
Gannett’s evolution to a subscription platform required a mindset shift
Content configuration will handicap certain videos into looking like winners
First-party data offers advertising opportunities for media
First-party data, newsletters offer ad revenue opportunities to media
3 ways to add value to a new subscription bundle
SCMP uses paywalls, team infrastructure to understand readers
Kölner Stadtanzeiger finds success selling direct, regionally focused advertising
8 European publishers selected for Google News Initiative Subscriptions Academy 2022
Know the frame of reference of the top baselines of your analytics tool
Diário do Nordeste builds ecosystem to monitor user behaviour
Kauppalehti’s New Audiences project collects new ideas to reach younger readers
Media companies must know how their favourite analytics tool defines an active session
High-impact display ads should not be overlooked as a revenue driver
Disruption requires media companies rethink engagement strategies
News companies must create a culture newsrooms will buy into
Could news coverage have changed events in Ukraine?
During transformation, newsroom leaders must practice what they preach
Don’t forget: Your audience is made up of people
Research shows why media advertisers need to invest in video
SWOT analyses details strengths, weaknesses of digital subscriptions
Público brings teams together to make the digital journey successful
INMA research shows subscription best practices of fast-growing publishers
3 ways to add value to a new subscription bundle, add new readers
Outsourcing tech can save time, be cost effective
UK publishers, advertisers help readers support Ukrainians in need
The Atlantic, HuffPost share audience lessons that create product wins
Hindu Group experiments with digital subscriptions
HuffPost, The Atlantic share audience lessons that create product wins
10 non-obvious mega trends offer guidance for media companies
NZME reframes broadband conversation for ad client with empty nester stories
Dagbladet responds to war by strengthening news desk, Web TV coverage
Newsday looks at 5 key retention drivers, metrics
Research shows trust in media is falling
Research helps The Scotsman pivot from news digest to football product
Data can improve customer experience while preserving privacy
SMS is an advertising giant that keeps growing
Lessons from the front lines of newsroom change
News media companies share lessons in creating value from data
These 5 digital ad trends should influence media buying
5 digital ad trends to share with media planners, buyers
Times of India’s “Lost Votes” initiative demonstrates how brand purpose drives media
Newsday shares challenges of data reporting in its newsroom
INMA Elevate Scholar: Bryan Chou of The News Lens
SCMP succeeds with virtual events paired with in-person elements
Tamedia reinvents its marketing to include journalistic mission
Research backs up revenue potential of video advertising
No, news staff is not OK
Gamification, recommendation engines aid in reader engagement
In light of challenging times, VíaPaís publishes life stories to connect to readers
Business Day shares 4 key metrics of its audience-first strategy
The war in Ukraine reminds us the gravity of journalism
El Diario Vasco partners to reunite chefs and cultures in post-lockdown event
NZME audio team creates live surf reports with advertiser
Speedo, Heinz lean into creativity to design eye-catching print ad campaigns
Age, Sydney Morning Herald launch podcast series about youth mental health
Regional news benefits from personalisation
What does news look like as audiences move from 2D to 3D?
Leveraging sustainable growth is focus of 92nd INMA World Congress of News Media
3 lessons news media can learn from the streaming industry
How supervised learning of recommendation algorithms adds a human touch
UOL explores new options with paywalls
As audiences create new tech habits, are media companies ready?
As technology creates new user habits, will media companies be ready?
Media companies must put facts into perspective for well-rounded war coverage
New framework helps publishers manage portfolio of e-mail newsletters
Dagens Næringsliv explores how to develop product young users will love
News24 podcast investigates cult, receives overwhelming response
Does your newsroom culture fit with your corporate culture?
What are the benefits, risks of long trials?
German media collaborative shares 4 lessons in accelerating growth with data, AI
News publishers can create revenue, maintain integrity by back-populating native ads
Focus, job functions are evolving as newsrooms undergo digital transformation
Grupo Reforma explores subscriber churn using new tools
Look at these 6 clues to determine if your readers are a community
Video ads are an important part of media’s digital offering
Times Internet uses first-party data in these 5 ways
What are the benefits and risks of long trials?
