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Engaging news media's rising stars

Young Professionals Initiative

How to engage under-30 rising stars to elevate news media, guide the INMA community, and bring new life and energy to an industry undergoing transformation

Scope of the Initiative

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How to make the news industry more attractive to young professionals


How best for media companies to engage the next generation

Value proposition

How to improve INMA's value proposition among young professionals in the media industry?


How to make young professionals into news media influencers



In early 2020, the Young Professionals Committee distributed a survey to under-30 employees at news media companies through committee members, contacts within INMA, and INMA boards. The survey results guided the committee in developing Initiative activities.

Slack workspace

If you are under 30 years of age, employed by a news media company, and a member of INMA, you may request an invitation to the Young Professionals Slack workspace. Contact Tom Corbett at

30 Under 30 Awards

Rewarding outstanding achievement and career potential among professionals in the news media industry. Deadline to apply for the programme is July 30, 2021. Click here to review, apply or nominate.

Topical Roundtables

One-hour Zoom sessions, usually with one or two case study presentations, around a specific topic close to the heart of the young professionals within the wider INMA community.


The Board of Directors appointed a committee to oversee the Young Professionals Initiative:

Saarah Survé (Chair)

African Independent Director
South Africa

Giuliana Belén Pasquali

Coordinator of Social's Media Team

Ajithkumar Dhevarajan

Growth Product Manager
The Hindu

Betina Hughes

Senior Producer
The Canberra Times (Australian Community Media)

Katie Fabry

Marketing Director
United States

Nastasia Pawlak

Manager Business Development
Axel Springer Media Impact

Tee Zhou

Asian Correspondent
The Business Times


The INMA Young Professionals Initiative was approved by the association’s Board of Directors and implemented November 8, 2019. Board member Frank Mahlberg of Axel Springer, working with INMA Board members, put together the inaugural committee. Europe Division Manager Tom Corbett is the committee's staff liaison. The Board aspires for the initiative to include scholarships, rewards for excellence, career elevation, mentorship, and more.