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NEW FROM INMA: Subscription Benchmark Service

Surfacing global best practices in the art and science behind digital subscriptions for news media companies and creating a road map toward the next generation of consumer monetisation

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Practical monthly members-only video meetings: video and audio, registration, logins, retention, LTV, pricing, more

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Subscription trends during COVID, role of newsrooms, nurturing value, lifetime journey

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Heading the Readers First Initiative for INMA is Greg Piechota, a senior researcher at Oxford and Harvard universities, a senior advisor to Polish media leader Agora, and a former member of the INMA Board of Directors. During his time at Oxford and Harvard, he has studied subscriptions at media and non-media companies worldwide and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject.

Readers First Initiative Pillars

Business model innovation perspective

Best consumer revenue models

Consumer-centric products and services

Reinventing news media operating models

Leading transformation and innovation

Organisation perspective

Newsrooms and journalism worth paying

Product teams and great news experiences

Marketing teams and people-focused acquisition and retention

Analytics and data informing decisions

Leadership and change management

Marketing goal and function perspective

Growing the reader revenue business

Retaining customers forever

Understanding readers

Innovating with products and services

Leading change in news organisations

Subscription Benchmark Service

Exclusively for INMA corporate members, evaluate and improve your performance in digital reader engagement and subscriptions by joining the INMA Subscription Benchmark Service. Compare your efforts to news media peers internationally, turn benchmarks into insights, and explore trends.

Every quarter, INMA releases an online report in the form of a dashboard. The report is based on 20 data points of participating members. INMA analyses, calculates, and shares back more than 40 indices and ratios for comparisons – and provides actionable insights.

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A Readers First Community

One of the unintended consequences of the INMA Readers First Initiative has been the emergence of a media subscriptions community of INMA members passionate about the art and science behind the subject. These are people charged with acquiring, retaining, and engaging digital subscribers in departments ranging from editorial to audience to data to marketing and more.


The INMA Readers First Initiative was approved by the association’s Board of Directors and implemented September 1, 2018. The Board believes digital subscriptions represent a turning point in business model innovation and requires accelerated learnings.