Robot journalism adds value to a newsroom in 5 ways
Media companies need instream and outstream videos for ad monetisation
Culture is the key to success in newsrooms
Opinionated analytics tools provide easier learning curve, more consistency
Northern Advocate campaign for the homeless attracts huge outpouring
Rink Live demonstrates the power of automating junior sports league coverage
TIME builds a subscription machine to move into the future
Opinionated, un-opinionated analytics tools offer different views for publishers
NTM combines podcast, video to get the most out of both formats
Agriculture publication tweaks, succeeds with farmer’s podcast
How opinionated should media analytics products be?
New INMA report explains why media must prepare for XR as mass adoption approaches
Product teams: Who works on what and for how long?
Research: Advertisers followed consistent spending habits throughout pandemic
Meta VR/AR expert shares vision of metaverse in next decade
Novaya Gazeta continues publishing news in Russia despite dangers
The formula for benchmarking media products isn’t an easy one
How do media companies benchmark a product?
Small advertisers can be converted to digital with 3 solutions
USA Today’s Women of the Year project exemplifies 4 smart content strategies
Newsquest campaign for Ukraine raises funds and support
Telegraph collects data for newsroom to underpin subscription-first model
Consider these 6 factors when building a culture of experimentation in media companies
VG pins verified videos in interactive map of Ukraine
INMA’s new Subscription Benchmark Service offers peer-to-peer data exchange
Research shows difference in COVID, Ukraine news engagement
New INMA research reveals winning subscription strategies
Attracting, retaining Gen Z requires flexible work environments, cross-role learning
INMA Elevate Scholar: Stephanie Sison of Summit Media Publishing Co.
Straits Times gamifies the reading experience to improve engagement
Media companies can build an effective churn propensity model in 4 steps
INMA announces launch of Subscription Benchmarking Service for news media companies
Print advertising should not be an afterthought
Los Andes works on 3 obstacles to boost subscriber engagement
New INMA research reveals winning subscription strategies, new benchmarking service
4 à la carte payment myths ... debunked!
Ukraine overtakes the news
Ukraine overtakes the news as media bends toward its business goals
Humans, robots complement each other in the newsroom
Daily Maverick uses emotional appeal to gain reader support
Gen Z readers need news media to know these 3 things
Advertising block list issues resurface with war in Ukraine
Print media advertising plays a key role alongside digital
8 ways to make mobile advertising better
War in Ukraine is déjà vu with block list advertising issues
Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation launches Emergency Ukrainian Media Fund
Unsupervised learning and personalisation are useful but not ideal for journalism
Kleine Zeitung weekend editions relaunch with focus on reading, living
News media publishers pitch the value of journalism during Ukraine invasion
News media companies sidestep Russia’s information ban
Top European editors are writing letters to their subscribers about the war
Text-to-speech technology is driving audio strategies
Mediahuis shares 5 key lessons of its digital transformation
New York Times, Hubspot avoid information overload, focus on quality
High interest in news on Ukraine seen in search, traffic to media sites
Robots, tech in journalism enhance media engagement
German media association creates fundraising ad campaign for Ukraine
Media adapts communication to prospective, current subscribers amid war-led traffic spike
SBT increases pageviews 6.3% with testing
When customers don’t respond to a product, ask why
Unsupervised learning vs. supervised learning: Which is best for personalisation?
Newsroom impact, influence throughout company is key to reader revenue
Can you determine what your customers want before they do?
Do you know what your customers want before they do?
The invasion of Ukraine signals the demise of what’s left of Russian media
Göteborgs-Posten attracts female audience with true crime podcast
NZME breathes new life into market with a quarterly fashion magazine
Creating high-value journalism readers trust is key to reader revenue model
La Nacion breaks down its 3-part acquisition strategy
Brands should think first, act second when responding to global events
Digital subscriptions put the newsroom at the centre of media organisations
Amid war, Ukraine media verify, make sense of news, and help keep people from despair
Spike in demand for news amid the war in Europe creates “pandemic peak-like traffic”
INMA Newsroom Initiative will focus on 3 newsroom priorities
Russmedia goes from video idea to profitable daily livestream in 2 months
5 news companies share best practices in print advertising
4 drivers help create digital offerings that scale for local advertisers
Regional news site used an MVP approach to launch its app
8 ways to make mobile advertising better for your target audience
Deciding who is worthy of government, platform money is not that simple
Dainik Bhaskar anti-porn campaign aims to improve safety for women
Personalisation must have goals and rules to be effective
Página 12 uses AI to predict headlines’ appeal
COVID has changed newsrooms forever
Should passive personalisation be the standard for media?
INMA Elevate Scholar: Liqi Chen of Dow Jones
New INMA report details 7 steps of the media product process
Product development should focus on the why, not the outcome
Solid product tools offer these 3 benefits for media companies
Should passive personalisation be the standard for media companies?
Archant excelled during pandemic with focus on its people, ad clients, newsroom
Ringier Axel Springer healthcare offshoot promotes health assessment tool
Youth-oriented subscription campaign drives growth for Kleine Zeitung
INMA research, 3 case studies illustrate state of media subscriptions in 2022
5 more digital advertising trends that will help define 2022
INMA launches Newsroom Initiative featuring tools, ideas, global community for editorial
Live experiences boost The Athletic’s already robust subscription efforts
When building product, the why matters more than the outcome
USA Today shares 4 tips on creating Black History Month content
Caracol TV develops newsroom dashboard to improve audience analytics
NTM optimises hyper-personalisation to boost audience engagement
Upcoming Webinar: Archant CEO shares post-pandemic view of regional media
India’s competition watchdog follows up on publisher complaints about Google
Media can learn 3 lessons from Lush cosmetics deactivating its social media accounts
Personalised push notifications achieve 10x higher click-through rate
3 phases take advertising offerings from raw products to profitability
News UK COO shares thoughts on role of news media during the pandemic
Is content marketing the new weapon in our advertiser toolbox?
New European law protects readers, media from real-time bidding dangers
Premium content models, customer lifetime value add necessary layer to monetisation strategies
Is content marketing the new weapon in the advertiser toolbox?
Playbook for subscriptions in 2022 must evolve from traditional audience funnels
Growing subscriptions requires evolving strategy with changing reader needs
Wall Street Journal builds relationships with students, drives future growth
Module system at Sydney Morning Herald, Age adds context, depth to articles
Media companies should accelerate the pace of becoming data-strong
Long-time INMA membership director departs, new team appointed
INMA Elevate Scholar: Victor Tisnado of Corporacion La Prensa
Dagbladet sees value in its free site, doesn’t go “all in” on a paywall model
Media must focus on first-party data regardless of Google delays
These 5 best practices create a smoother reader registration process
Q&A: Futurist Amy Webb highlights tech trends relevant to communications professionals
Supercharge a newsletter strategy by creating evangelists in these 6 steps
Grupo AM helps journalists fall in love with data
Local media can reconnect with crisis-fatigued readers in these 4 ways
Dow Jones prioritises experimentation mindset in product development
Media pricing strategies require targeting, experimentation, smart analysis
Media companies are targeting the wrong readers with retention efforts
Media companies can get reader data without frustrating “speed bumps”
Personalisation will help media build habits, drive revenue
Yahoo, Guardian, NDR are succeeding with user-informed products
Conversion funnels, authentic content, chosen metrics grow digital subscriptions
Smart Data Initiative priorities this year: personalisation, first-party data, data strength
Standard Group builds on data, culture for paywall model
Personalisation, UX are key to expanding news subscribers in Africa
Media companies can get reader data without “speed bumps” that frustrate users
Extended Reality offers media companies new revenue streams
Ariane Bernard to lead INMA’s Smart Data Initiative
Politiken turns reader registration into a game
Sydney Morning Herald, Age establish dedicated premium content team
INMA Elevate Scholar: Muchemwa Silence Mugadzaweta of Alpha Media Holdings
SCMP, Globe and Mail keep paywall models agile
VíaPaís partners with transportation start-up to provide timely traffic updates
Recent Times of India advertisements prove print isn’t always static
INMA Elevate Scholar: Catherine Edwards of The Local
The Hindu campaign increases engagement with focus on uncomfortable topics
Gannett, Time reorganise to focus on fundamentals of digital subscriptions
La Nacion, Newsday, Athletic expand digital subscriptions beyond heavy users
Dagens Nyheter shares 3 key lessons from its direct e-commerce model
Is 2022 the year robot journalism goes mainstream?
Jagran New Media recognises leaders in technology and innovation
Newsday creates cultural brand using live and virtual events
Donor-supported Telex exemplifies reader passion for journalism
5 more digital advertising trends that will define 2022
Media leaders should focus on these 3 trends in 2022
Gannett shares lessons learned for Augmented Reality success
Free virtual events let Winnipeg Free Press engage with new audiences
INMA Elevate Scholar: Aparna Seth of Newslaundry
Australia turns heads with a News Corp-Google news media academy
Serve local advertisers by scaling digital direct sales in the long tail of print
Communicating to product team is a key part of the product process
Gamified experiences increase zero-party data collection
Go beyond traditional products to become embedded in customer lifestyle
INMA Elevate Scholar: Deyi Li of China Global Television Network
Product teams often become the mediator when company objectives conflict
From FLoC to Topics: what the Google shift means for publishers
INMA Elevate Scholar: Joseph Jibueze of The Nation
INMA Elevate Scholar: Dorea Reeser of Chemical & Engineering News
Research: Writing with humility helps bridge political divisions
Building customer-informed media products starts with defining a user problem
INMA Product Initiative tackles 3 major themes in 2022
Digital product teams should consider these 4 resolutions for 2022
Creator economy offers 3 lessons for news publishers
Newsrooms should prepare for Extended Reality journalism
Deadline for INMA Global Media Awards entries is Friday
These 3 reasons show why subscription fatigue is a myth
Legislation and Congressional inquiries shape U.S. media, Big Tech relationship
U.S. publishers see hope for reining in Big Tech with litigation
Protect high-rate subscribers from price increases to reduce price reduction requests
ROI is strong with media brand marketing, acquisition campaigns
Jagran New Media rejuvenated data research to increase advertising revenue, monetisation
Helsingin Sanomat reinvented print media for younger audiences
USA Today Sports’ Golfweek shares 4 content strategies for growth supports social causes with subscription offers
New Zealand Herald increases engagement with trust campaign
These 5 digital advertising trends will help define 2022
5 digital advertising trends that will define 2022
6 reasons media advertising looks promising in 2022
INMA Elevate Scholar: Bongekile Macupe of Media24
INMA Elevate Scholar: Njenga Hakeenah of The Exchange Africa
VR expert shares tricks in storytelling for the medium
How news media (and INMA) evolved a decade in only one year
Amar Ujala drives paid subscriptions with podcast
Staffing, communication are bound to change in the post-COVID newsroom
High-quality advertising campaigns take advantage of print, digital spaces
SPH’s in-house brand safety classification AI helps expand ad inventory
Bloomberg, real estate service partner on sustainable cities campaign
New INMA report shows why democratising access to data is key to media transformation
INMA president praises news industry resiliency, adaptability, innovation
Focus your 2022 product planning around these 4 themes
Kauppalehti’s self-hosted true crime podcast captures engaged audience
These 4 themes will help you set 2022 product priorities
Extended Reality expert shares tools, tech for media companies to get started
New York Times brand campaign takes lighter approach during pandemic
User feedback must lead product development for success
VG uses video billboards to keep its content top of mind
Business Day adopts digital-first strategy to offset print decline
Mediahuis looks to reader-focused future with new CMS
The foundation of engagement is showing care for readers
ABP creates new revenue stream with education during lockdowns
Does home delivery as we know it still make sense?
5th-Annual INMA Media Subscriptions Summit focuses on scaling up growth
Books, sports merchandise offer compelling e-commerce opportunities
Dagbladet builds engaging, responsive design into products
6 reasons to be cheerful about media advertising in 2022
With 80% of revenues from subscriptions, Aftenposten focuses on journalism
SCMP’s climate coverage drives awareness with authenticity, insight through video
Independent Media finds the road to reader revenue
4 media companies share strategies to capture audiences on mobile, social platforms
INMA 30 Under 30: Kayla Alexander of Netwerk24/Media24
Top 10 INMA articles of 2021 focus on digital subscriptions
9 ways INMA impacted the news industry in 2021
The Spinoff uses illustrations to guide readers through the pandemic
Dagens Nyheter builds a data model for its new marketing automation in 5 steps
Daily Sun uses multi-platform, new content strategy to generate revenue
Browsing, search habits evolve, impacting newsrooms
3 ways media should respond to declining news traffic
Kleine Zeitung’s annual brand campaign results in 35% advertising recall
INMA Product Advisory Council shares 5 product priorities
33 strategies help media companies keep new subscribers
5 product priorities come from INMA Product Advisory Council
USA Today Network Ventures Events, Humankind create audience-driven awards show
South China Morning Post pivots to hybrid events
INMA 30 Under 30: Bettina Widmer of Blick Group/Ringier AG
INMA 30 Under 30: Sarah Weishäupl of Die Presse Verlags
INMA 30 Under 30: Hemant Sahni of HT Media
INMA 30 Under 30: Hiroya Kato of Nikkei
INMA 30 Under 30: Cassidy Grom of Star Ledger
INMA 30 Under 30: Agnes Stenbom of Schibsted
INMA 30 Under 30: Daniela Werbeniec of Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza
INMA 30 Under 30: Betina Hughes Sheen of Australian Community Media
INMA 30 Under 30: Katherine Landeck of Gannett New England
INMA 30 Under 30: Peder Engesæth of Aller Media
30 Under 30: Lilys Njeru of Nation Media Group
30 Under 30: Lee Hee Ai of Singapore Press Holdings
30 Under 30: Claudia Mann of Futter Magazine/Kleine Zeitung
30 Under 30: Mitchell Powell of NZME/The New Zealand Herald
30 Under 30: Giuliana Pasquali of Clarín
30 under 30: Nidhi Mahajan of The Quint
30 Under 30: Katharina Puntigam of Kleine Zeitung
30 Under 30: Brianne Kennedy of Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal
INMA 30 Under 30: Cloudy Carnegie of Financial Times
INMA honours young professionals with “30 Under 30 Awards”
Nation Media Group accelerates its digital transformation journey
Froomle, University of Antwerp research likelihood of users to read regional news
Research shows rise in advertising spend
New normal of pandemic has changed the role of media leaders
Tourism summit highlights 3 lessons from 2020 applicable to the media industry
Reader revenue experts discuss news subscription models for the next decade
Joongang Ilbo’s Listen for a Smart Life brand scores with Millennial women
Native advertising opportunities are on the rise for news media
Media companies need these 5 actions to provide real solutions to advertisers
Newspaper ad spend, native ad opportunities are on the rise
NTM adopts double live streaming, directly connecting readers with interviewees
All news media must be obsessed with upload speed
Extended Reality (XR) offers newsrooms 3 key opportunities
Calgary Herald finds engagement success with photographer-led video initiative
Standard Group sets audacious goal: gain 900,000 registered users
Defining product may be the first step in evolving it
Google avoids copyright disputes by signing News Showcase agreement with German media companies
72 corporate members join INMA in 2021
Dagbladet Web TV team is capable of producing up to six live broadcasts daily
2021 taught the media industry so much about product
Sifted starts with content, uses tracking technology to encourage “one more click”
Media continue transitioning to successful subscription-first strategies in COVID era
FT Strategies shares 4 benefits of digital subscription experiments
Data is a key to growing reader, advertiser revenue
Driving a consumer subscription lifestyle requires experimentation
A North Star helped these 4 media companies grow digital subscriptions
We have learned so much about product this year
VíaPaís bets on breaking news, SEO to gain favour through Google
TED talks at Australian Financial Review guide newsroom content plans
Jagran New Media helps advertiser introduce farmers to new technology
After Newsday campaign, 43% of those surveyed were more likely to subscribe
News brands, advertisers lead climate agenda around COP26 and beyond
Rolling out automated content is easier with these 3 tips
3 questions news publishers need to consider to stay relevant today
Use these 3 strategies for ad teams charged with e-commerce
Standard Media helps readers discern fact from fiction to grow digital engagement
Should ad sales teams take over e-commerce efforts?
Are ad sales teams and e-commerce a good fit for media’s future?
Media companies use data to prioritise audience focus
Data strategy success begins with a data-positive newsroom culture
INM’s Programmatic Plus takes advertising to the next level
Newsrooms should be data-informed without being data-driven
Helsingin Sanomat reinvents print newspaper for children
INMA, Meta Journalism Project offer free master class series on XR
Is there a case for going ad free?
Dagens Næringsliv establishes its 5 data foundation principles
From fast testing to an open house paywall, experimentation drives subscriptions
Are you prepared for media’s changing reality?
Are you prepared for a world of changing reality?
Bloomberg Línea shares challenges of launching during a pandemic
4 African media companies share lessons in revenue, audience transformation
Digital transformation expert lays out 10 actions for African media
Ad tech starts with understanding the consumer
Standard Media, Media24 pivot toward audience needs during pandemic
African media see opportunities, challenges in working with Big Tech
Training is key to overcoming the media talent gap in Africa
Google returns to Spain after 7 years as royal decree amends copyright law
4 media companies share user-centered digital subscriptions strategies
BloombergQuint shares strategies on growing its digital subscription business
Decrypt Media helps media make sense of crypto
Regulatory changes are likely to change subscription strategies
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Young Readers” curation category
Data + technology + creativity = better UX
Customer experience reaches new highs with smarter ad data, tech
Understanding AI will help your agency, advertiser pitches
Indian subscriptions initiative surfaces pillars for growth
Metro Brazil creates new digital business model amidst the pandemic
Focus on audience needs, maximise social for holiday-related content
The Herald, Age break down COP26 content to engage, educate readers
Rheinische Post finds new following with TikTok
Amar Ujala’s Shubh Labh 2020 brings retailers, consumers together
Bauer Media leadership works with magazine newsroom to diversify content
Research: Media should humanise, legitimise protest stories for maximum impact
News publishers should rethink distribution, reconsider traditional platforms
What media companies need to know moving from the Great Resignation to the Great Hire
For Praveen Someshwar of HT Media, the lessons of 2020 run deep
E-edition engagement is a leading indicator for print-to-digital conversions
INMA launches Advertising Initiative
Head of product at Yahoo makes social, business cases for diversity, equity, inclusion
Mather’s Benchmark reports shed light on recent media trends, insights
5 ways to get diversity, equity, and inclusion into media products
Melina Lohmann of Nordwest Mediengruppe shares thoughts on 2020 lessons, colleague support
INMA 30 Under 30: Katie Fabry of The Wall Street Journal
Marc Isler of Tamedia shares thoughts on digital growth, data-based products
INMA 30 Under 30: Rafeed Elahi Chowdhury of The Business Standard
Alexandra Beverfjord of Dagbladet is proud of increased pageviews: +98% in 3 years
John Boynton of NordStar is proud of the company’s digital transformation
30 Under 30: Afrian Muflihul Imron of KG Media
30 Under 30: Nastasia Pawlak of Axel Springer Brand Studios
Suzi Watford of Wall Street Journal focuses on ecosystem with new consumer-driven title
30 under 30: Damini Pustake of Times of India
30 Under 30: Mark Rossman of LNP Media
30 Under 30: Cédric Algoed of DPG Media
INMA 30 Under 30: Shirine Bauer of Aftonbladet
INMA 30 Under 30: Denis Domínguez of El Heraldo
INMA 30 Under 30: Julia Beil of Business Insider Deutschland
Carsten Erdmann of Funke Mediengruppe embraces changing media industry
Chris Janz is excited about media’s new investment in journalism
María Eugenia Ferré Rangel of GFR Media shares how tragedy has shaped growth
Virtual Global Media Awards celebration connects global media industry
5 ways to get diversity, equity, and inclusion into your media products
Wall Street Journal uses partnerships to drive growth internationally
South China Morning Post explores blockchain technology with Artifacts
McClatchy’s 3-pronged subscriber retention strategy lessons cancellations
Advance Local launches Alabama Education Lab
Winning the media buying process starts with loving your brand
Canadian Liberals’ first 100 days prioritise level digital playing field
Which is better for news publishers: programmatic or direct sales?
8 ways news media publishers can still be innovative with print
Torstar’s media buying process centres on helping the buyer buy
Is programmatic advertising a better opportunity than direct sales?
Herald Sun brings two of Australians’ passions together in COVID native ad campaign
Mediahuis creates audience engagement teams to drive strategy
Time magazine explores the crypto space with TIMEPieces
Regardless the social media strategy, Facebook plays a big part
Badische Zeitung automates, curates with Data Machine
Former El Colombiano publisher reflects on leadership lessons learned
Use personalisation to entice readers, encourage subscribers to return
50 media professionals selected for Elevate Scholarships by INMA, Google News Initiative
Ekstra Bladet uses AI to drive audience growth
UK brands offer hope, resilience in a changing world
New INMA report outlines blockchain opportunities for media
NTM prioritises 7 topics to retain, gain subscribers aged 30-50
Guidance for newsroom newcomers can accelerate the slow pace of transformation
5 key lessons from the INMA Product and Data Summit
ABP Network grows its audience through hyper-local community segmentation
INMA Product and Data Summit yields 5 key lessons
The Australian finds Insta success with new strategy
4 tools help news publishers prepare for disappearance of third-party cookies
Kauppalehti identifies “audience pockets” to advance customer funnel
Bergens Tidende enlists robots to engage readers with housing news
Media companies benefit by housing ads on their own sites, apps
CBC experiments with restricting Facebook comments
Kleine Zeitung launches anti-hate speech campaign
Tech, data, creativity combine to transform digital advertising
Engaging, retaining light readers is key for reader revenue strategies
NYT, Nikkei, Independent UK succeed with first-party data strategies
Newsrooms, media teams organise around data to better reach audiences
Ringier Axel Springer, Sifted reach audiences through data
Guardian, Gannett, SCMP share case studies in building popular news products
Focus and quality are key when identifying media consumer needs and wants
Netflix exec gives INMA members 4 frameworks for product success
2 models help news media companies get data, product innovation right
OKRs, data sharing are key to building successful product teams
8 strategies point media companies toward audience-centric transformation
Do tech-centered ad teams need more human creativity?
Are data, technology more important than the human touch?
USA Today Network Ventures uses 3-pronged content approach for events
Dagens Næringsliv attracts young readers with gamification of stock market
Guardian, Google work with sight-impaired advocate to open up the Web
MediaNews Group grows its pageview referrals from story-driven newsletters
Creating a data-positive newsroom culture requires concessions to journalists
ACCC report finds Google ad tech dominance harms media, makes 6 recommendations
3 business opportunities of commerce as a product
Product teams must align mechanics of commerce with advertising, journalism
Survey shares media companies’ thoughts on first-party data model
UK start-ups are going beyond engagement, measuring journalism impact
INMA 2nd-annual Africa News Media Summit set for November
Building data-positive newsroom culture, measuring journalism’s impact are important
News companies can thrive after the (delayed) cookie apocalypse
Google holds up the Cookie Apocalypse, yet what does it mean for news publishers?
Google to publishers: Sandbox alternatives aim for user privacy, advertising relevance
Google executives demystify the end of third-party cookies for INMA members
News media companies are seeing more opportunities from commerce as a product
Is BuzzFeed’s approach to advertising a lesson for all news publishers?
News publishers can maximise revenue with subscriber-only (premium) content
Sydney Morning Herald, Age seek professional help to handle COVID-related comments
VGTV’s successful podcast leads to book, TV show
Nobel Peace Prize winner to INMA: Technology is both curse and blessing
Newsday’s data platform offers newsroom solution for data journalism
What is the new role of print in the advertising mix of the future?
Dallas Morning News keeps product initiatives simple for success
Schibsted identifies 5 areas of AI value creation
Opportunities are growing in the not-yet-mature French podcast market
Advertising entering 2022: contextualising print, expanding horizons
Subscription marketing: 3 ways to build the engine to drive new acquisition
Product teams are not yet rooted in Latin American newsrooms, but need to be
How Wall Street Journal pivoted to a hybrid live/virtual event strategy
Former INMA executive director Paula Markiewicz passes away
A growing number of publishers automate real estate coverage — here’s why
Hamburger Abendblatt uses interviews, surveys to determine what is missing
WSJ puts trust at the forefront of new brand platform
Audio is the new promising channel for daily briefings
Product teams need the space to do quick experiments
Past print subscription numbers could predict future digital subscription opportunities
Past print subscriptions predict future digital subscription opportunities
Vía Urbano captures young audience with urban music content
E-mailed newsletters are key to subscription success at FT, Funke Media
New INMA report: Light readers are next growth path for digital subscriptions
Media companies up their game reporting audience data, results to advertisers
Yes, emotions are an advertising strategy
How the “Diversity Triangle” can help media companies move forward
4 ways Gannett uses technology to build immersive user experiences
Circumnavigating the product process is OK sometimes
Customer-first approach in product, content are key to digital engagement
Die Zeit’s “My Country Talks” can help media drive engagement, content
Is the mobile Web or an app right for your media company?
Sometimes circumnavigating the product process is OK
Right metrics, teams are the foundation of digital engagement strategy
6 strategies Editora Globo’s G.Lab leans on for branded content success
Digital volume strategy requires anticipating trends, building evergreen content
Stuff offers daily challenge to keep readers connected, entertained during lockdown
INMA: Sharing Ideas, Inspiring Change
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